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At a time of celebration, perhaps you’re experiencing changes that are challenging your faith. The good news is that this is the season where we're reminded of God's unwavering love, promise, and miracle. It is the one that manifest joy to the world. You wonder how?, GOD CAN BECAUSE GOD IS!

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Scripture reading comes from the book of st. Luke, Luke Chapter 2 verses 7 through. 14 hear these encouraging words. And she brought forth her firstborn son. And wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a Manger because there was no room for them in the end. There were the same country shepherds abiding in the field. Keeping watch over their flock by night, and lo the angel of the Lord Came Upon them. And the glory of the Lord Shone round about them. And they were afraid. And the angel said unto them, fear. Not for I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people unto. You is Born This Day in the city of David, a savior, which is Christ. The lord. This shall be a sign unto you. You shall find the Babe wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a Manger suddenly. There was the angel, a multitude of praising God, and saying, glory to God in the highest and on Earth, peace, Goodwill.

talking about God can because Todd is how many of, you know, how many of you out there know that God can because God is my witness is out there. Anybody can testify that God can because he is, he is The Great I Am. He is a l.

We continue talking about the coming of God in Christ. That's what this is all about. It's about the Advent coming of God in Christ.

Call Cannon because Todd is doesn't matter what you're going through, doesn't matter what. It looks like. God can. And is there anything too hard for our God? That's what we want to consider.

Change is challenging your face. What change is challenging your face? That's a question. That's the quest I want to present to you. And you may, if you saw this place your response in the chat, what change is challenging your face? There was so much taken place. We don't go over all. The pandemic has brought about a tremendous change. It has a president impact.

So, when I talk about what strain is challenging, your face. About what situation condition, what Tess what report opposition is causing? You don't even know. Why are you down my soul? Put your hope in God, so, whatever the case may be your job. You fell into a broken relationship. I've always loved one away with friends or child, a business deal. Whatever is taking place. What change is challenging your faith, you know, we have challenges in life, many times. These challenges will affect our thing in some way or another, and that's all right, because this is how we increase in our faith. This is how we know where we are in our face, you know, I was so this is a time of the year where anything is possible. We are reminded of Eternity. I am now. Shut up disable interesting, Lee. When we think of this time of the year. We think of we think we've been receiving, we think of, we think of who, we also think there is a miracle for you and still laughing. Pan, if there's a miracle to be received, it will be 10 mg.

He's Able, he's able to do the end table, so we can continue this week. We talked about the designer of God and the big question was, is there anything is there anything too hard for the Lord sometime? We have to Put it on mine. We need to be challenged. Is there anything? That's the question that challenges your face? Is there anything too hard for more? We talked about saren, Abraham Lincoln's Inn in Moncks Corner and told Abraham. That your wife is going to Bear a child. She was in the area of 75 years old is Abraham was even older. Beyond juice reported what God have to clean the plants. It was a promise from God. Anna will be angels with telling this to relating and sharing this message. Call me to God. Sarah and the angel said, Why is Tara laughing? Why is she saying? Do I have a child? So I enjoy the pleasure. This stage. She had this laugh. That was. It was a settled out and you know, sometimes we have this laugh that is a adult a differently. But Sarah and I sent you did say it. We hurt you in your ass. We heard the work. Be careful with your lamp because God knows exactly what you're saying. But instead of canceling what God has already said, you just said we're going to be coming back and come back. It will be a witness. God has done what he said. I tell you God and the angels to Abraham and Sarah and Sarah was bringing forth a miracle child. That's our glory be to God. God keeps his promise. We continue in the series about the coming of God in Christ. And because we believe in miracles that God is a miracle worker. And the reason that God has done but Kara and Abraham wants to continue to perpetuate and to bring about the promise to the lineage back to David and down to the line. Jesus himself the song, God only begotten of the Father, Joseph and Mary Mary would experience a miracle. So let's move forward in this portion of the last second to talk about God is coming back and get During this season of Celebration, perhaps many people are experiencing changes that are challenging their face. While we know we cannot change the time nor the season. Good good. Good. In a sense going through, not good that you're struggling, not good. That you are up against it, but good that the season. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Reminds us that God is in control. Jesus is the reason for the season during this time of the year. We reflect the fact that Jesus was born, Hallelujah. Considering this. This not. Why does b w? Y? Z celebration the celebration of our Lord and Savior. Jesus Christ. I'm so sick nipotent. Coming coming coming coming. Evan is a reminder, remember to term as many churches in celebration. It is a reminder of God's love. Got promise. Return information and intervention for man's salvation. Yeah, it is our only hope it is true, the father to his son Jesus Christ. So, whatever you're experiencing, I want you to know. I want you to know that God provides good time. A great joy and deliver in our disappointment in our frustration. When we are.

