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Alright, prayer requests.
We've got a few today.
Remember, we have a few of the congregation that are headed to Hawaii this morning.
I noticed this week.
They have the snow storms there before Kathy left.
Last Sunday.
She said I I wish I was going to be here because it's supposed to possibly snow this weekend.
Will of course it didn't.
But she was hoping for snow.
Well, maybe she'll get it in Hawaii with knows but the in talking to my sister this morning.
She said it's getting cold.
It got down to 64.
So I think they'll not have snow where they are.
Anyway, we'll pray for safe.
Travels us remember to pray for Leona.
As she continues on, and then Kayleen called and asked for prayer.
For her relative Rick, we prayed for him a while back about some other issues, but he's having hip reconstruction and he asked that we pray for him.
So let's do so, Karen is having a knee replacement surgery here in a week and a half on the 13th.
So that's be in prayer for her Tanya, on the 21st.
Put back a week, unfortunately, but she'll begin the process again.
So that's be in prayer for her.
And then let's remember to pray for a youth.
We have young people and our church that need to be encouraged and we have young people in our community that need to be encouraged to come.
Fellowship in.
So let's be praying for you faster.
OK, Google prayer.
Precious Father in Heaven.
How we rejoice in you for you are the mighty one who does know our prayers and answers them as you would.
And your answer is always the best and we can trust in that because you know, all things, including our future for you are here present with us today.
But also, you know, of yesterday because you were there in the future because you're their father, you are not constrained in any way for all things are possible with you.
And so is we bring our request to you.
We know that you can answer them.
And so we lay our burdens at your feet.
Oh Lord.
We do want to pray for those of greatest need and the greatest need in our world.
Today is the understanding and knowledge of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
And we have a multitude of people in our community alone that do not know that they do not follow Jesus Christ, as Lord and Savior that do not Sitter their confidence.
In you something to be grasped.
So open their hearts and their lives to desire to know you.
Father, we pray that you would help us to be Faithful Servants, to be able to express our love for you, in our community and help people realize how important it is to come to you.
For it changes our future, and our Eternal destiny.
We want to remember the church family that is heading to Hawaii right now and should arrive in the next hour or so.
We pray that your Mighty hand would be there to lead them safely on their Journey, that you would bless of particularly can as he celebrates.
Once again, the anniversary of Pearl Harbor and gas.
So be with them and guide them and all that.
They do, we do pray for Leona Lord.
We thank you for the good days that she has.
And we pray that you would give her strength and energy through the struggles.
That you would be with those who are caring for that.
They would also feel your hand on their lives.
Lord, we think we remember Chris Rick and his surgery coming up for hip reconstruction.
Lord, may you be with him and give him Comfort.
Help him to recognize your hand, in all of this and that, that it would draw him closer to you.
We also think of Karen as she has the surgery here in a week and a half.
We pray that you would be with her and help her to feel Comfort Inn.
You as a u l through this process that this hip replacement would would be a successful one.
And that you're the recovery would be Swift.
I may you give her energy and strength or all of this in the Peace of knowing your presence in her life.
We do pray for Tanya.
She goes through this process.
Once again that you would give wisdom and skill and understanding for the doctors and that they all would go smoothly that you would give peace and comfort and that She would have a.
Quick recovery as she goes through this.
May she find comfort in you.
and father, we want to remember that the Youth of our Our community and our church are an incredible resource for our future.
If we want our church to thrive in the future.
We we need the young people to be educated in understanding and knowing you and what you mean for life.
And so we pray that a provision of a youth.
Pastor would be there that you would be moving the heart of the one you have chosen for this process to be encouraging to step forward and Trust in your garden.
We do want to remember the unspoken request for those who have request, but haven't mentioned them.
May you be the piece of the encouragement of the guide in all of those be with us.
Now, as we continue to Worship, You, may we do.
So with all the joy and the strength that you've given in Jesus name.
Stream from Eveleth.
Face on the floor.
Well, it is Christmas season.
And so we were starting a a new.
Christmas series.
The King has come.
And before we get started on it.
Why don't you go to the Lord and ask for his Blessing on our time?
Our Father, we thank you once again, that we have this opportunity to seek you to come before you, and worship you and music in prayer, and then through the power of your word, and we hopefully will enjoy that.
Now, is your Spirit guides and directs, our Lots And guides and directs my mind and thoughts.
And presentation is I is I give the message you've laid upon my heart.
May it be your power and your strength that goes forth for you're, the one who makes change in any heart or lie?
Lesson this oh Lord, in Jesus name.
We're going to be taking a look at Mary's life this morning and call.
You know, it's sometimes we are called to things and we think.
Do I have to really go through all of this?
I am?
Just a little.
Thing in my life.
I, you know, most of high school and college and and I got a scholarship from a junior college that was close to us and, and, and talking with a coach, the coach said, you know, we want you to stay in shape all year.
So why don't you come out for cross-country?
Well, I was a sprinter.
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