Longing For The Victory Of God Pt. 2

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Hope In Hopeless Times; The Gospel According To Zechariah  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  30:46
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God's ultimate victory over sin and evil.

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Night. We are going to be back in Zakaria 6, verses one through eight, if you will have your Bibles go ahead and turn there and we're going to finish what we started last Wednesday night. This one probably won't be quite as long as we're going to talk about tonight how Jesus but feels everything that we have looked at so far. But I'm here tonight we're talkin about longing for the victory Of God are series is Hope and hopeless time and tonight we're going in Zechariah 6:1 through 8. What I want to put up a flight here to show you the visions that we have looked at so far there's been a tupperware on the eight 1 and we're going to finish yet tonight. Remember Vision one longing, for the peace of God when they saw the red horse in the white horse, in the speckled horse and all that was the first Vision Vision to longing for the justice of God. And we talked about how God is going to make things right one day Vision. 3 longing, for the presence of God. One day, we going to spend eternity with him and God said he was going to return to Judah. They would return to him vision for was longing for the righteousness of God. And remember the priest was there in dirty clothes and whatever. And we talked about how that showed how Christ when we are saying that we put on his righteous roads and then vision5 longing, For the power of God. Remember we talked about the olive trees and the Holy Spirit and all, and how he promised he said, not by might nor by power power, but by my spirit says, the Lord, we talked about the Holy Spirit Vision six and seven longing for the authority of God. Remember we talked about the giant billboard in the giant basket represent evil and how the two women with wings like a stork came and took that evil. And remember where they took it inside off on our, that was the authority. That God has authority to do away with evil. And then last week, Vision ain't, which is the last one longing for the victory Of God. So, we're going to talk about how he's going to give victory in the end, but let's look at baccarat, chapter 6. Verses one through eight and I'll read them and I'll say a little bit about them. As I read the kind of go over what we covered last week. And then, we'll talk about how Jesus fulfills if he does. Then, I turned and looked in the hole for Chariot for coming from between two mountains in the mountains, were mountains of bronze, remember, bronze represent in judgment. When the first cat were red horses with the second chance, black horses with the 3rd gen Apple horses, strong, Steve Then I answered and said to the angel can talk with me, what are these? My Lord and the angel answered and said to me, these are for Spirit, remember that Hebrew word was. And it mean when Or Angel and I'm leaving these angels here. Because it says, these are for Spirit for angels of heaven to go out from their station before the Lord of all the Earth, the one with the black horse's is going to the North country with represent swap. What's the newest gun? Where did we will go to the Y? Are going. What are going toward the South? Who's the? Who's going to eat? Egypt and Babylon? Who are the greater enemies for the children of Israel Merced. Been the strong. Steve went out, eager to go, all in the ground that they may walk to. And fro remember that the Old Testament idiom to and fro speaking of dominion throughout the Earth and he said, go walk to and fro throughout the Earth. So they want to and fro throughout the Earth and he called to me and smoke me saying, see those who go for the North country with horses than chairs. That went to the north have given rest of my spirit in the North Country. So that means that all evil and Babylon has been in Put down. So, this is talking about here, how in the end? How cries when he comes back but all evil is going to be purged off this earth. Now, it's also talk about short-term jerubbaal and Ezra. He came and they were able to rebuild the Temple. After after this year, they were able to rebuild the Temple but it was like 75 years before they would be able to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem, came and and he started preaching in the people started repenting and things that. So that's like 75 years later. So when we read this for the next, Millenia, if you will, the people of God continue to live in the grip of pagan political out. Remember, Bible on the stage 70 years in Babylon, then the person took over within after the Persians, the Greeks and Alexander, the Great defeated them, and then after the Greeks during the time of Jesus, it was the wrong one. So, during all this time, now, this was written probably around 5:20 BC. So from 5:20 BC, all the way up to the time of Jesus 3335 a d. The children were still into captivity. Well, so we see that this have a Faraway, probably about this as well as talking about Christ and his second coming through the centuries. All these people grew tired of being ruled by foreign powers and they just wanted God to intervene in the world to conquer all these pagans, and it come up and and set up his Everlasting King well in the early I guess it was a second century. I think BC. these feeling kind of reach the boiling or I can you may have heard this this name of this family before the Maccabee, Okay, well I can be was a priest and he was told to offer sacrifices to pay him God. Well, he didn't do that so he and his son kind of late and ran to the hills if you will. And kind of form this, what you would call Freedom Fighters, and they wanted to resist what these Pagan diplomats were asking them to do. So, he had a son's name is Jude. He took over leadership. And, actually, his, and He restored proper Worship in the temple. But then there was a man by the name of Judas of Galilee and I think Nick was like after Jesus was born 680 and he rebelled against the wrong ones because they were replying this packed and all those people became known as the zealots and you probably heard about them. There was another group that you won't read about in the Bible, what they were called the Sakari in this group here, they would hide daggers in their pockets and they would go. And if they would get around, you know, any crowds during festivals, and they would get kind of close to these Roman officials, Rollin official, and they would attack him with a knife and then, slip the knife back in real quick, and just mingle among the crowd hard to catch it. So that was another Insurrection this group But they were all longing for the Messiah. And they were longing to get rid of this Roman rule or any Pagan road. So you can kind of understand when Jesus came and he talked about the kingdom of God is at hand, and everyone was so excited about what he's going to set up his kingdom to them. But that meant, was he going to defeat wrong? I thought of Jesus as a military leader, that's why, when John the Baptist was in prison, getting ready to begin his head popped off, or should we look for another one because John the Baptist didn't understand things are getting worse. I thought you were going to set up your key. So John said go ask him if he's a massage. Should we look for another? And who was the one who interviews it was? Don the madness. So you see how he would? Just so distraught that he started thinking. I don't know if he's the Messiah or not, so they wanted Jesus. The kind of Empower this militia, if you will. And a matter fact, you just need to come to overturn powers and principalities of the world, but not in the way that they expected not with an army, not with guns and tanks and things like that. What did he do? Well, in the gospel of Mark begins with these words here.

