The Value and Destiny of the Soul

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Good morning, friends, we’re so glad you have tuned in to hear God’s Precepts and Promises this morning brought to you by the Rome Church of Christ.
We’re examining Christianity systematically--taking all the Bible has to say on a subject and putting it together as best as possible. Letting the Bible speak
We want to think about the soul of man today


Man consists of a flesh/physical body and soul/spirit (Gen 2:7)
Def: The soul is that immaterial part of man—the inner man (2 Cor 4:16)
Origin: given by God (Ecc 12:7)

The Value of the Soul

The origin of the soul (Ecc 12:7; Heb 12:9)
Seen in its eternal nature. Once man becomes a living soul, he will always have his soul.
Promised eternal life or punishment (Mt 25:46)
Mt 10:28—to destroy soul and body is to bring permanent ruin
Nothing can be exchanged for it (Mt 16:26)
The human soul is God’s treasury, out of which he coins unspeakable riches. Thoughts and feelings, desires and yearnings, faith and hope—these are the most precious things which God finds in us.—Henry Ward Beecher
In AD 79, Mount Vesuvius erupted.
Some survived the blast
One lady who did not survive has been found wearing two gold rings and clutching to other jewels.
To what are we clinging? Things of this life or the next life?
The Ring Lady would gladly exchange those jewels for life.
Nothing but the blood of Jesus could redeem the soul
Blood required to atone for souls (Lev 17:11)
Only the blood of Jesus could take away sins (Heb 10:4, 10-12)
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Q: What is the difference between the soul and the spirit (1 Thess 5:23; Heb 4:12)?
A: As we have seen in our study, the Bible uses these terms interchangeably (Lk 1:46-47). Though synonomous, they do have different shades of meaning. Soul in the OT is from the nephish and in the NT psuke. In the NT, soul has to do with life (Mk 10:45) but also “the seat and center of the inner human life...” such as the feelings and emotions (Mk 14:34; 1 Thess 2:8). On the other hand, the NT uses spirit to refer to that part of man which relates to God, as the seat of moral and religious life. The spirit is that immaterial part of man that returns to God (Ecc 12:7)

The Destiny of the Soul

The soul exists in three realms
This Earthly Realm (Two paths Mt 7:13-14)
Among the saved—the church (Eph 5:23) and the innocent (Mt 19:14)
Among the lost—the unknowing and disobedient
A gulf between the two and it can be cross (Col 1:13; 2 Pet 2:20-22)
The Hadean Realm (Acts 2:27)
Paradise (Lk 23:43; Lk 16:23-25)
Tartarus—place of detention till judgment (2 Pet 2:4; Lk 16:23)
Great gulf (Lk 16:26)
The Eternal Realm
After judgment (Acts 17:31; Jn 5:28-30), we enter eternity
Heaven (Phil 3:20; Rev 21:4)
Hell (Mk 9:42-46; Mt 25:46; Mt 10:28)
Sum: We all have a soul that came from God; therefore it is our most precious possession.
Next week: think about the value and destiny of the soul.
Until then, we encourage you to hear His precepts and trust Him promises.
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