PM Reflections on AM Sermon - Psalm 92:12-15

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Ø      Christ’s ministry here on earth was for a purpose:

Primary – to provide the free gift of salvation

Secondary – that we might be converted and live in faith, hope and love (evidence of our salvation) – Mt 3:8

Ø      based on what Christ has done for us we are to draw near to God in Christian living

Ø      We must be a growing church

What two kinds of growth are evidenced in the Bible? (numeric – Gen. 1:22 and personal – Eph 4:15-16)

  • A healthy church will be characterized by a serious concern for spiritual growth of it’s members.
  • In a healthy church people will want to get better at following Jesus Christ

Ø      Just because a church is more crowded with people than it was a few years ago doesn’t mean that it is a healthy church.

Ø      When it comes to growth there are a few thing that we must remember

        • God causes growth (both numeric and personal)       1 Co 3:6-7; Mk 4:26-29
        • Individual Christians must have something to do with growth         2 Peter 3:18

Psalm 92:12-15

1-      (v12) The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree, whose growth may not be so rapid, but whose endurance for centuries is in fine contrast with the transitory abundance of the meadow.[1]


a-      the truly godly man under all adversities retains the joy of his soul, and continues to make progress in the divine life.

2-      (v13) No heart has so much joy as that which abides in the Lord Jesus. Fellowship with the stem begets fertility in the branches. – they will flourish

3-      (v14) Nature decays but grace thrives. Fruit, as far as nature is concerned, belongs to days of vigor; but in the garden of grace, when plants are weak in themselves, they become strong in the Lord, and abound in fruit acceptable with God.

4-      (v15) This mercy to the aged proves the faithfulness of their God, and leads them to shew that the Lord is upright, by their cheerful testimony to his ceaseless goodness.

Ø      Our motivation in growth is to be established in God’s Word

Ø      We must not be solely relying on what someone else has written about the text, but instead to know what the text says – before jumping to what a text means, we need to see what it says

Ø      Lamplighters – an bible study method that will get you knowing and applying the text

How much of a passion do we have for true Bible study (knowing the text)?  This new year, strive for a passion for Bible study, a love for the God who inspired it with the motivation to be established in God’s Word.


[1] Spurgeon:

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