He says the beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the son, of God, let you know what the word gospel mean. It means the good news but then you start thinking, what kind of good news is it talking about where you have to understand to import of kind of backdrop to your one in the Old Testament in one in the context of the Roman Empire to understand that first is in the book of Isaiah. The good news, when you read this verse and we're going to look at it here, is the announcement that the Lord as king will deliver his people and He will conquer evil. So I think I have this verse on the Plaid Isaiah 52.

Listen to it. How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him. Who brings good news? Who proclaimed peace? Who brings Glad Tidings of good things who Proclaim salvation in Santa's on your God rank. In other words, the good news is not some generic message. Is a specific, comforting message. Going to return design. He's going to deliver his people from all the oppressors. It was about victory for his role and defeat for all the Pagan nature. That's what the gospel. The good news meant in the Old Testament. But in the Roman culture, the good news was a term used for three thing. Number one, it was used for to declare a great military Victory, with wrong with your feet. Another Nation, they will have a parade and they would declare. The good news was a good used to them was winning a victory. Another time they would require the good news with the birth of an employee or someone who is going to succeed and the emperor at a baby's birth, it was the good news. And then another time was when the emperor when he would celebrate the anniversary of his Ascension to the throne when your anniversary 234, it was called the good news. How many time have the first in the third were always in place because You know, a lot of times they would assume the throne after a military victory. But then when you look at the life of Jesus in his life and Ministry and death and Resurrection,

That's the gospel is well, and that's the good news. And it means that in Jesus, God's When Jesus came to this earth, it meant that can him God's victory in the world. Was it hand? In other words, email had finally met his match. It's what the good news of the gospel and then Jesus, all Pagan power, we're going to be hot. Well. This kind of exceeded the hole for the people who just wanted, some type of military leader, or did someone to overthrow Rome Jesus light for a lot higher than that. It meant more than just me, and it was salvation. And it was the defeat of Satan and all the Demonic work in his life. Jesus came to defeat evil, that lay behind the Romans, and the Persians, and all the other Pagan regimes. And that's why time and time again, in the New Testament. Jesus would rebuke demons. Remember that he would rebuke demons and drive them out of people. I mean this over and over and over, we see him rebuking and driving out demons. Remember when Jesus sent two disciples out to witness and send them out to buy, to remember what was said to Jesus, when they got back, they said even the demons, even the spirits submit to us. So that was very important.