Because I can, because Todd is back, is the answer to our problems, the impossible. So considerate me in the first place as I just skimmed through this texting, as we talked on this last week of watching. The state of water coming of God, in Jesus Christ. So the scripture says and there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field over. You can see that me separates. That separates were astute the surface World in b. The Surfers were on to understand where I'm coming from and where we're headed comes from Luke Chapter 2, verses 1 through 7. Now hear this and it came to pass. In those days. There went out a decree from Caesar Augustus.

Tell Caesar. Augustus is better known as Gaius Octavius. He got his name, Caesar from Julius Caesar. You got something to remember that as his Gotham Julius Caesar claimed. Beta app is awesome. Gaius Octavius is Caesar Augustus? Okay. Stuff. It's not his name as much as it is. His title. Augustus means improve the BC of 2727 BC. The Roman. Teletubby. Which was known as the Roman Republic, which cover a certain portion of territory. Now, expanded to the power to the might and the fight. There's Octavius. Ain't nothing much the matter terranium. in addition to a great person from Europe and this

Daniel's Octavius. The position where he became emperor. Of Rome became the Roman Empire. Roman Republican but now, the Roman Empire Gaius Octavius, Caesar.

He is raining at this time. Remember, scripture? And it came to pass in those days that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus. Get done. Great work, prominent work. He was an excellent manager. He took care of the Rams territory. He build fortresses, allow or maintain. Peace. 250 or so years. Because of the rain. So he was mighty powerful. He was very great at the same time. You see, he sends out a decree that all the world because of this. This painting this military Giant and Powerhouse. He is now basically over the world. Just think of the states in America becoming the United States according to State, the 51 states at all. So you can see how Octavius expanded role and now he is practicing because his interest is to make room look like his power, you know, when we when we carry out certain things to look like our success and that's what he did. What does the challenges to me? As a matter of fact, the scripture continues to say? He had sent out this decree that all the world should be pack that put pressure on some folks and it's me when cyrenius was governor of Syria. It all went to be taxed every where everyone in his own gay, in his own City, Delaware it. And get back to wherever they were born. What was their Hometown? They have to get there to handle the tax different from places like that around the world. Now that even if you left them, you still would have to pay the taxes because you are a citizen.

it all went to be taxed and Joseph also Joseph be A spot of Mary and Mary also was married to Joseph. Joseph Gatto From Galilee. The city of Nazareth in Judea about some six miles away on. Tell me or whatever, but you can imagine, I'm to the city of David, which is called that for him because he was of the house and lineage of David. He went to meet a quiz, marry. His wife engaged in, what promised to be. And then that culture, said a young age and there's a date set that you officially move out on your own. And Have relations in all but you were promised that a young age clergy got a lot of pressure, but Joseph and Mary don't forget, Joseph Fiennes Mary expecting by the power of the Holy Ghost and he accept the responsibility as they induce Shannon spoke to him and life. So, he did not think to put Mary away, or to embarrass her.

Embraced her. And now he takes her with him, back home to Bethlehem. See, they know the lineage of David. We talked about. Abraham and Sarah. All that is coming from that lineage. And now Mary is expecting but I know a great deal of Pride and glory be to God, this is Joseph and Mary considering their situation. And you know, you can have situations in your life. That can be some challenges out and about external is that is causing a lot of duress and pressure upon you But Joseph and Mary. They went forth in faith, because they help me see a word from the Lord. They went to be taxed. What was necessary in Star Wars that while they were there while they were in Bethlehem. From Maverick now to Bethlehem the hometown of Joseph.

Mary, Mary be great with child. and, But time has come for her delivery. Can you see the protection, the taxation, the decree of Taxation and what your rest and stress was put on Joseph and Mary? I'm bad. He makes way in the scripture says And first born, son. This is her first first born son. Her first child and wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a Manger because there was no room for them. And then Corey, B. All the friction. As we sometimes think that we're the only ones that are going through that America is so bad because it is off track. There is a moral decline. We know that values are spread out and about But it's not the only place, it's nothing under the song. That's what I want you to understand. There's nothing new Under the Sun. So consider this. One of the greatest challenges, the world is facing deals with the user management. A social media where people's vision is degenerating because they are watching too much and too many things too long, van dessel there by their spirit. Look up the state of watching the state of marching. People need to be on. Watch people need to be on post. Someone needs to be constantly watching.

