You Have Victory in Christ

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We hate the unknown, don’t we?
Maps, Google-ing, instructions, YouTube it, plan, ask those who know, nutritional information, where manufactured, how much will you pay, how much is it worth, what will I be when on my own, what school…job…spouse…home…car should I pick, how can I afford it, what’s it like to...
We aren’t used to and do not like the unknown. We research, search, read, and plan so that we can avoid the unknown as much as possible. There are two questions we ask about life that seem to be the foundations for all the other questions.
How can I do all of this “life/adulting/Christian” stuff?
++Will I make it, get it done, survive, thrive?
The church is not here to tell you how to be the best student, how to be a success in your career, or how to resolve the “woes” of life.
The sole purpose of the church is to function together for the mutual benefit of the body of Christ, for the glory of God. Since God’s glory is the ultimate purpose for the people of God, Paul does not answer these foundational questions by looking within oneself for fulfillment, contentment, purpose, power, or endurance. Since the purpose of God’s people is God’s glory, the source for these answers can only be found in God alone.
There are two emphatic (unarguably true) statements in the text today that are the answers to these two questions. We will take a look them both, one at a time so that we might answer these questions from how Paul answered them for the Corinthians.
If we take nothing else home with us this day from Paul’s writing to the church of Corinth, let it be this:
You Can trust what Christ provides for you will match everything God determines for you.
Let’s take a look at the answer to the first question, “How can I do all of this “life/adulting/Christian” stuff?”
Note with me chapter 10, verse 4 first, then we will back up and take a look at what leads to v. 4’s emphatic statement.
(Read v. 4) - “…the rock was Christ.”
In our daily Christian life, we must know that the answer to “How” in our lives comes from the source of the power to do what we must, that source is Jesus Christ. He is the Rock.

Christ is the Rock 9:24-10:11

- Run to win the race vv. 24-27
++- Seek to Please the Lord 10:1-5
++- Learn to follow the example vv. 6-11

God is Faithful 10:12-13

- Keep your attention on the race v. 12
++- Plan to endure the challenge vv. 13
Choose to trust:
++What Christ provides for you
++Will match everything God determines for you.
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