Step Up, Walk by Faith, and Fight the Battle

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The conference Friday and yesterday.

My bed.

Tile floor, laundry.

Text Lisa.

A map.

All right.

I wanted to share them this morning is it didn't get well, it sure. Is it like the pre sermon little symonette?

But anyway, so the color for today is like gray, but I really like, what do some pizza. Just ask the Lord.

Because it comes from 1 to 3 Midnight. Dennis shoes will spring for the stomach of Jessie.

Wisdom and understanding the spirit of Revelation. So that's where the color gray. Revelation, Ray represents the Gateway.

Ready, and this is my favorite part of ring are the pillars.

Intercessor. When it comes with the pillar, I just played.

The Lord didn't put on my heart to share this morning.

Father God, I just thinking for your burning, you choose your promises guy that you are perfect and you are tearing it out either right now.

Can I get free Holy Spirit? Can you give us the right perspective in the right lens to see what is really going on here?

Get me to receive this word and it is pertinent as a ginger plant, first to go out and do it. Make it, thank you for your word and she even maybe pray. Amen.

This is my Bible to return void. My Android says, I am I can do it as soon as I can do.

Hungry and thirsty for righteousness.

I'm ready to receive.

Amen, hallelujah.

And let me just put the title up long title. When I'm talking about the title. Step Up walk by faith in spite of that. And so this is just kind of, this message has been working in me for the past. Is every place I go. The worship is talking about battle. It's battle, you're on that and it's just it's talking about Warriors.

Don't remember that being preached in the church.

Does super glue in this morning? Because I feel like I want to share this morning is something relevant to what's going on now, and it's something that we, as Christians need a ride. Do you need to realize the real? What is going on in our road? So we need walk by faith.

Show me the Holy Spirit.

Drive me to the Lord and Savior or three purses.

In a lot of Christians and baby Christian don't realize that we're fighting. in the moment, they're like,

And if Monday is Bravo situation to occur, if people get knocked out. McDonald's. Because when you have a mic.

Then you can fight that battle.

So we first went to just get it now. I'm with it. You are fighting a battle. You are fighting about fighting your co-workers. You're not fighting the government. You're not fighting the Mandy, you're fighting. Valsartan. It's so when I want you just to listen to allow the Holy Spirit to kind of like I pray this morning.

Let me look around and really, you're walking with this.

if you lent, Not the situation.

Diffuse situations, not angry about it, but what you can stand up for. What did you love? People do it? And then it's about the canal in so you are finding the battle. Number one.

Accept the challenge, accept the challenge.

In one thing that right.

Leadership. Had a meeting.

And dumb. Just tell me about bringing into a school. Turning into how God is using us as a leadership team.

I'm putting what he wants to happen in their church now and in the future. And one thing at you for sharing your all.


No, it's too hot. If you just get that down and I'm thinking it's a leadership in archery in Howard.

Indisposition is taking.

Let me get out of your life. a man is still

How old is Janice Pennington?

It was awesome. I wasn't expecting that. But when 2 minutes is kind of funny girls.

And towards the end. He has lifting.

And then the speaker started.

Can I hear expanding here?

Vicki hunt cheat sheet. Going to grab a new tattoo.

Can I hold your hand with the Lord? Sent me that movie?

Nope. It was awesome to be up there with him and then

Do you want to tell you where he wants? You just to to be angry and sad and instinct?

Going to stop listening to his wife. Yes.

the number to,

Accept the challenge. We're not at all. 22 through 23.

And I watch you just take it to. It just received it.

Recommend him for saying such things have been predicted. This is Jesus, tell his disciples.

Security was with the disciples in the following Jesus in year later, that was in The Village Church on. This will never happen to you, and you.

You're seeing things merely from a human point of view.

Church, we are seeing things merely from a human point of view. Not from God. We look at the cross. I don't look. Elegant cross, right? When it looks like, that's what you had in mind.

This is what? If any of you want to follow me, you must give up your own way. Take up your cross and follow me. If you try to hang on to your night. did you try to hold on to her and wanted to hang out this week if you were like me, but we're going to You have to get used to it. Okay?

Whatever happened to your voice.

Right. It's okay if you will lose it, but if you give up your life for my state.

And what do you think? If you get a whole world of hoosier on the stove? Is there anything worth more than your skull?

And I tell you the truth. I'm standing here right now. Will not die.

He may give me just

nobody know.

Let me know, then.