Is watching. And who is watching for you? The message came to the shepherd's. The check was received a message of what was taking place in Bethlehem? Keep watching. Keep your eyes open. If your eyes be open your ears. Your ears will connect. The Shepherds were focused. Your eyes were open. They had any discipline. You need a discipline to consider the separate for a minute. The Good Shepherd, the goal of the Good. Shepherd, is the welfare in chair of the f***. I'm talking about the coming of God in Christ. Remember that the Shepherds have received? The message from the angel. The shepherd's staff about the shepherd. Who attends the? Flock, the Sheep. We talked about. The state of Washington. The shepherd's staff, a mechanism of support guidance and Rescue. Sam Shepard, we use to God. To support himself, because of the Jewish attending on his feet. And also look at times to even rescue a sheep that might of went somewhat Wayward that might have been under the attack. A wolf, awesome of a creature.

Shepherd. Is a detail-oriented leader manager in oversea, he would take account bring them in the fall. Call Anna into the fold. And even feeding drip. and, Watching over in a safe place sometimes. Okay. And at night, the shepherd would be at the gate or the entrance to that cave that stable over there protecting the Sheep. As they slip. What? A Shepherd correction and examination. It was a weapon of Defense. It was for correcting sheet. That went way word and examining Street in terms of their conviction working through their sheepskin and examining some bug or something of that nature.

Broccoli. ShopRite was personally acquainted. Chili with the flop. In other words, the separate their name. Tell me what the shepherd, who named the sea. It was very personally. The sea that separates voice. The shepherd new The Cry of every sheep. Talking about the Good Shepherd, the Good Shepherd.

The overseer. Who's watching for you? We talked about the shepherd who attends the flock. Talking about watching who's watching. You went out to the shepherd with his angel.

Consider. Play Shepherds. Watch, diligent do magic. Wise men, they were making their way also.

As already noted, what is taking place in Bethlehem with Joseph and Mary? Bring them that report to the Shepherds, right? In addition, the Maji, the wise men. Go to be astrologers magic magicians, believe in sorcery. Wow, the celestial ordered and the heavenly bodies, they could identify.

They received this revelation. Steel.

And what did I say? That something was taken place? And it's supposed to be. The east. Moonstone. Super Bowl following the store.

A mermaid tail White 2. There might be a way to parent. Stop it.

Call Billy. Open possibly. That was a star. That was a king that was being born because this is what they have register.

Come up with. Dallas star of King was being born. Trauma surgeon. Should I come to where it is? Write the come to this territory where Octavius and Steve.

and I realize that, They're not even watching. They don't even know the team. Don't even know where it doesn't even know. I talk about being so. Preoccupy, sometimes, we are so preoccupied that we miss it. We miss things and they were so preoccupied. No doubt about the King was so preoccupied, so many hurt. The report of the Wiseman.

When you find them. Let us know. Let me know that I don't need cold and worship him. Also put a bigger around the water. Don't even realize what's taken place in their own neck of the woods. That's interesting. And that is the same way. It is today. People today. Don't understand that, don't believe that have not received the report clearly that God sent his only begotten stuff. But here I am. Keeping track because they wanted to come find it because they document that they were keeping Good Records. They were

the king didn't even know. Neither did Gaius Octavius, Caesar, Augustus, because they were in the everyday activities. Are you? So occupied that used to not hearing from the Lord? God pasta, pass you up. I'm going to somebody in the next city. Somebody next door, somebody end up in another country to let them know what's taking place, right? In your community.

I'm talking about the coming of God in French. So they missed it, the mad you make that way and they discover what they were looking for. Mary and Joseph. And this baby who is King Christ, the King Emmanuel God With Us who they were. They took note, they took note.

Who is given attention? The things of God, like the Shepherds. Don't miss. The move of God because you are sleeping and not watching because you are preoccupied with yourself or the things of the world. Be balanced. Let's be astute. Let's be, let's be in line. I know who he calls. He knows he knows what he knows, and he is able. He is able and he is making way. reach to the Shepherds because Because they were dedicated because they were patient, because they were disciplined, because they were on post, because they were protectors, because they weren't good. Are you diligent? Are you Faithful? Are you carrying out what God has for you to do. Are you exploring pursuing? What are you fulfilling the purpose? The will that God has for your life? Symbolic efforts are symbolic of pastors over the people of God. That is

Say thanks and members of the Church of God in Christ should watch and listen to their. Regards the shepherd's, the pastor's, the teachers, the deacons and elders. The Evangelist the prophets, the apostles.


