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Faithfulness brings God's blessings upon our lives.

It was a stormy night in Birmingham, England, and Hudson Taylor was to speak at a meeting at the Severn Street schoolroom. His hostess assured him that nobody would attend on such a stormy night, but Taylor insisted on going. “I must go even if there is no one but the doorkeeper.” Less than a dozen people showed up, but the meeting was marked with unusual spiritual power. Half of those present either became missionaries or gave their children as missionaries, and the rest were faithful supporters of the China Inland Mission for years to come. Because Hudson Taylor was faithful, God blessed this meeting.

Judges 7:21 says, “And they stood every man in his place round about the camp: and all the host ran, and cried, and fled.” This may be simple, but catch what God’s saying. He said, “Have your horn and your pitcher, and stand in your place.” God knew the fear and worry that would enter their hearts as they faced the Midianites, yet He commanded them to stay in their place and stay faithful to His command.

How would things be different in your own life if rather than being afraid or doubting God, you determined to trust His wisdom and to stand in your place? God will take care of the enemy or the problems in your life, as you are faithful to stand in your place.

All God required was faithfulness. God commanded these three hundred men to take what He had given them and to stand in their place. He did not ask them to fight on their own and defeat the enemy. He only asked them to obey what He had given them to do and to be faithful.

Gideon’s men would not have seen victory had they not stood in their place and had they not been faithful. God desires faithfulness in your life before He goes to battle with you. Do not expect God’s blessing if you are not faithful to the commands He has given you. He wants you to attend church and to apply the messages to your life. He wants you to read your Bible every day and let it affect how you live. Gideon’s men were not given the victory because of the size of their army but because of their obedience. When you obey the simple tasks God gives you, He will be able to work in your life and show you greater things.

Source:, Feb 28, 2008

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