John 16:32 233 when you will be scattered each to your own home. You leave me all alone yet. I am not alone for my father is with you. I have told you these things going that, give me, you may have to In this world, you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world.

Didn't see, it's going to be all sunshine and roses.

Who's going to be persecution? Who's going to be situations? You like?

Just got into it with also.

Landed battle, make you stronger. We all know well James want to consider it pure joy. My brothers and sisters.

Guess, you know, that the testing of your faith.

She want to stop there. If we weren't doing anything for the kingdom, anime would not touch up, like, would be easy because we're not advancing Christ Kingdom in a, in a, in a battle wiener dancing. There's this other position against your enemies against you and they don't want you to move any further.


Cousins are fake stronger than beerus finish its work so that you may be mature and complete. Nothing lacking energy.

The other me. It's John wants to talk or are you. And when you ask In the Heat of battle to come, you have Scott exact

And I think that much trouble if you wanted to go, if you don't want to deal with it.

Trouble. The battlefield. I'm telling you the truth, like business life.

if any of you lacks wisdom,

but when you ask, you must go.

Got a situation and she just have to speak it out this week. And everything is cool. But what I've learned.

Like I can't control the situation. I can't control that. I can't control how people are going to Pat and react, but is not my real employee, but I can tell you what I can do. If that's the spirit of God to intervene in the situation as peace and wisdom, cuz that's what he's told us to ask for in the situation whenever I meet in my office and I have to have a hard meeting. We start with

Great. We need to know what weapons you have it on there. What did you think? No, it's not to tear down. Our weapons is not to tear down or weapon is to build up. Our weapon is to encourage.


What kind of details?

How do you make squishy name?


Can we see Jesus face?

Bring up this morning.

I'm 28 and I tell you the truth.


But you have to do me and you can't tell because the one who is, like a wave of the Sweet Moments hot by the way. It's like when there's not that long.

When it's that hard under undertale, right in The Wiz come in and it's like you can't stand in the way. That's sometimes.

What's Cookies? You want you to doubt, but if we rise up in faith, what did Jesus do become the storm? Jesus from the storm? We have to remember that.

It's Jesus. Calms. The storm. Father, God in heaven, would you do? Will not.

You just sometimes me like that and it's awesome that we do this. We're late.

I'm trying to carry the work at half for you. Mission.

It's not going to happen to you.


Jesus, Jesus. I like this quote.

Cena 10c.

Devotional that I have.

It says the Temptation is to see these challenges. As preventing us from carrying out the mission. Sometimes you look at opposition.


did you have awesome because

It has. I love that.

Maybe got issues with loving, your neighbor, gets 5 and neighbors. Already always going to come across your path. You like that. Why we keep trying to make you fat.

She calls it. Holy, San Diego. Is that people are coming into a situation?

Right, right.

The ministry has got even more than you need me to minister to others.

Stepfather, okay. You have weapons. Can you in the battle? But you have to remember that you have weapons? Okay, I don't want to see this but it's true. It said women you are no longer damsels in distress. You are Warrior princesses, and the enemy wants you to feel like


Even in this church men and women, the Lord's will show me. Then.

Can you be standing,? So, two things and you haven't run. Remember whose you are? Remember whose you are a b****, you are a son of the most high that you are a daughter of the most high right whose you are remember?

Amen. Amen, and so I'm just going to go through this string-like, one of my favorites and battle scoring in the word of God, so that's okay. Wake me up everyday. So it's a story of David and Goliath.

so, you are not able to go out against the Philistines to solve, like,

and he's like,

You're not able to go out of the Philippine is fighting your only a young man. You have been ignoring your friend. He has been for your friends, you, but David said, it's all right, cuz people want to come against you. They want to say, you can't do it. You can meet this man that you can leave his crotch.

And David Wu.

Any new process?

Associated self. Tell Saul.

When a lion or a bear came in. Off of sheets in the block the Flop. I went after.

He went after it.

Rescue the Sheep. Planet return. When it turned on me. I season by the hair Struck it and killed it.

You know, for real that was like the gist of that conversation, right?

You know, this uncircumcised Philistine will be like one of them. I'm going to take you down. I can take down the fly. I'm Not Afraid, right? And then I tried walking around cuz he was not used to. I cannot go with you. I can't go in the, in the armor that the growth is. Right. I can't I can't go with his education. I can't go with my own knowledge. I can't know sometimes I think if I just, you know, get that promotion for acquainted.