They are preparing you. They are preparing you from here. And

Bunnell coming God in Christ, coming in. The second point, the State of Wonder the State of Wonder. And I loved the angel of the Lord Came Upon them and the glory of the Lord Shone round about them, and they were so afraid. Courtney can talk. Yes. Yes. Yes, when a party of the Heavenly Host intersects appears in the Earthly realm, something to happen. Something is actually happening. Did you know that they are things that are taking place? There are things. That is taking place that is from out of this world. Heavenly. Hope his condition want to talk about the State of Wonder the State of Wonder. We need to be alert. We ought to be astute and we ought to be watching. We ought to watch as well as pray for Sensei and the angel said unto them are not here. Not now, previously. They were so frightened. When the Wonder Glory into the airplane ramp. There's going to be some here but me and Andrew right away, making it clear. Send here not 10. We have been through much the last two years and we have not gotten to yet. There has been much. Trepidation.

Much has taken place. Much grief that has been lost. Do you ever wonder why all these things to happen? All these things to happen? But in the mist of this interception,

Just got through with her. There's a but also after the angel said unto them, fear. Not for behold. I bring you good tidings of great. Joy, whatever you're going through, whatever you in the midst of. What am I taking place? They're not they're not. This is a season 7 of God in Christ. I don't care what it look like. I don't care what I want to hear what they're saying. That's the word today. Fear not. Puppy. Hold the angel says, behold, I bring you good tidings. Don't be afraid. This is good. This is for you. I know you were shut up. This is for your own good. I'm bringing you some good fighting. It's a soul that when I really hope and took everywhere. Brooke. Trauma patients. Don't wonder that takes place but they're not puppy hole at. Bring you Tidings of great joy, something good is about to happen. Great. Joy, Good Tidings. With the Chinese and the Jamaican. It doesn't matter if you're Hispanic. It doesn't matter when you come from Italian.

Your culture, your pedigree people, a word, god, listen and receive some good news to save your life. And your soul is the song. I say, Go Tell It on the Mountain, over the hills, and everywhere to the Shepherds that work in India. Immediately.

Encourage same fear. This is something good. That's what I want to tell you today. This is something good. This is for your good. This is for your good. Hold on. This is for your good. Something good is stupid. I don't want to see. It's about to happen. I have to say something. Good is happening. God is a now God. So, when you received the word and believe the word, something is happening now. So we understand the present of the Heavenly hope, you know.

Here. Impoundment confusion, they are terrified. When is celery? Filled with the glory of God? A minute here. God is working things out. I don't know what you're going to. I don't know what you're experiencing. I don't know what you're feeling. I don't know what your next up here. Not. State of wonder. Sometimes we are terrified by the unexpected, move and present of the heavenly host sometimes. Yes. We are terrified by the most of us. Tutoring. Preoccupation. What we're doing? Focus dizziness with a Charming, ultimate outcome of reaction. We react because of the unknown, we are until we are in because I know we missed a week and missed take that. It was under God for the confusion of the enemy. And that's why we have to go back to the first point, the state of watching if you want as well as pray, you'll be able to get through it. You'll be online. So you'll be able to move in the flow. You'll be able to walk in the spirit and not the lust of the flesh. What the flesh is saying. The fear, the top of nation, you can overcome because he's not giving us.

It won't be long until we recognize our notified about move. The presence of God's glory familiar. Justin Bieber family, think that will be a word of Confirmation and acknowledgement to follow saying, not here, not fear, not afraid of the moon today.

The State of Wonder. So why do we have to experience this wonder that because it is the unknown everyone who has come face-to-face plants of the Heavenly Host.

Experiences. Some Chapel Haitian because it is out of this world. You got it. So, this is why you will experience this but more specific. God can because God is in other words. We need to understand and reverence the father of all creation. Yes. He is the great. I am the one who sits upon his eternal throne and is in control. Here's the Elsa. He is The Great. I Am self-existent and they're self-sufficient, one, but God.

