Something Within

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The Game of Thrones is afoot, while kings rise and fall, lines are broken, and battle fought. Wisemen and prophets try to convince kings and their wild children as we move from judges to kings, in wait for the one perfect King to come.


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Page 1- Something inside her- young Samuel
Do what is right in your eyes- follow your intuition; you have been right so far. v22
The same voice inside of her told her to give him up. The seperation would be temporary- ususally until the age of 25, but that seperation brings pain. Focus. She didn’t get sidetracked by the party- she was serving God in the way she knew she supposed to.

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Page 2-

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Page 3- Something inside it has to come out- not just a baby
when you have the promise inside of you, you can sound like this:
1 Sam 3

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Page 4
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