The one of the women young woman hit in the conference. She had gone through four years of college. Your mom's increase actions.

But I graduated, that's how you want to go.

They expect me to get a job with the education that I just paid for your wedding. Sounds like no. I want you to be a missionary to college student and she said, yes, Lord. And He provided above and beyond.

That's what we provided. It was just awesome. So we can't go then maybe take me to Speedway.

Did he take his cap and you can choose five smooth stones from the street and it's leaning his hand. Meanwhile, the Philippines with a shield bearing in front of him over David and saw that he was was little more than an appointment with health in Hampton Inn. In a size, 10 1/2, just put things in you. This is what the Philistines. Am I a dog that you come at me with sticks? Right to the Philistine? Who thought he had it all that. He could just be there, probably. So puffed up with pride. Resident Evil 15 in Spanish.

And the Philippine Christine didn't get the kids got him here. He said, I will give you the flesh. I will give you flush the Britney. The Philippines.

Intimidated. David said you come against me with sword and Spear and Javelin, but I come against you and the name of the Lord Almighty God of the armies of Israel. Do you have to file this day? The Lord will deliver you into my hands and I'll strike you down.

But anyway, but David knew whose Army.

And he knew the weapon that he had.

And you didn't matter with all this experience again.

In the situation right now. What's going on?

All of this, you are to rise up in this season. If I can everyone who season of your life, God is telling the truth Church to write them in the season. When I heard the word battle, and you guys calling that church. I just put the funniest pressed in love screwed into No. Looking at all these pictures of puppets in the morning. I can come with you in the last days. The love of many will grow cold. I love bro. Don't forget with Jesus came in the two.

Dean Ambrose. Any speed it up. Let's go.

Fusion, stick don't want to read this because sometimes

Do I need YouTube? Cuz with fat battle plan for us to sing God's word and you need to be accountable to reach out to work. Just come on Sunday, morning. Everyday. We

the spirit of God.

Tell you what's going on then.

Tanger 18in, Bistro. Bored kids.

Strong in the Lord.

You'll be getting strong in the Lord and his mighty power is. Banana Leaf.

What's going in them?

When you eat, when you go into battle and worship team poster.

Definition of battle. The first of all, be strong in the Lord and it's mighty. If put on the full.

So that you can take a stand.

The story against the powers of the Dark World tickets, spiritual forces of evil.

Battle is not against flesh and blood who want to make a friendship and connection. That is not. That is the enemy. We need we need to stop fighting against or family member. You didn't stand with them.

Banana split. Working right.

Who were the people of God? Rise up. Rise up in his career?

He met her new song with what does Revival mean? It needs a change of your heart. You needs looking around you and knowing that God.

The guy has better and he has the best for his people and not nice has. I know I look around.

Steen Hachi.

And you don't speak louder than words, us being a living.

Superman. Got to let women see if he will come to you need. Able to stand your ground. And after you have done everything to stand. Stand firm, then everything's man. Still stand. Still Standing Jesus. Glory a, man. We know that Jesus as their lord and savior. Just got done with the family on this Earth.

Write my messages work here on Earth.

Take me to master. You have an influence in your life. You have an influence of people that you chose. That is your curious influence and their enemies. Five Nights at Freddy's, you have to stand and Stanford. If it weren't for the belt of Truth around your face with the crest plate of righteousness. How do you say? What is righteousness?

What's the time? What's the time?

Directions to make your feet fitted with Readiness that comes from the gospel of peace in God's word black, in his words and sharing you guys took Power vs this morning. You got to remember

You got to be ready to go to pray. Jesus's hands and feet to those that are hurting. Do you want to destruction? Do you need with lots of jobs? His hands and feet in his arms.

In addition to all this take up your Shield of Faith, right? And I mean, How many Starks? What is she up to it? Stops and starts fastest arrow for coming, right?

The natural Shield update. How much time have the most high God, and no weapon?

No weapon formed against me shall prosper.

The flaming arrows of the evil one. Don't Stop Me Now.

Take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the spirit.

The helmet of salvation again, when you'd expect you to cry cuz you're going to stay here, you can put on it. It does look at you.

You might write, we got to remember.

When did Mike our cars at 3 to pray in the spirit on All Occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests with this, in mind, the alert and always keep? For all the boards. Crazy, brothers and sisters. Raver. Are those positions? Has a full right now.

But we need to fight it. Meaning of China Grill.

in in, You have armor? No enemies plan.