Yes, yes. Yes, the one who is more than enough, he does whatever he pleases because he is 2000 generation. You may not understand because you weren't there. We weren't. He is the god. Pizzas, he's coming back again and his kingdom shall reign over all the, I'm talking about the coming celebration with up. Luke 2:11 to 1210 For unto you is Born This Day in the city of David, a Saviour, which is Christ, the lord and savior, who is Christ the lord, you know, there was some friction, there was some friction when Christ was born in born and this shall be a sign unto you just as the man she was on target was on point was on post and knew that something was take place east. So we ought to be over. So we ought to be watching and so did the guy with the song. And this shall be a sign unto you. He shall find the Babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a Manger. God will always present a confirmation to his work. Isaiah 9:6 says For unto us. A child is born unto us. A child is born. Unto us a son. Is given a towel is born unto us a son is given to. You see that our son, a child, and the government shall be upon his head. Did you get that? Did you see that? Yes, gorgeous, upon his head.

He showed his name. Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulder. And his name Shall be Called wonderful, counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting father, Prince of Peace. Glory be to God because God is doing something God is working things out for our good thought that this was such a great time. This was such a good time for them know, it wasn't easy. Why? Because because the wonderful counselor, the Mighty God. The world. The Roman Empire it is is looking that the word is getting around that that you're looking for. This child support supposed to inherit. Can you imagine who is also Caesar the emperor? Imagine what they're thinking when they hear this. Can you imagine why I wanted the Wiseman to bring the report back to him, but he won't even consider this day of Octavius. Was adopted the adopted son of Caesar Julius Caesar who was the head of the Roman Republic. He dies. He becomes a God damn form. Fabius Gaius Octavius who is also known as Caesar Augustus becomes and Son of God on the Son of God, the son of Caesar. He lived it. He walked in there, but now you're talking about there is a mighty God. Who is bioskop, 21, bioskop Nelson, Caesar, Augustus? He was also recognized as a priest. A priest of a call. Can you hear me hear? That was a lot of pressure. There was a lot of trouble during this time, says he, the Prince of Peace. Caesar Augustus was recognized as the Prince of Peace because he has brought peace to the Roman Empire. Who is this Prince of Peace? That is stimulating. That is coming tomorrow. For what is he coming from? Imagine the pressure. So as a result of that, Even though all this has taken place. There is some friction. There is some friction, even though God may be working in your life. There could be some friction around your life. It doesn't mean that you're doing things wrong because that is friction. Sometimes confrontation must be met must be faced. Doesn't mean you're a bad person. It is simply what it is. Corey B. So is unfamiliar regardless of who we are or what we may carry. Never let the good news is the more we study God's word. Talk to him and him. The more will understand and become a line up tune and flowing with the purposes and the will the plan, and the promises of God. God has provided a sign and he will also provide time for you. I'm talking about a preview of what is to come. We have to wait on the Lord and be of good courage. Wait on the Lord. I'm giving you a word of what is the top regardless of what you're in. The midst of God is still working above every time you talk about State of Wonder. so, whatever you going to now. Don't Be Afraid here. This is good news of great. Joy for everyone to remind a reassurance on Revelation that the Messiah has come and is coming back again. See, this is the reason for the season Joy to the World. Imagine This Luke Chapter 2 verses 13 through 14. And suddenly there was with the angel, a multitude of the Heavenly Host, praising God, and saying, glory to God in the highest and on Earth, peace, Goodwill.

We talked about. Preview of what is to come when Jesus Christ returns again? He's going to bring that ultimate Eternal. Peace. Peace. He's going to bring the piece know this 2nd Corinthians 8:9 for, you know, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that though he was rich. See, don't, he was with Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, price is not his last Christ, is his title. He is the anointed Christ. Means the anointed Christ means the Messiah. Okay, so we have that in place. He's there knowing too much. He's the Messiah is the Christ. He's the Christ Jesus. The Christ that though he was rich. He was rich. How Can You Mend Rick? How could the baby been Rick? Because he is the Son of God. He is Emmanuel. He is God With Us, he became Rich, step out of Eternity in to put on the Garment of black walk, like you and I tested it always Jesus, the Christ God in Christ Kingdom.

We're talking about a Tinga Tinga, an invisible painter.

