Redeeming Marriage

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Naomi and her family

Naomi and her family had relocated to Moab because there had been a famine.
Ruth’s husband, Naomi’s son, had died; in fact, all of Naomi’s sons had died.
Naomi returned to her ancestral land with her Moabite daughter-in-law Ruth.
Ruth had committed to love and care for the well-being of Naomi as her daughter, and she was said to be “better than seven sons” to Naomi.

Naomi had property but they weren’t allowed to work it on their own.

They could only glean from the leftovers of other’s fields.
Naomi, who was a widow, didn’t want Ruth, a young widow to become life her, without a guardian-redeemer, a protector and provider.

Naomi and Ruth planned to take a risk in gaining Boaz’s favor.

Boaz was impressed by what he had been told about Ruth’s faithfulness to Naomi.
Boaz had allowed Ruth to glean from his fields and under his protection while doing so.
Boaz was known as a kind man, one of the guardian-redeemers.

Naomi and Ruth took another risky step to gain Boaz’s favor.

Naomi encouraged Ruth to look (and smell) her best, go to where he sleeps and lie down near him.
This was a very risky proposition, and she probably could have gotten her stoned, if it was any other man.
In the morning, they even acknowledge the risk of someone possibly finding out.

But, Naomi and Ruth were poor and starving, what more could they lose?

We say all kinds of things about marriage:

Some make marriage out to be about convenience
Some make marriage out to be about disappointed dreams
Some make marriage out to be a long and difficult proposition
Some manage to find lasting joy.

While it is never simply “happily ever after,” God does intend marriage to have a good purpose

It is often said that one cannot be a good husband without being a good provider.

Providing takes more than one person

Though the law may recognize one “head of household,” the reality is that “providing” takes more than one person.

Boaz was a Guardian-Redeemer

A relative (kinsman of the same tribe) that had the right of redemption over a deceased relative’s household (property and family).

Boaz was a kind and moral man.

Boaz had allowed Naomi and Ruth to glean his fields after the harvest
Boaz ensured that there would be something left behind for them

Ruth took a risk to go in to where he slept

Boaz extended blanket to cover her in kindness.
Boaz wanted to make sure the Naomi and Ruth were provided for

But, a relative that was a closer relation had the right to redeem the household first.

Something favorable happened that day…

Boaz went to sit at the gate of the town just as the other kinsman came along.
How fortunate for Naomi and Ruth! They would not have to wait another day!

Boaz wanted to do things the right way, with the blessing of the tribal elders, the rightful judges of tribal matters.

As was required by the law, the elders of the village gathered to discuss and decide what should happen.
These were ten older men of means of the community, other kinsman-redeemers.
After the first kinsman refused to redeem the household, Boaz took the opportunity.

Boaz did more than redeem the right of the household, he wanted to make Ruth his wife.

Ruth was not just a Moabite, but a Moabite who married into Israel and was a proselyte believer in God.
Not just a marriage of “convenience” but a marriage of love.
Ruth’s sons would then have the birthright of the household.

And have sons they did.

Obed, whose name means “servant,” was to help Naomi.
The family line continued by the grace and favor of God on Naomi and Ruth through Boaz.

Their family line extended to King David (A Servant of God) and later on to Jesus (The Servant of God).

A family that was on the verge of dying out and not being remembered anymore, is the same family that eventually bore our savior.

In the same way that Boaz provided for Ruth and Naomi, Jesus provides a way for us to be redeemed by him, if we earnestly seek him.

Jesus had something to risk just as Ruth did in those moments, his life.

While Ruth did not have to give her life for Naomi and her household to find redemption, Jesus did for ours.

God redeemed what could have only been a relationship of convenience to a covenant of love.

These very acts of love amid death, disappointment, separation, and neglect are what draw us to God.

God redeems us from what was merely coping with life, to something far better, resurrection life.

Through Jesus Christ, our lives become part of God’s plan of redemption for all of creation.
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