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“I believe the Bible is the best gift that God has ever given to man. All the good from the Savior of the world is communicated to us through this Book. I have been driven many times to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go.”
-Abraham Lincoln
Have you ever been there? Have you ever been driven to the Word of God in a time of life where nothing else makes sense? I know I have many times. There is no other book that can give us confidence like the Bible. That is because what we have in the Bible is the very Word of God.
The Bible declares that there is a God and He is alive. The Bible declares that He is alive and He is not silent nor does He stutter. He is a God of revelation. He reveals Himself. He is also a God of redemption. He draws people to Him. When the Bible speaks, God speaks.
The Bible does not spend much time trying to convince of of its veracity. It simply states the truth. It is up to us what we do with it. Yet, there are implications to come along with our choices. There are implications for believing and there are implications for rejecting the Word of God.
God reveals Himself through nature (19:1-6). Revelation from nature leaves man without excuse. It demonstrates the undeniable fact that God is real. However, revelation through nature will not tell us what kind of God He is. Is He a good God or is He a bad God? Is He loving or is He cruel? Neither can nature answer this question: “Can I know this Creator God?” To answer these questions, God must act in history. He must act through special revelation. One of the ways He does that is through His Word. This is where the section from last week picks up.
The text will point us to two primary ways that we can experience the beautiful centerpiece of God’s Word and cause it to come alive in our hearts.


God is so exalted and transcendent that if He did not condescend Himself to us, we could know nothing about Him. [read verses 7-9]
Let me make an observation real quick before we get to the meat of the message. Last time we were together we observed how God reveals Himself through nature. What I want you to observe is the difference between the names of God that are used in Psalm 19. In verse one we observe the most basic name of God (El) and we also observe that it is used only one time. In the passage at hand today, we observe an entirely different name for God. it is the word LORD (YAHWEH). In these verses this term is used six times. This is the personal name of God that we observe. Thus, there is a move toward more intimacy between the LORD and the psalmist. There are several things to understand concerning the Word of the LORD.


God’s Word is perfect. This means that it is complete and lacks nothing. Within the pages of the Word of God we find everything we need to know about who God is and who we are. The Word of God renews, refreshes, and revives. The Word of God is the hammer that can break up the hardness of your heart.


To state that Scripture is “sure” is to say that Scripture is “trustworthy.” You can depend on the testimony of the Word of God. God’s Word does not change. It is sure, it is trustworthy. For those who are truly looking for answers, for those who come to the table of Scripture with an open mind, God will reveal Himself in such a way as to make them wise. The Word of God is a school teacher that will make one wise.
There is all the difference in the world between knowledge and wisdom. You can gain some knowledge and still play the fool. Too many people in too many churches on Sunday morning gain a wealth of information, yet they still do not have the wisdom of God. How can this be? Some people are content merely to hear. However, if we are here merely to hear and not to do, we are not truly hearing.
Please do not misunderstand me. Knowledge is important. Yet, if you gain knowledge but you do not gain wisdom, you probably have made yourself twice as dangerous than before your ignorance. It is not knowledge along, but wisdom that you need. You need wisdom from no other place than the Word of God for a healthy walk with God. The ultimate in wisdom will be from the Word of God.


When followed, precepts will lead to the goal of faithful living. It carries the idea of a direction. God’s directions are always right. They never mislead and they never expire. What is more, they bring joy to the heart. The directives of God’s Word will keep you in a right relationship with Him.
Pastor Eddie, you seem to believe strongly in the divine inspiration of Scripture. Yes, I do. Pastor Eddie, do you believe that Scripture is sufficient for daily life? I most certainly do. Pastor Eddie, do you mean to tell me that you believe by just opening up the Bible that I can find solutions to all of life’s problems? Yes, I do. Not only that, I am firmly fixed and immovable in that position.
The Word of God is the answer to so-called “burnout” which has its origins in secular psychology, not biblical theology. Some of you have never gotten warmed up, how can you be burned out? Burnout does not really exist. However, sin does. The Bible is the answer to the problems in your marriage. It is the answer to your anger. It is the answer to your depression. It is the answer to your loneliness. It is the answer to every problem that all of hell might try to sling at you.
The Bible does not even address all the problems of the world. Yet, it does address all the principles that lay behind the problems. If you go back to the Word of God and hide its words in your heart, it will become a spiritual firewall against that which would attack your soul. Yes, I understand that the problems of living in this world are great. However, God’s Word is even greater. Its directions are always right and it has the power to bring joy to your heart where nothing else will.
If you are not having fun as a believer, something is wrong. People need to see Jesus not some sour disposition. After all, you have been saved, have you not? Hey, I am glad I am not going to hell, how about you? I am on my way to heaven, is that okay with you? While I am at it, I get the absolute joy of saying, “Oh who will come and go with me, I am bound for the Promised Land!” On the way there, we are studying the most exciting book in the world. Get into the Word of God because the Word of God will rejoice the heart.


