Profiting from Trials



I. Jesus instructs concerning discipleship (14:25–27).
a. Regarding the candidate’s family (14:25–26):
i. What does it mean to Hate our family or loved ones?
ii. Matt 10:34-39
iii. Matt 12:46-50
1. We must place Jesus above them.
a. We must place the Will of God in Christ Jesus above them
There must be a since of disdain or Godly indignation for anyone or anything that attempts to compromise your relationship with Jesus and the things of God
b. Regarding the candidates personal life (14:27): We must carry our cross and follow Jesus.
i. Matt 19:21, 27-28 (Story of the Rich young ruler)
1. Personal dreams and plans
2. A sacrificial life of persecution and misrepresentation
a. II Tim 3:12 (all who live godly will be persecuted)
i. Greek work: To chase after, drive away, to be hunted, to be run down.
II. Jesus illustrates concerning discipleship (14:28–35).
a. Example of the unfinished building (14:28–30): Make sure to count the cost, are we willing to invest properly?
i. The risk of looking foolish
ii. Spiritual Hypocrisy
b. Example of the unsuccessful war (14:31–33): Make sure your army is strong enough to defeat the enemy.
i. We must be willing to give up our status of supremacy to follow Jesus
ii. Can we fight against the King of Kings?
c. Give up possessions (Mark 8:31:38)
i. Materialism
III. Example of the flavorless salt (14:34–35): It is useless and will be thrown away
a. We must not be worthless or useless disciples
i. Matt 5:13
ii. Mk 9:50
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