Hearing God for yourself

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Have you ever heard people use the phrase “you just know that you know”? When something is right, there’s a sense of knowing without any other explanation. For most people, that phrase - you just know that you know - is an unhelpful description to know when you hear God speaking to you. Thankfully, the Bible tells us how we can listen and be sure it's God's voice we're listening to. You are his sheep, you can know his voice. Learn how in this message.

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Good morning and welcome.
Today i want to continue this mini series on prayer.
Does God Speak today
Jesus teach us how to prayer
Hearing God for yourself.
I planed to move on to another series.
But God kept after me about hearing His voice
I knew I just preached this a few weeks ago
But God would not let me move on
I asked him what he wanted me to share on and I replied didn’t I just do that?
I felt like I either missed something, which is completely possible
or God just wants this emphasized for His believers today!
or both.
Jesus stated in John 10:27
John 10:27 NASB95
“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me;
Hearing God is not to raise you up on some spiritual scale saying your better than another person because you hear from God and they can’t
Hearing God does not make you special
Every beleiver hears God’s voice
Your special because of who God created you to be!
Unique....one of a Kind
with almost 8 billion people on the earth no one is identical. Even identical twins are unique from each other in specific ways
Hearing God does not make you special
You already are!
Jesus tells us the primary reason to hear his Voice...
Its so we can follow Him!
The Bible is the most amazing book ever put together.
It tells us more about God than any other books reveals about any other person
The Bible is the standard by which we are able to confirm and judge what we hear from God
But where the difficulty comes in.
Is the Bible cannot tell you
Where you should go
or who you should marry
or when you should have kids.
what career you should have.
If we soley rely on the Bible one would begin to think God does not care about these aspects of our lives.
But that so far from the truth.
You see there are 2 types of words that God speaks.

Logos vs Rhema Word

Rhema is the right now word, word from HIM that gives you a sense of direction and joy and excitement of knowledge.
Rhema word is the word for your current situation telling you what to do.
Logos is the uttering of Christ himself; it is the spoken word communicated through Bible.
A Logos word is applicable for everyone
A Rhema word can be specific to you.
God speaks to us in both these manners
The problem with only enbracing the logos is it makes it very easy to fall into the trap of religiosity.
Their is no personalization in logos as its a generaliztion for all.
as a result it can enable a non personal interaction with God
I taught a lesson for desert streams a couple of weeks back on the topic of Religiocity


Religiosity is a way of thinking and living that people can be in, or can fall into, yet it is ungodly and can bring much harm to those who are in it, and those who are influenced by it.
Its one of the most dangerous and effective weapons used by the enemy to thrawt the work of a individual and the church at large.
Its been used disimpower every generation.
It’s focused more on doing right than loving people
It occurs when doing what you think is right is more important to you than the opportunity to get to know the One who is right
Did you ever think that doing good things could be sin?
You can sin even when doing good things
If your motivation for doing it is not correct
a. being associated with religious people.......Pharisees
b. doing good works to help people (i.e. acts of kindness, gifts to the poor, etc.)
c. engaging in religious activities (i.e. going to church, observing special religious events, etc.)
d. keeping church rules and expectations(i.e. regarding dress code, religious language, etc.)
e. serving in the church (i.e. as a choir member, teacher, pastor, elder, etc.)
f. witnessing to others about Jesus
g. reading the Bible
h. trying to obey/follow what is written in the Bible
i. reading or studying Christian books
j. praying
k. tithing
This is why Religiocity is so dangerous. Its not determined by what you do, but rather why you are doing it!
Romans 14:22–23 NASB95
The faith which you have, have as your own conviction before God. Happy is he who does not condemn himself in what he approves. But he who doubts is condemned if he eats, because his eating is not from faith; and whatever is not from fa