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Then you to minister to our young people, what a, what a blessing, what a blessing to have young people.
I love that our services on a regular basis are interrupted by the cries and, and squawks of, of young children.
Truly it did does a pastor's heart.
Just, it's such a blessing.
And as we come today, I have really grappled on WhatsApp to preach about because I've finished Genesis, and, and I'm wanting to get where we're going to be jumping into a study of 1st and 2nd Peter.
And I'm like, wow, that's such an exciting study, do I do it this Sunday or do I start next Sunday?
And I was really grappling with that being that this has the, the Sunday that we set aside to reflect on what God has done in our church, in, in our church family here in.
So I was I was grappling and, you know, I decided to just kind of mesh the two and nsia I thought about that and I was thinking about Peter What are the events in a life that just stands out to me?
It was one of those statements that forever just shaped the church's response to Jesus Christ.
Their Jesus was he was before his disciples, he was standing on a specific place and he was talking with his disciples, and he asked them a? Alluded to that question.
And Matthew, I want to read the verses prior to that with you this morning, if you have a copy of God's word, I'd encourage you to turn to Matthew chapter.
16 as you turn there, think about this, Jesus is asking his disciples questions and they're trying to give the right answers as any good student would
Jesus asked them what people say about him, who people say that that he is, they give some answers.
And then he asked a very direct question in verse 15. he said to them, But who do you say that I am? Here's Simon, Peter Simon Peter answered.
You are the Christ, the son of the Living.
God don't you just love that response.
So much in that.
You are the Christ, the son of the Living God and Jesus said to him.
Blessed are you Simon bar-jonah?
Because Flesh and Blood did not reveal this to you.
But my father who is in heaven and then these words, I also say to you that you are Peter and Upon This Rock, I will build my church and the gates of Hades will not overpower.
Isn't that an amazing statement that Jesus declares, he says, I will build my church.
Peter I'm going to do this.
In the hell will fight and resist with everything that has buddy will not prevail.
Cuz I was thinking about the church.
I thought about how Matthew any other gospels declare a a
A mandate.
To the church.
We call it the Great Commission, Luke records it this way and Luke chapter 24.
He writes this beginning and verse 44.
Now he said to them.
This is Jesus speaking.
These are my words, which I spoke to you while.
I was still with you that all things which are written about me in the law of Moses and the prophets and the Psalms must be fulfilled.
then he opened their minds to understand the scriptures and he said to them, Thus, it is written that the Christ would suffer.
And Rise Again from the dead on the third day.
And that's repentance for forgiveness of sins would be proclaimed in his name.
What's this, to all the nations?
Beginning from Jerusalem, you are my Witnesses of these thing.
And behold, I am sending for the promise of my father upon you that you are to stay in the city until you are clothed with the power from on high.
They weren't even charge to do this on their own.
Go out to all the nations and I will send you the Holy Spirit.
And he will Empower you to do this.
Isn't that great God gives Amanda, he gives it a challenge to his church and they said, by the way, I'm going to be the one that makes this possible for you.
It's something.
It is the work that God is doing.
He is building up his church.
I appreciate with Jeff Reed's had to say about this because the unfolding of the Great Commission is profoundly misunderstood in the western discipleship model, the concept of wool.
My why multiplication of churches has been reduced to a worldwide multiplication of individuals.
Are Western individualism has reduced the formation of true Christian communities to the multiplication of into individual discipleship.
He goes on to say, fellowships of churches, have been replaced, by fellowships of individuals, small groups driven by organizational purpose or agendas.
The church is often reduced to a place we attend.
A place we attend.
There's no power in a place.
There is power.
In the plan that God had the original plan and I'm we're going to look at that.
I feel that as we we engage in our Christian circles.
Even in this Fellowship from time to time, I have been guilty of it.
That is we engage in in church?
We find it more comfortable.
The play Church.
To set aside a time and location.
Rather than stepping out and being the church.
The difference is playing Church revolves around a location.
Being the church revolves around a lifestyle.
And it's comfortable to go to a location and act one way and live.
Another It's a whole nother thing to make Church.
Being a part of the body of God, your lifestyle that's uncomfortable.
And truth be told, it's uncomfortable for a pastor to preach that sometimes because you know what, that's not always, what people want to hear.
but none, the less you and I
Are called to be the church as we look at the scriptures today.
I want to challenge both you and myself.
In this area we're going to be looking at multiple areas of scripture.
So you're going to have to hold on.
You want to put your thumb in Acts, we're going to run through that but Remember.
Jesus has he stood Before Peter?
As Peter would watch the church row.
You would remember those words of Christ.
I will build my church.
And the Gates of Hell will not prevail.
Church regardless of what we are going through in our day, what we are looking at in the future, which I have no clue what tomorrow holds Whatever it is that you and I phase we can face it with the promise that Satan and his his his and his army.
The Gates of Hell will not Prevail against the plan that God has That should encourage us.
As we look at our meeting today and we we we look at what God has been doing.
It should encourage us.
Big, John is the one doing the work and what he sets out to do, he will, do you want to know God's plan?
He revealed it to them, Peter included, as he went off, to have to intercede on our behalf.
Listen to words.
What it says in Acts 1:8 There you are.
You're in Acts good, here we go, ask 1A but you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be my Witnesses, both in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria.
And even to the remote parts of the Earth, It was going to grow.
God was going to cause the growth.
How many of you enjoy watching God work?
The rest of you, have an open, your eyes then.
I mean, my goodness.
It is one of the most exciting things to sit back and go.
Wow God, I can't believe you would do that.
How did you do that?
It is Peter and the other disciples and followers of Christ with watch God unfold his plan.
Hey, would be amazed.
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