A Study of the Doctrine of Providence Pt 3 Who Is In Charge?

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Who Is In Charge?

What is Sovereignty?

“The doctrine of God’s providence is rooted in the doctrine of God’s sovereignty”
soveREIGNty- God’s undisputed authority and rule over every aspect of His creation.
1. God Can do Anything (Gen. 18:14)
2. God Makes Everyone (Ex. 4:11)
3. God Can Do Everything He Says (Num. 11:23)
4. God Rules All Existence (Deut. 32:39)
5. God Rules All Circumstances (I Sam. 2:6-7)
6. God Does All He Pleases (Ps. 103:19)
7. God’s Rule is Unrivaled (Is. 14:27)
Amos 3:6 ESV
6 Is a trumpet blown in a city, and the people are not afraid? Does disaster come to a city, unless the Lord has done it?
Does COVID comes to a city, unless the Lord had done (i.e. sent, permitted) it?
If God is all-knowing and all powerful, could He have averted it? Certainly, yet He permitted it. Why? We are not ready to answer that question yet. First our duty is to bow to the unambiguous and repeated declarations of Scripture; only then will our spirits be properly adjusted to grapple with the question of why.

8. God’s Rule is Unquestionable

What if It’s Not God?

If God’s providence does not extend over all the circumstances and changes of life—both good and bad—then what explanations does that leave to us? What are the alternatives?
We can conclude that we are essentially at the mercy of blind fate.
If we wish to deny that God exercises sovereign control over the “bad” things that happen then-
We must admit that some things take even God by surprise
We must admit that some things God is unable to avert
Someone else is actually in charge— the cherished dream of the Devil and the nightmare of mankind.
If there is anything He does not know, if there is anything He is impotent to do or to prevent, then He cannot be sovereign.
“And if God’s sovereignty is limited, then His trustworthiness is also limited.”
Do you agree? Why? Why Not?
If God is not truly sovereign, God cannot be truly trusted.
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