Jesus announced that he had found the strong, man in Luke chapter 10. What he was talking about was that he had found and overpowered safe and then during his death and Resurrection, Jesus, Dale, a deathblow to Satan and his army of demons. Now, this is what Paul says in Colossians 2:15. Look at how he said. Having disarmed principalities and Powers it's on by by his death and Resurrection having disarm principalities and Powers, he made a public spectacle of them triumph, over them in a big deal that it was across as a moment when Jesus led the enemies in what he called a triumphal procession. You say what why would he say that? Look at it here in a second Corinthians 2:14 how he said that I speak to God who always leads us in Triumph? In Christ. Why would he say Lisa in trying? Because in Rome when they won a victory, they would March all the defeated people, but feed his army out in front and they would be behind on white horses, showing the people, and they have a big parade showing the people of the name. The country of the people that they had to be Marching In try. So God who always leads us in Triumph in Christ and throughout the fuses are fragments of his knowledge in every place and then the final defeat of the forces of evil. Will come when Jesus come back. The second time the beach. They're enemies under his feet. Look at it and listen to it. It becomes the end. When he delivers with Keenum to God, the Father. When he puts an end to all Rule and all authority and power, they didn't rule Paving regarding power for. He must rain till he has to put all enemies under his feet. The Last Enemy that will be destroyed is death. So when Jesus comes back, he puts all enemies under his feet. That's why I when we read here in back around it says in verse take, see those who do for the North Country. Rest is talkin about And then the Bible says, all of creation will be released from its body.

If you want to see where these with red horse, White, Horse, Black, Horse, and all this, where this takes place in the future. So what I want us to do now is I want us to turn the Revelation chapter 6 in your Bible and we going to spend the last ten minutes here and then we'll be been. So we remember, we were talking about the horses and they were going to the North country with red horse, black horse, white horse in all I want to show you where I think Zakaria is 22 and its Revelation chapter 6. And I want to read, actually. It's the same birthday as we read. Same chapter, same person. We read and Zachariah relationship, One Direction.

The Revelation 6. The horse is the white red, black pale horses, kind of car, fun to be in Zachariah. All right. Now watch what the Bible says in the tribulation is beginning and John is looking in heaven, and Jesus is in heaven. And he opens one of the seal and he says, I heard one of the four living creatures saying with a voice like thunder come and see if you read the King James. But what this is talking about I believe or angels. I look for a credible so much in this version. I want what it says and I looked and behold a white horse.

He who sat on it? Had a boat circleback word, both and a crown.

Was Jim underlying that to him. And he went out. Conquering and to conquer. So, here's a person on a white horse and it says he's set on it. Had a boat.

if you have a bowl, what do you need to shoot the bow? What do you what do you need to put on the screen?

We do have a boat. Put the gun down is, I can't hurt you. I don't have anymore, but here's a rider on a white horse. When Jesus comes out of Heaven, he's riding on a white horse. White Horse was what Roan Road on Military Victory. Here's a rider with a bow and arrows. And he can't do anything if you can't shoot anything. So what what is this talking about with? This is not talkin about Jesus, like this is the start of the tribulation this is when the Antichrist comes on the scene and the reason it says he has a bowl and that's it is because when the Enterprise comes on the scene, the first three and a half years of tribulation, he comes as a peacemaker. He comes in, he has a peace treaty between Israel and all her enemies. He allowed Israel to go back in and worship in the temple and for the first three and a half years. There's peace on Earth. Call Keith Pinkney comes with a bold but no air but he's a diplomat. He likes to talk he he's going to get to him and he's going to board feet in a place that has never seen peace. And he's going to be able to do that. This is the Antichrist is talking about. Now when it says he had a crown Let me see, let me see it. It there's two great words with friends in the New Testament. One is Stephen. That Greek word means the crown that you would give someone who won an Olympic event or a hundred meter dash. It was like a garland wreath that would fit around your head is called Victor's Crown. The other word for Crown is the item was we get our worth by d? A d anema had pearls and all in it, it was a kingly crown. This word right here is Stephen off and it says he said on it, a bottle of crown was given him. And he went out conquering and to conquer. So this Rider conference be conquered Nations because he's the better. He has this Stephen Offspring and yours was interested in Jesus. Right before he was crucified, Roman spit at him and put on the road and then they mocked in and went and putting sent a crown of thorns on his head. And then they kneel before me and said, he'll be of the Jew. Malaysia, Diplomat, probably put the wrong crown on it on it. That was the step or not. If he, he, he should have had these friends in Revelation, 19, when Jesus comes back to this earth, and John says I saw heaven opened and behold a white horse and he was set upon him with Statesville intruded in righteousness. He does judge and make war, and his eyes were as a flame of fire and only his head were many crowns. That's what by the crown. Jesus is where do y'all do, because he's the king of kings and the Lord of Lord. That's the prayer that he's going to wear. and even the Bible uses that word for him, but then notice what it says, it says a crown was given You win it? It wasn't his crown. Who gives the Antichrist power. And bring chaos to this earth.

