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The Test of Purity
Genesis 39:1-12
Joseph must have stood out because he was bought by Potiphar, the chief of police in Egypt, and selected Joseph to be his household administrator.
Genesis 39 occurred roughly 10 years after he became a slave, Joseph was about 27 years old.
The Test of Prosperity
Genesis 39:3-6
Nearly all the essentials of upward mobility were found in him.
Potiphar was the chief executive officer to Pharaoh.
His home would have been the core of diplomatic procedures.
Joseph was continually promoted within the house until he was over all.
The only thing Potiphar had to worry about was the government.
Verse 4– Joseph was given control of the house.
Verse 5– Lord’s blessing was on all he touched
Verse 6– Potiphar put everything in his hands.
Potiphar did not know what Joseph was doing, but he knew he didn’t have to worry about it.
He transacted business on Potiphar’s behalf.
He controlled the master’s estate.
He had the responsibility and authority for all important affairs.
The Bible tells us that things began to change in Potiphar’s house almost as soon as Joseph arrived.
He was the guy who made things work so well around the house.
Verse 6
There are only a handful of people in Scripture pointed out for the good looks.
This was the characteristic that got him into serious trouble.
The Problem
The greatest test we face often has to do with prosperity, rather than adversity.
Many of the great men in Scripture handled temptation well during the tough times but fell during the high point of their lives.
David fell into sin when he was at the height of his power.
Solomon made all the right choices early in life, then allowed his success to go to his head and began making all the wrong choices.
The Test of Purity
Genesis 39:7-12
People tell us today the modern man is incapable of living above sin.
Everybody does what Joseph was tempted to do.
Joseph actually lived in a culture that was more corrupt than we do.
He was surrounded by more temptation.
The Power of Temptation
It was a Surprise Temptation
Everything was going well, his master had all trust in him.
The last thing he expected was an influential woman craving sex with a slave boy.
It was a Sustained Temptation
There was not simply one proposition that could be brushed aside, the propositions came day after day.
Many who resist temptation at first will succumb in the end.
Resistance can be broken down by persistence.
It was a Secret Temptation.
Nobody else needed to know.
If she was to tell it would have meant her life.
The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is looking.
Joseph knew there was little chance of getting caught, and he still resisted.
It was a Sensible Temptation
Every sin offers some sort of rationality.
We don’t succumb to sin because we think it will hurt us, but because we think it will be something good for us.
It would have been to his personal advantage to have cooperated with Mrs. Potiphar, since there was a possibility she could advance his career, and he was sure to incur her wrath if he refused.
It was a Subtle Temptation
The majority of men who fall into sexual sins don’t dive into sensuality as much as they are subtly drawn into a relationship.
If Joseph had craved loving admiration and devotion, he could easily have fallen into sin.
The Power over Temptation
There are several principles that were at work in Joseph’s life which allowed him to achieve victory.
Joseph had a conviction before he faced the crisis.
Joseph knew what he would do if he were ever faced with the temptation.
He was walking with God, ina perpetual state of preparedness.
Crises don’t make us what we are, they reveal what we already are.
This crisis didn’t make Joseph a pure man.
He was already a pure man; the temptation simply revealed it.
Joseph Knew Love Involved Loyalty.
Joseph told her he was loyal to her husband.
Joseph understood that their sin wouldn’t just affect them, it would hurt her husband.
Sin always hurts other people.
Joseph had the sense to avoid the source.
Joseph stayed away from the beautiful woman.
He “refused to be with her.”
If we’re going to have power over temptation, we have to avoid the source.
Joseph was still shocked by sin.
Our culture has become shock-proof.
We are bombarded with filth on TV and our culture and have received an acceptance of sin.
The very thought of what Mrs. Potiphar proposed was so far out of bounds for him that he immediately said no.
He would not rebel against the Ruler of the Universe.
To commit sin is to reject God, and Joseph was shocked by the concept of consciously choosing to do so.
Joseph knew Retreat was Better than Defeat.
She set a trap for Joseph– sent out all servants so they could be alone.
Joseph ran as fast as he could.
2 Timothy 2:22
It’s almost impossible to be victorious over the continual pressure of sexual temptation, so we’re called to run away from it as fast as possible.
Are you passing the purity tests in your life?
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