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There is Hope!
“It’s easier with you!”
While swimming in the ocean with the waves bigger than expected, Isaac and I braved the sea.
I was holding onto his hand lifting him from being buried by the crashing waves.
After a few waves had passed and we successfully traversed past them, Isaac exclaimed, “I’m going to do it by myself!”
A wave came and he exclaimed, “It’s easier with you.”
We don’t know all of the story of Peter going out on the water, but I tend to think it might have gone like the experience I had with Isaac.
Peter was spiritually hand and hand with Jesus as he stepped out of the boat onto the water.
In a split second, he thought he might be able to do it on his own and the waves came.
Then he realized, “It’s better with you, Jesus!
Help me, Lord!”
And he reached out his hand for the Savior.
Consequently, this may be how we treat the waves and seas of our lives.
We go with Jesus through the days and it seems ok, even easy.
Then we think we can traverse the days without clinging to Him.
We soon realize we were wrong and exclaim, “It’s easier with you, Jesus!”
Bartimaeus heard Jesus was coming.
We aren’t hearing Jesus coming to us, if you believe in Jesus, He is already here.
We just have to cry out like Bartimaeus.
Do you need to cry out to him today?
Let’s enter into a time of worship through song.
I want to encourage you, do whatever you can to cry out to Him during this time; whether it’s singing or praying or reading Scripture or kneeling or just staying silent and listening.
There Is Hope
There are a few verses and themes in the Bible that, when all else fails, when you can’t find a specific verse to answer if you should wear a mask or not, you lean on these precepts.
One is love.
When all else fails and you can’t find the answer... love; because when you love you are literally putting God into the situation because “God is love.”
God equals love, you love with true love and you are inserting God.
That is why, in Scripture, specifically within Paul’s letters, almost anytime it mentions “in Jesus” you can substitute “in Love”, and vice versa, and the verse does not loose context or meaning.
The same is true with this verse.
When the words can’t come because of such heartache.
When there is no answer to the horror that surrounds, this is the verse that gives hope.
Before we break this verse down, let’s read a little around it.
Let’s break down this verse.
“We” - Paul, the author, and the 1st Christians
“know” - oida - a cognitive knowing
This is not an experiential or discerning knowing; not based on feeling.
This is a cognitive knowing.
This engages the mind to tell the rest of the person to submit to a knowledge of what’s coming next...
“that” - hoti - “for the purpose of”
this word indicates purpose
…for the purpose of all those who “love”
“love” - agapaō - love for a person and their good
to love (Christian) v. — to have a strong, non-sexual affection and love for a person and their good as understood by God’s moral character; especially characterized by a willing forfeiture of rights or privileges in another person’s behalf.
This is the “forfeiting of rights or privileges in another person’s behalf.”
The other person in this equation is God.
We are putting ourselves aside, our rights, our privileges, on behalf of God!…this is the God of the Universe we’re talking about.
“all” - pas - ALL, EVERY
NOW we get to “all”…now all means a lot in Greek.
It means…ALL!
There is no sub-text or syntax or situational context that changes the meaning of the word all.
“work together” - synergeō - things working together for a greater something
synergy means the accumulation of things working together for a greater something…in this case GOOD
“good” - agathos - good, serviceable
Isn’t that interesting that, pertaining to things, as opposed to persons for moral good, it includes serviceable.
We forfeit our rights and serve God with agapao love and He services all our stuff.
This good, and it’s service, is not defined by us but by God.
“those” - ho - the
“called” - klētos - called to follow God
“according to” - kata - according to
Not much there other than it connecting and leading to the next...
purpose - prothesis - purpose; plan; setting forth
It all leads to this…His purpose.
And His purpose again helps frame “good”.
Remember, this good purpose is not defined by us but by God.
His purpose…to lead us to Jesus.
The OT points to Jesus.
Jesus comes on the scene and saves us.
The rest of the NT continues to reveal who Jesus is and how we can grow closer to Him.
There Is Hope
Let’s read a few more that will give you HOPE:
Love never ceases…mercies never end...
His mercies are new every morning…take that in.
It’s like the slate’s been clean and you get to begin again every morning but your slate’s not clean.
You still get to retain the knowledge you learned from yesterday and apply to today.
Great is HIS faithfulness...
In light of His miracles of grace and mercy should we not react like Bartimaeus...
It's always amazing to be aware of God's movement within His Kingdom and witness His miracles of life transformation
There Is Hope
- Jesus truly is the answer!
Jesus is the central figure in Scripture; there would be no Scripture if it weren't for Jesus.
So, every question we have must center around Jesus.
When we question why this is happening or that is happening, we must start with a question…how is this drawing me closer to Jesus?
And then pray, through His Spirit, God please reveal Jesus to me in this situation.
Jesus is continually revealing Himself to us through ALL things.
We just need to cry out to Him IN all things.
There Is Hope
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