God is the ultimate. It says it was given to him but three don't I want you to notice his friends first 3. When you open the second, they all heard the second living creature saying, come and see another horse by re-read went out, and it was granted to the one who said on it to take peace from the earth. That's the same word is a is a passive. It was granted. It was given to him to take peace from the earth that people should kill one another and there was given to him a great story. So not only do we see one going out, conquering we see another one going out. Killing people against each other, where to start killing each other and then he kills also. But it was granted to him. You say, It's all under control. God is giving Satan, a man and you take the Joe, who did who did Satan have to ask, what he could do with, your God, has to Larry, but this is the way it should be in. This is the way it is supposed to end. Verse 5. When you open the third, see if I heard the third living creatures, play come and see me. So I look Behold a black hole and he who said on how to Paris Nails in his hand. And I Heard a Voice in the midst of the four living creatures than a quarter of weed for the nearest three quarts of barley for the nearest and do not harm the oil and wine remember what time the people were doing black around until they were cheating people they were coming to buy feed and grain and all and they were weighing it but they were giving them a false, maybe they wouldn't give them what they deserve. What? This is going to happen to be in during the first half of the tribulation, when the Great Tribulation start after three and a half years. And not only are we going to have War not only, we're going to have people telling me the other one, going out to conquer, but you going to have in the economy, people cheating each other and people going to start for that because I'm not going to be able to get enough food. Indian bar 720 open the force till I heard the voice of the fourth increasing come and see. So I looked and behold a Pale Horse and the name of him who said on it was death and Hades followed with him and power was what was given to me. Over 1/4 of the earth to kill with the sword and hunger and death by the Beast. Of the Earth map.

Do we know how this is going to eat? But just in case you don't just turn to Revelation chapter 9.

Do we have all these horses going out? We have famine and we have wars and rumors of War remembered Matthew. We have fought price rising up. We slept these, that's what the Antichrist is. Look at Revelation chapter 19 in verse 11. Now, that's why we have another but then Behold a white horse and he who sat on it was called faithful and true. And in righteousness, he judges and make sure his eyes were like a flame of fire on his head with many He had a name written that no one knew except himself. He was close with the road didn't blow up. And his name is called the word of God and the armies in heaven. That's up. If we die before the Lord comes back, we are the Army than heaven and watch this close and fine linen, white and clean followed him. Or what

What room you should do just like the Antichrist is coming, we're all going to be on white horses. Got out of his mouth goes, a sharp sword with which he can strike of Nations and himself. The wine breast at the fierceness and Wrath of almighty God. And he has on his robe and only spy I was going to do. We know how it's going to be. So in the meantime, we'd like those people and I cried today, We have a certain hope that Victory Is On The Way despite all the parents success of evil in our world. We are reminded hear that all the destructive forces of Pride and greed. In this world today is not unseen by God. He sees it and he is still Sovereign and in control. So we to have Tina work to do back around. They had to build that pimp. Will we have work to do too? And we are assured of Victory now. Just saying, what would it mean for us if we stop dwelling so much on The difficulties we face in a Godless culture and just started focusing on. The victory that price is already one. He's already one, can't we serve him with confidence, when we know that, what would it mean to lift up your eyes from the feet? And start looking at the victory, he has assured for us, why don't we stop looking at the struggles and the stand so easily besets us and weighs us down. Did the victory. That's what we need to be looking for. We can't be intimidated. We can't be dismayed by all the evil in our world. Because what did Christ say we are in Romans. 8:37 Yet in all these things, we are more than conquerors through him. Who loved he said you were more than confident and we're being led remember in this triumphal procession. Remember what Paul said always believing what? With the Romans 16:20? And the God of Peace and the God of Peace will crush Satan under your feet short. But he's coming by and he's going to do away with all week. It is I promised the victory isn't sure. When you think about all the evil in the world, when you think about all the things, when you think about safe and you think about the Enterprise is a defeated foe, he is the captain of a sinking ship and he is the ruler of a do no name. It is done. He's on a sinking ship and one day price is going to come by. And that's why we long for the victory of god. Let's pray! Praise you and love you tonight. Lord, For Your Precious word or we thank you that we can go all the way back in the Old Testament and look at these prophecy. From 567 Route. 100 years in or we can go to your book in The Book of Revelation and see exactly how it was going to come to fruition. Lord is so easy for us to get the story. Today is me. Look at it and then it can you look at all the evil that is around. Us is so easy to throw up our hands and just to give up Lord help us not to do that. Help us to look and know that we are short victory. That one day you going to come by you going to defeat evil and greed and pride and Lord is going to be in the life of fire. That's where you going to feel, you saving the Antichrist and all those who did not know you or we thank you for that and thank you for the victory. We thank you for the cross and what it means for the resurrect. A place to live in light of your Resurrection. In Christ name, I do pray. Amen. All right.

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