God's Provision & My Responsibility

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God’s Provision & Our Responsibility

                                  read  2 Peter 1:1-11

1.   Introduction

      Anytime we undertake an endeavor we need to consider our assets as well as our plan for success. To simply move ahead blindly would nearly always result in failure.

    If I wanted to be the world’s greatest concert pianist how could I arrive at and maintain success? I would certainly need to be gifted with talent from God. What would I have to give up? What kind of things would I have to add to my life and schedule? Couldn’t I just read the biography of Padaruski or watch old Liberace video tapes and then sit down and play?

   If I wanted to be the best basketball player in the NBA how could I achieve that goal? What would I have to give up? What would I have to do? If I wore Air-Jordans, shaved my head and stuck out my tongue as I took the ball to the net could I slam dunk it like Michael Jordan?

  We all have a very real goal of becoming like Jesus Christ so that the world will see Him through us. But the task is just as monumental as the ones above, considering our old sinful nature that constantly haunts us. Couple that  with the fact that we have to live in a fallen society which tries its best to ensnare us and the task becomes even more formidable. What shall we then do? First lets look at three provisions that God has given us in Christ. These are divine knowledge, divine power and the divine nature.


2      Divine Knowledge ( Epignosis )

a.     a precise and correct knowledge of things ethical        and divine.

b.     Not found in the world (Romans 1:18-32.) This is the darkness we all once walked in. *18-22,25

c.      Only found in God’s Word (2 Timothy 3:16,17) unlike human teaching which is severely flawed. (self help, Dr. Spock)


3      Divine Power ( Dun’amis )

a.     inherent power residing in a thing by virtue of its nature –               power for performing miracles – moral power and excellence of soul

b.     same exact  word  found in (Ephesians 1:19)

c.      Jesus often went to pray alone and receive this power  in

   (Acts 1:8) He promised this power to His disciples including us.

d.     Power comes from relationship notice David’s words in

( Psalm 63:1-3)

4        Divine Nature (Physis)

a.     the sum of innate properties by which one person differs from others _ distinctive native personalities. This is the only place this word is used in scripture.

b.     God’s ultimate purpose is found in (Romans 8:28,29)

c.      People can recognize when we have been with Jesus

     (Acts 4:1)

d.     Since we have the nature of Christ we are able to put on His


   5.   Function of the Divine Nature (vs.5-9)

a.     a carnal nature has spiritual myopia (nearsightedness) vs.9

b.     a spiritual nature is both effective and productive in his understanding of the Lord Jesus Christ and his application of scriptural application to his daily lif.

   6.  Characteristics of the Function

a.     “ make every effort” means that it requires   effort for a Christian can muster along with the enabling power of the Holy Spirit

b.     Faith – separates Christians from the rest of the world

c.      Goodness – virtue, moral excellency

d.     Knowledge- Spiritual knowledge comes through the Holy Spirit and is focused on the person and Word of God.

e.      Self control- means to have ones passions under control

f.       Perseverance-steadfast endurance under adversity.

g.     Godliness- man’s obligation of reverence toward God

h.    Brotherly kindness- fervent, practical caring for others.

i.      Love- desiring the highest good for others ,the kind of love that God exhibits toward sinners

7.      Consequences of the Function.

a.     Christian growth results in spiritual effectiveness and productivity

b.   One who fails to grow will be ineffective.

8.      Finality of the Divine Nature.

a.     Fruit of the Holy Life seals the deal.

b.   Be diligent, you Will succeed and be blessed.

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