The John 10:10 comes to steal kill and destroy.

Cuz I asked Jesus that they may have life and have a tooth pulled about a Shepherd again.

The rest of that person's dead.

The Good Shepherd lays down.

Power in the name of Jesus in Jesus name.

The Jesus name. Would you redeem this family in Jesus name?

Independent quotes.

With every decision. Fantasy theme.

Show me the mechanics to discourage every time they come. Indistinct work, he takes work, but you get that email. To live under the cover of the war gets to not only know he already provided your success to live is to know, he's invited away before he provided your success. That's why Jesus said you have to leave on your life, because if we're still stuck on us, you can't. He would come next to me. Can you revive movie bright? Under the covering of the war. It is not only he's already provided your success real challenges. They faced him then.

Do not let anything. Can I see. 54?

The says she needs. This is like the days of Noah, and this is Isaiah prophesied in the Old Testament.

To me this place, even though when I swore that the water is no, I would never again have a year. So now I have sworn not to be angry with you never took. Do the mountains may be shaking and they removed a love for you will not be shaken. Your my Covenant of peace be removed as the Lord who has

Afflicted City? Last ice storm in Mountain Country. Today, I will reveal to you the stove at your place, your foundations with lapis.

TV strong.

I will I will make your battlements of rubies. Your cake is sparkling Jewels. Do all your walls for the precious stones. He protects us. Crazy Cart. Next. All your children will be taught by the war in great, being your peace.

So, you're seeing what's going on right now, and they are looking to you.


I hear the kids at school, say anything and I know it's coming from the mouth. It is not only not only the commission and US. Please be aware that your children are looking at you.

And they are, they are there listening to do, you know, that's right. You know, this has to do something that we need for my parents. That makes me stronger. Remember that? We are speaking into the Next Generation and we want the Next Generation know that God had the victory. He Man.

Righteousness, you will be established ironing will be far from you, from you.

Marry me and not come near you. Can anyone tell me where we're at?

See it is. I who created the blacksmith, who stands with full swing through for just the weapon to get for his work. If he didn't create it to Destroyer to wreak havoc.

Getting you into it. He's getting you everything that you need to bring the phone up for it here on her. Define no weapon formed against you will prevail.

Promise. Public servants of the Lord. And this is there visitation for you.

We just have to take hold of it. And it accomplished.

We have to take folded it. We just have to accept what you're doing. You just fine quiet Corner route to work.

They wanted to close with Psalms 23, when he says, I love this song because you don't like we can go and dad were the Dallas. The weather in the valley.

Grand Theft Auto Car. I lived. Is that wherever you go? You can see. It's right there. And that's the Lord, right? You can see the top of that mountain.

Hey, man, I don't want to go over and I'm stopped. 23 1 through 6.

It says you find me rest. Just send the Lord is my shepherd.

The Lord is my shepherd.

The Lord is my shepherd.

One more time.

Make me lie down in Green Pastures.

He guides me along. The right man, for kids being single is getting boring. That's why it's getting me. Different kids playing.

Even though I walk.

I will fear no more.

For you are with me, your rod and your staff, they comfort.

They loved it. They couldn't you? You prepared a table before me in the presence of mine enemies. Family feast. Rest. The enemy still there.

Not sons and daughters. Just picked her up this morning. That's why we're bringing this.


Table with all the best food. You need to string it in the presence of your enemies.

You anointed my head with oil my cup overflows. Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life. I want you well in the house of a boar.

Follow set.

What you doing? I want you to remember that no weapon. Formed against you will prosper. Figure his sons and daughters.

What you beat this with me as a decoration? The Declaration this is you making out.

Can you go right?


Play the Lord forever. Just Reaching Your Hands to Heaven.

Father. God, we thank you for your goodness.

Define attacked by your power.

Understand. Right now, if she does me Vista.

The joy of the Lord is our strength.

Let me know.

What do you mean? Truth.

In the fight of his life.

A good part of your goodness, over your church.

We just want to speak into it.

God is faithful faithful.

Justin Bieber. Warriors.


I just kidding right now.

The battle buddy is stand with you.

And you don't have to. You need someone right now to lift you up in prayer.

I want you to go to that brother and sister in Christ.

We don't want the enemy to live, where I can see her as long as you're not. He-Man, you have brothers and sisters in Christ.

Ministry this morning.

Evans radio.

Seventh grade.

Seventh grade.

Every time.

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