"Faith Like This"

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"Faith Like This" 9.26.2021  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  23:04
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Going along with that scripture, the title of my messages of things like this.

Face. Like this. Luke 7, Jesus has finished saying all this to his people. He returned to Capernaum. And at the time, the highly valued slave of a Roman officer was sick and near death. Ebony, officer heard about Jesus, his son, some respected, you and shelters to ask him to come and heal his slave. So that you're honestly big Jesus to help the man. If anyone deserves your help, Lord, for he loves synagogue for us.

So, Jesus went with them before they arrived at the house. The officer. He sent some friends to say. Lord. Don't trouble yourself by coming to my

I am not even worthy to come and meet you. Just say the word. From where you are. Lord, and my servant will be healed. I know this because I am under the authority of my own Superior officers and I have the authority over my soldiers. I only need to say and if I say to my slave do this, they do it.

When Jesus heard, this he was amazed. Enter to the crowd. That was following him. And he said, I tell you, I haven't seen a faith like this in all of his real. And when the officers friends return to the house, they found that the slave had been completely healed.

The scriptures important cuz cuz the teachers are something the teachers and the supernatural world come to bring together to bring miracles in people's lives. Jesus said, I haven't seen a face like this. This man's face surprised. Jesus of the man's face. That surprised Jesus. It was a man's knowledge of how a sortie works. Or Jesus puts faith. You see this man understood Authority. Just say the word from where you are. And my servant will be healed.

He said, Jesus, you don't even have to come to my house has power. I know your word has Authority. The physical location of you makes no difference.

It's about power. It's about Authority. That is in your word. The man knew what it meant. To have how how your power the man knew what it meant to have higher authority. That's why church is so important. That's why reading. The Bible is so important. That's why I listening to this message is important. We understand the authority of the word. Our faith can move mountains are fake can do amazing thing. Her face was amazing thing to happen in other people's lives.

Hebrews 11:3 says, through faith. We understand that. The worlds are framed by the word of God. So that things which are seen are not made of things, which do appear. You see the stuff we see.

We're not made of things that you can see. The natural made was made by the supernatural. The visible was made by The Invisible.

And the Roman officer understood this. Look, Jesus. You don't have to explain anything to me. I know your words have the power. Because you created everything. And everything you created is subject to your word.

And my servant will be healed.

First cruise 1st Corinthians 10:26 for the, for the Earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof Genesis 1:1 in the beginning. God created the heavens and the Earth are goddess of. Super God is a supernatural. God has 115 called Jesus. The image of the invisible. God, the firstborn of every creature. It wasn't by happenstance. It wasn't, it wasn't evolution. Amman. He created it all. Jesus Christ is the image of the invisible God. Jesus Christ. Is God manifested In the Flesh. Jesus Christ has the power to walk on water in the middle of a storm.

Erase the text. He heals a sick. He hear leprosy. He he'll lunacy.

Name it. He was able to heal it and here's why. Nothing was above his authority. It was all part of his creation. So, when he spoke it had to obey.

One man, in Matthew 8 was full of $6,000, namik spirit. They infested this man. And all it took was from, Jesus was one word go.

And those demons went screaming into a herd of pigs.

And when you have faith in the word of God. Faith in what it says. His word has authority over this natural word world, which we are in. You see, we're all worried about this virus right now.

The virus that's part of this natural, but cursed world. and as such it is subject to the word of God.

This is why it's important to know the scripture and know it in your heart. And know it in your mind. Listen to the word people. Listen to the word 2nd Thessalonians 3:3, but the Lord is faithful. He will strengthen you and guard you from the evil one Deuteronomy. 31-6 said be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified of them for the Lord, your God goes with you. He will never leave you, he will never forsake. You.

And Jeremiah 17 for since Grace.

In Psalm 46:1, God is our refuge and he is our strength, a very present help in trouble.

Come on, come on. Somebody, get some word into your hearts. Come on, some money. To get some word into your Minds. Come on. Somebody, get the word inside your body.

Isaiah 41:10 says fear not fear. Thou not for I am with the be not dismayed for I am. Thy God. I will strengthen need help. That I will uphold thee in the right hand of my righteousness to speak the word over your family's speak the word over your break, the word, over your job. It's God's Authority. Not ours.

We need some people to pray people. We need some people to pray. Begin to pray. Like you've never prayed before begin to talk to your lord. I can never talk to him before I get on your knees and talk to your love. Get on your knees and ask him for what you need to ask him for you. What you want directly specifically.

We need some people.

The ones you don't know how to pray to learn how to pray to him. And here's how you start, Lord Jesus right now. I give you my heart. I'm giving it to you. Oh, Lord. I'm asking for your help. Oh Lord.

That's what prayer is. Tell him you're not worthy to receive anything that he is done for you. Ask him what you want, ask him what you need and he was searching for you. Play his word. If my people who are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their Wicked Ways. Then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin. And heal their land. If this country keeps pushing God, country country keeps pushing God out of the churches.

We got to understand. That along with that. Goes his protection. His protection from war and pestilence his protection from diseases. Along with that goes His blessings on our finances. And our health. And our state of mind. God is our help.

God is our strength.

You see most of the nation is scared right now.

and that's because, They don't have his word in their hearts. When you push away, God.

He put his healing away. And when you put your way, God you push away is projection. And when you push you away, God, you push away His blessings. If my people, Who are called by my name. Shall humble themselves and pray?

Seek my face and turn away. Turtle. Elsa turn away from their Wicked Ways. Then I will hear from heaven. And will forgive their sin and will heal. Their land.

God's enemies are destroyed. With faith in God. You can look that giant in the eye and say you're not processing this line, buddy. You can say that has Giant. Don't even think about coming in this household, my household. You can say to the Giants. You ain't answering those doors buddyman.

That's right. This is my house. And this is my family. And this is my work. These are my friend. These are my neighborhood. This is my church by Nation Nation. We come against in the name of the Lord of hosts. My Lord Jesus. Prairie right now, where you're right. Coronavirus, you are bigger than you are ugly and you are scared. But my God Is Bigger. You are part of this world because I'm sitting in right now, and we ask the Forgiveness of God of this world named Anya.

9. My community.

Man where you are. Don't come any closer.

It is and if you believe that just say in the name of Jesus, if you believe that just saying the name of me, if you want to keep on praying the new season of power. Thank you, God.

Hallelujah, I pray that their financial situation is now ready for the hurricane. Has your word says it will. Call or drink, bring peace to our nation. Dear God. Thank you for all my name, my phone.

You alone deserve all the worship you alone.

Praise him for what he is doing right now. Oh Lord. What he's doing to bring this world clothes?

Closer to his side.

You are saving grace. Thank you.

Thank you, God.

God bless you in the name.

Church of God to Play, Hallelujah. Hallelujah, hallelujah. Thank you Jesus. Thank you. Jesus.

I no longer.

Sing it with me saying stupid.

I no longer.

Hallelujah. I no longer.

Cuz you unravel me with your Melody. Your surround me with a song.


Am I fat?

Cuz I'm not.

I know.


Gold Miner.

I've been born again into traffic.

Your blood flows through my veins.

I'm no longer.

Oh, yeah. Hallelujah.

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