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Alright, well, good morning.
I'm going to I'm going to clean Tom's phrase.
Bought this about five times and every time I teach it is something new, something exciting, and I was going over this lesson from all the notes from the past.
I had this week and I got overwhelmed with amazing new stuff that I saw.
So this is not just, okay, Tik-Tok this 5 times before we're going to get their gear is 5 time before kind of lesson.
This is fresh.
This is something new that got, his has really laid upon my heart.
So let's let's begin with a word of prayer.
We thank you for the privilege of being able to be here.
This morning.
We thank you for those who come out to hear your word.
It is your word.
And it is you that just one display this morning.
Not anyone else.
I pray that your spirit would be our teacher as we move through this amazing book.
I pray in Jesus name.
Okay, so we're going to go through and look at some important items that are are part of the book of Romans know.
This is what I would call my my favorite screen.
It is the screen that shows me alarm.
The whole purpose of the Gospel.
What is the gospel?
And when we talk about the book of Romans, it is the righteousness of God, that is revealed.
And so, how is the righteousness of God revealed?
What we see, we know that God's righteousness is a just righteousness.
He's must judge sin.
He can't just winked at sin.
And let's then go.
We also know that God is merciful and he is long suffering and gracious.
So, how does that come together?
We see that it comes together at the cross, where God's judging righteousness of God saving righteousness, come together and in Jesus Christ, and in him alone.
Can God's righteousness.
Be revealed and how we can have a part of that.
We are part of that.
Why Romans k y Roman.
What why do you want to come and study Romans?
Gospel According to Paul.
What is it about?
That is so exciting and so important and I don't like that.
That is a great comment.
Our civilization is half-time.
Yeah, yeah, right, you know.
Dude, we're not the only ones that are looking forward to studying Romans and have had it impact of Romans.
And in our life.
I'm sure you've all heard of Luther and Augustine and some of them are our way back.
Like, you know, Augustine was back in what is 400 ad and Martin Luther hit 1500.
These are men and Wesley in the 1600s.
He's our man of God that we look at and we consider to be pretty prominent Christian leaders.
Every one of these men came to Faith.
True, studying Romans, and, you know, my, my tendency is to one of our brain or something.
So, if I go through this quickly, it's because I know, I only have 40, but you all know, we went through that 500-year celebration back in in 2017.
And the fact that Luther, who was stinking after, how can, I know the righteousness?
How can I be righteous before?
God became a monk and he tortured himself.
He crawl on his knees and he went without food and all these things happened to hear me just was trying to become righteous.
He's always said, he knew himself to be a sinner.
But tell how to become righteous in, as he, as we will see, when we get to it.
He was reading into the chest, shall live by faith.
Not open his eyes and became Born Again.
Same phrases used in scripture, and, in the book of habakkuk is where we read it first.
And then course, here in Book of Romans that we will see that but also where in the book of Galatians, And in the book of Hebrews, all it in four, different places in Scripture, A courtier will see that they actually are quoting when we get to it.
They are quoting the book, the back door and then a man named John chrysostom.
You know, Kristen Empress Optum, you know.
Personally we have nobody from that era so they will know if we pronounced it wrong or not, you know, but John chrysostom thought Rose was so important that he had Romans read aloud to him once a week.
It's incredible.
So, what was it?
So important that many of the reformers saw this as the god-given key to understanding scripture.
That's r.c., Sproul says, if you had one book of the Bible, we know that all scripture.
It is is god-breathed in all scriptures important.
But if he had one book of the Bible in which you had to Rio, you had and that was it.
It would be the book of Romans.
Because here, we see the greatest themed.
It shows us what's in his about, where they come from the law.
Dudman human Destiny, Faith works, great justification, and sanctification elections, The Plan of Salvation, the work of Christ, in a spirit, the Christian hope the nature and life of the church, and the place of the Jew and the non-jew, or the Gentile.
In the purpose of God, the philosophy of the church and world and world history, the meaning.
And that's each of the Old Testament in the duties of Christian citizenship and the principles of personal godliness, and Holiness.
And morality is contained in the Book of Romans.
When we're done studying Romans, there should be no doubt.
What the gospel is, we should have no doubt the plight of mankind.
We should have no doubt how God can be both just and justifier.
We should be no doubt about how we are to live.
There should be no doubt of what God expects of us.
So this is a fabulous, but that's why we're not going to do it in 13 weeks.
And what you're saying is that Romans is Paul, Systematic Theology.
It really is a good way of saying that, cuz if you study, Romans, you will know, theology.
You will.
So we're going to begin with what we would call the background and introduction.
Okay, it looks like a look at the overview map of that.
Contacts is extremely important, you know, if we go through the author, the the time of writing the place of writing and and and all that kind of stuff.
Sometimes we say, can we get through this introduction part and just get to the word of God know cuz contacts is key for us to understand the book of Romans.
We must understand the context in which was preaching or Paul was writing, right.
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