A Lifestyle of Worship

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A Lifestyle of Worship

Genesis 22:1-18



            What is worship?  Have you ever really thought about it?  Have you come to grips with what worship is in your own life?  The funny thing about trying to define worship is that if you asked 10 different people, you would get 10 different answers; and to some degree, each would be right as they would be giving a shade of meaning to worship.  But what is real worship-better yet, what does the Bible mean when it teaches us about worship.  Does worship happen through song?  Does worship happen in dance?  Does worship happen when you lift your hands?  Does worship only happen in the sanctuary on Sunday morning, Sunday night, or Wednesday? Do we have to have a pastor lead us into worship?  Is worship like prayer in that it needs to take place continually?  Does it have to be cultivated?  In worship, like prayer, does the involvement of self stop it from happening?  If we are to worship daily how do we verify that it is in fact taking place?  What is real Worship?  That is the question that I would like to lay on the table today.  When I say real worship, I mean worship that is defined by the Lord as outlined in the Word of God.  Before we get into the text that I read at just a few minutes ago, let me direct your attention to Exodus 32:8 for just a moment.

I.    Worshipping God always involves sacrifice

A.    Tell the story of Exodus 32 but don’t read the whole thing

B.     VS-After they made this calf of gold-they worshiped it and sacrificed to it.

1.   They were worshiping the wrong things

2.   Why?-their relationship was wrong

3.   What caused this-explain

4.   They had their eyes on Moses rather than God.

5.      Trusted in Moses even though they saw God move.

6.      When they took their eyes off God and put them on Moses, then they started to believe that the calf of Gold led them out of Egypt.

7.      Romans 12:1

8.      If you get your eyes off of Jesus- you may end up sacrificing to the wrong thing

C.      Transition point-Could it be that Israel had their priorities wrong?

II.                 True Worship will line up your priorities.

A.     Relationship with the Lord-1st , relationship with wife, relationship with kids, ministry, job

B.      Genesis 2:8

1.       Abraham rose up early-significance

2.      To offer a sacrifice to the Lord, sacrifice first has to be killed-significance

3.      Abraham’s act of worship was very intense, yet very focused, selfless, and sacrificial.

4.      True Worship means that you don’t let your ministry be mistaken as your relationship with God.

a.       Be involved in ministry but don’t let it be your God.

b.      Don’t let it eclipse God

c.       Micah 6:8-what does the Lord require of thee

III.             Let your life express worship

A.     Worship-Hebrew-means, bow down one’s self-key-one’s self

B.     Worship means prostrate oneself out in honor-key honor

C.     Worship-mode of salutation-fell on their knees and touched the ground with forehead-do you greet someone with a heart of worship.

D.    Root of the word means-lie down, remain, and be at rest

E.     If your life is a life of worship, it will be a life of rest.

F.      Matthew 4: 8-9 key focus vs 8-fall down and worship me

G.    Tie in Exodus 34:14 if there is time

H.     Our life should be a life of worship.

IV.              True worship will help you in keeping YOU out of the picture

a.       Genesis 22 again

b.      What would have happened to Abraham is he had not kept himself out of the picture?

c.       He would not have gotten up early

d.      He would not have been consumed with himself, his need for his son.

e.        He would not have found the worship experience with God on his own

f.       He would not have found the worship experience with his son in worship to the Lord.

g.       Could add more points about Genesis 22


            Is worship singing in the church?  Yes.  Is worship dancing in the church? Yes.  Is worship lifting your hands in church? Yes.  However, it is more than that.  Is worship about freedom?  Yes, but not just in church, it will bring freedom from in our lives. Our worship should be a lifestyle. Our worship does not just happen, it is built.  It is a process which gets deeper and deeper as we grow in our relationship with the Lord.  What is true worship?  It may be hard to define but it has these characteristics.

1.       It is sacrificial

2.      It will line up your priorities

3.      It will keep you from mistaking your ministry for your relationship with God

4.      It will keep you out of the picture

5.      It will become a lifestyle and not an activity

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