The word pure as it is used here, is often used to describe the purity and radiance of sunlight. God’s Word sheds light on an otherwise dark pathway. It is like the brilliance of the morning sun cutting through the darkness. The Word of God throws darkness to the side and enables us to see clearly. Psalm 119:105 says the same thing, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” The more you are in the Word of God, the less time you will find yourself floundering around trying to figure out what you are supposed to be doing.


The word fear here is used as a synonym for the Word of God because the fear of the Lord is one of the results the Word of God has upon the heart. The Word of God is clean in that it has a purifying effect on us and endures forever. The Word of God does not change. First Peter 1:24-25 declares, “For all flesh is like grass and all its glory like the flower of grass. The grass withers, and the flower falls, but the word of the Lord remains forever.”


Judgments in this verse refer to God’s judgments. Judgments are God’s decisions and declarations about what is right and what is wrong. When God speaks, what He speaks is always true. The gods of the ancient near east were known for their trickery, maliciousness and capriciousness. These gods were always at odds with each other. It could never be determined which god was truly ruling. The people never knew what the gods demanded from them. They could never be certain whether what they were being told was true. In other words, these gods could change and their words would change at a whim.
Not so with the one true God of the Bible and the Bible of the one true God. The Word of God is true. It is absolutely righteous in what it states. The Word of God shows us what genuine righteousness should look like. The Word of God is a guide that shows us how God wants us to live. The Word of God is true and absolutely righteous.
Not only doe we observe the centerpiece of living that is the Word of God because of its character, we also observe that the Word of God is the centerpiece of living for a second reason.


It is not enough to give a great AMEN to the description of the Word of God that we have just observed. We also must have a passionate desire to live under its authority. Therefore, we should understand the four things that the Word of God will do in your life as you submit to it.


It has the power to be more valuable to you than all the money in the world. Take everything this world has to offer. However, there is nothing more valuable to the child of God than the Word of God.


It will be sweeter to you than the sweetest honey you could take from the meanest honeybee. Just as honey is sweet to the tongue, the Bible is sweet to the soul. Honey will satisfy our taste buds but for a moment. However, the Bible will forever satisfy the desires and longings of the heart. It brings refreshment to a parched soul.


It will be a preventative in your life against the foolishness of living a worthless life. It tells me what I need to avoid so that I might experience the blessings of God. The Word of God is God’s watchdog that barks a warning at the very first sign of evil and wickedness.


The Word of God can be the best reward in your life. I told the folks this past Wednesday night that my testimony is boring compared to some. Some of you have exciting testimonies of how Christ changed your life. Here is my boring testimony in brief. I was a drug baby. That is right. I was drug to church from infancy until I left home. One morning I got inspired. I decided that I was not going to church. I stated this to my father. What was he going to do, tell me NO. That is exactly what he did. He told me how it was. He informed me as to what I was going to do. He instructed me as to when I was going to do it and for how long I was going to do it. Finally, he counseled me very directly as to what would happen to me in the immediate future if I did not do as he counseled. How did I respond. I said, “I will be ready in just a couple of minutes.” It was because of that type of love from my father that I have my boring testimony. in 1974 on a Friday night following Vacation Bible School, I came to an altar similar to this and surrendered my life to Christ. How about you. The authority of the Word of God is productive in how it rewards.


In the midst of the age of the Enlightenment, deism was spreading rapidly. Deism is the belief that God created everything and then left on vacation. There is no personal God who cares. We are basically on our own as the world winds down like a clock. It was in this historical context that a man by the name of Voltaire came along. He predicted that within twenty-five years that the Bible would be forgotten and that Christianity would be a thing of the past. Forty years after His death in 1778, the Bible and other Christian literature was being printed in what was Voltaire’s own home. God still speaks and God does not stutter.
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