So, he became poor. That we could become rich that you through his poverty. Might be rich. He brings. Peace. PC bring, this piece Erie is similar in meaning to the heater work. How long, which mean, eat holness and complete when Christ returns. He will bring that Eternal, peace forever forever, peace forever. In my last point, the state of worship and witness Luke Chapter 2 verses 15 to 24 verse 15 at this time, and it came to pass as the Angels were gone away. They are leaving the shepherd's from them into heaven. The Angels were gone away from the separate meeting that way. Back in heaven. The separate said one. Tuna, while can you imagine, can you imagine The angels in your present, the Angels, you got to touch base with my message on the forces and dominions of the spirit world. Can you imagine angels that you can see angels that come in the form in the form of men glory be to God. Can you imagine them coming? You don't even know. You don't even know Abraham and Sarah didn't even know. Be careful, be careful who you're entertaining. Angels, unaware, you leave may be unaware that the company is so be on your best behavior. Watch. Cuz you don't know is in your miss, you help me. I don't want to go too far on that and it came to pass as the Angels were gone away from them into heaven. Can you imagine? The Angels now leaving you. Here you are and what you call reality? And the angel came from Heaven, another world, another kingdom. And now they are offending. Call Emily. God. Can you imagine seeing the Angels? Lee tell me you wouldn't be a maid. Tell me. You wouldn't be full of joy. Me. Somebody that actually it was good. It was good, timing, a great. Joy for everyone. Pinky nail way back into heaven. The shepherd said, one to another. Let us now. Go even unto Bethlehem. Let us do all the wives were not necessary three that made their way to Bethlehem. You got Mary and Joseph, Joseph and Mary making their way to Bethlehem. Is there something in this? Something how? Joseph and Mary had to go because of the taxation. What seemed to be evil was working for their goods was leading them in the right place. To fulfill the prophecy. Interesting that the suffering can be a part of this. They don't know about the the wise men was making their way. Call Remington.

Shepherd said, want to know let us now. Go even unto Bethlehem and see this thing. Let's go see if they can give you something. When God, give you a new Army stepping forward. You want to be moving forward. One Foot In Front of the other. You just got to believe.

In the presence of Lord comes in your miss when the Lord delivers you, when the Lord heals, you of sickness and affection didn't want to dance, and he's been doing for your loved ones for your child. He's able. He's Able, he's doing something even greater. Except the grain of wheat fall in the ground and die. Bring it forth, much fruit Christ. The Christ. The Son of God Emmanuel, this child Jesus, the Christ, this baby. Will have to grow up in. To bring forth more fruit, much glory be to God, has something greater. That's something greater Beyond the Horizon for something greater than death. There's something greater than the grave fear. Not fear. Not Jesus. I am the resurrection and the life. No TV here yet. Shall he live? Mary Martha? I'm telling you, what? The Angels told them. They want to be in there. You want to be with, God is leading you, but you got to be watching. You got to experience the Wonder. You got to get to know him and other words and you have to in this point, you have to worship.

Witness time to tell you how you get to, New York.

Hang up your disappointment, disappointment. They made their way. In a report to what the Lord has said. Luke 5:16 22 verse 16 2:16 and they came with a date with haste. They didn't carry didn't drag, they didn't slow. Then came with haste and fell, Mary and Joseph and the Babe lying in a Manger. If you want to see what God has sent, you got to move forward and you got to move fast and you got to move now. You got to move on God's word. Don't worry about who's delivering it. That's just a messenger. What's most important is the message is domestic. We get caught up with the messenger. When did tie down with the messenger. I don't like this one. I don't like that one. I don't like how this one look. I don't like how that one talk in the messenger. No, the message watch and listen for the message. And move wrong with it. Run with it. And it came to pass as the Angels were gone away from them and 200% going to never let us now, go even to Bethlehem and see this thing which is come to pass which the Lord has made.

They are tearing to worship when they come in the present, when they come in the presence of the Lord is the venger. This is the Lord, this is the savior Christ, the savior is born. So when you help me some, when you meet, when you get the worm that you experience, the Wonder witness and sounds of a person. Whenever one meets the light, the other is sure to show up. I'm talking about the Holy Spirit. I'm talking about the Holy Spirit is like The reflection witness is like the saddle hand-in-hand. It's the Holy Spirit. Know this you can't take work because once you come in the presence of a supernatural almighty, all-knowing, God your life will never be the same. I am convinced that. Some folks have never truly, had an experience book creator of the heavens. I am convinced that song. Cannot say our father Daddy because they have not had the experience. You got washed in the blood of the Lamb. You got to deal with the Holy Spirit Funk song like you to say that. But I got to say that and you got to be you got some beef tongue burn. It except ye be converted into a convertible because the song goes I'm on the battlefield for my Lord. I'm on the battlefield for my Lord. when you come, Into this experience. You will worship because you will be change, doesn't matter where you are. It doesn't matter where you are now. It's simply a reflection. Of the decision. You have made, some of you have experienced some of you have encountered, but it's up to you to make the decision the song I decided to follow Jesus. I have decided to follow Jesus. I have decided to follow Jesus. No turning back. No turning back. When you meet, when you meet the Lord, when you meet the Lord, things will change you.