Psalm 26

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How to React When Falsely Accused

Psalm 26



How do we react when we are:

               Taken advantage of?



               Ripped off?


               How about when we are falsely accused? 

We do not really know the particulars of what David has been accused of in Psalm 26 but the picture in the Hebrews is of a courtroom where David has been falsely accused and is pleading with the Lord to vindicate him

Notice David’s confidence as he walks into this courtroom 1b

ð     I have walked in my integrity

ð     I have trusted in the Lord

ð     I shall not slip

Almost as if he is saying:  “I have trusted in the Lord, kept my eyes on the Lord, and on plan to continue living the way I have been!” 

I.                   David is open before the Lord v. 2

“When someone takes a swipe at David rather than clench his fists, he opens his hands toward heaven.

He invites God to come and probe his heart

1.      Examine me

Asking for God to search his motives and his thoughts

Interesting he begins with that which cannot be seen by men

Often today people are first concerned with what things look like, David is concerned with what they really are!!

David writes in Psalm 139:23-24

Search me, O God, and know my heart; Try me, and know my anxieties; And see if there is any wicked way in me, And lead me in the way everlasting.

2.      Prove me (try me)

Asking God to intensify the test to humble him and prove his true character

Prove his character as metal is tested or proven

3.      Try my reigns and my heart (test me)

Wants God to refine his mind and heart as one refines silver

Could David possible be asking for adversity to show his true character?  How many of us would dare?  Perhaps David realized that godliness was more important that physical comfort!!

II.                 He remembers God’s love and continues to obey the truth v. 3

Pulpit Commentary:  He keeps God’s loving-kindness, or mercy ever before his eyes — reflects on it, meditates on it, presents it to his thought — continually.

1.      Why is it important to always be mindful of God’s love?

Reminds us who it is that we belong to

Reminds us that He loved mankind and yet mankind falsely accused Him as well.

Satan causes us to doubt God’s love at times:  “If God really loved you have could He have let this happen?”

2.      How does this motivate us?

                  Drive us to be obedient

Sometimes when we are falsely accused we feel like giving up, David commits to continuing on!!

III.              David examined those who he associated with vv. 4-5

1.      He describes four types of  “negative” associates:

1)      Idolatrous mortals:  KJV says “vain persons”

               Those whose desire is for vain and useless things

Often those who desire such things are willing to do anything to get them:  compromise!!

2)      Hypocrites:  KJV – Dissemblers = pretenders

3)      Assembly of evil doers:  Those that assemble for wicked purposes.

4)      I will not sit with the wicked: 

Has the idea of sitting down with and taking counsel from!!

David’s counsel came from the Lord.

2.      Why is it important to consider who we rub shoulders with?

                  Tend to become like them

                  Tend to get our advice from them

                  Tend to get a bad reputation from association.

IV.              David maintained the right kind of attitude:  Positive vv. 6-7

1.      Notice what his attitude is:  Praising God and thankful.

                                    *What is our natural response in this situation?

V.                David continued to be faithful in worship vv. 8-9

He still loved to spend time in the place of worship

This would help him to maintain a proper perspective!!

VI.              David waited patiently for the Lord’s deliverance vv. 11-12

Instead of taking matters into his own hands, David stood firm!!

Parallel passage:  1 Peter 2:18-25

  1. Our main goal is to please the Lord
  2. We are to model the life of Christ
  3. There is even benefit to the hard times

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