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#271 Standing on the Promises (1,2,4)
Before the Throne of God Above
Holy is Our God
Word of God - Hebrews 3:1-6
Message: “Our High Priest”
I have to admit that I like a warm welcome
I love to see eyes light up and get wide
I love to see a smile
I love to feel the energy of excitement when friends and family get together
I sometimes wonder if these are all casualties of our time
Things that will never be the same
NO emoji will ever match up to that feeling of seeing someone walk into the room
No amount of technology can make you feel as loved and appreciated as a physical handshake or hug, right?
None of these things transmit to online services, right?
Yet, there are times when people must be apart and they connect how they can for the moment
Which is certainly better than not connecting at all
In this first part of our core text today, in Hebrews 3:1 (a) we see how the author truly takes out all the stops
to convey warm and heartfelt connection with these Jewish Believers in Christ [stop at Holy “Brothers”]
Some translations say “holy brothers and sisters”
When you entered the building at Grace today
Did you see dear friends and family
or did you see “holy brothers and sisters?”
The term “holy brothers” is both
A statement of the way the author looks at the audience of the letter
AND an invitation for everyone to actually BE holy brothers
To live up to both the “holy” and “brother” label is not a simple matter
Therefore, I say to you, “Welcome, holy brothers & Sisters”
Feel the love that comes from my heart
We gather as a family of faith
People who are described in the second part of Hebrews 3:1
WE share in a Heavenly calling
Do YOU confess Jesus as YOUR High priest?
Great, now let’s consider Jesus together
Some of you are anticipating that I will talk about the word “Therefore” in Hebrews 3, and I don’t want to disappoint
What is the “Therefore” there fore?
Well, holy brothers and sisters,
Because of all Jesus endured
Leaving Heaven and becoming less than angels
Because Jesus suffered and died
Because Jesus came to save each of YOU
Because of all of that
We have a Heavenly calling
Recall from Hebrews 2:10
We, who answered that calling
We BELIEVE in Jesus and are called to be TOGETHER as brothers and sisters in faith
There is a sense of connection or commonality where Hebrews 3:1 says “you who SHARE”
And I don’t think that the author was thinking of us being Facebook friends
No, the connection is deeper than that for sure
Together in faith as brothers and sisters ain Faith, yes
Also together and unified in our essential beliefs
Which is the confession or declaration of our beliefs
We are called to be united, or together, in our belief that Jesus was the apostle,
Which means Jesus was SENT
More importantly that Jesus was SENT to be our High Priest
And that Jesus remains at the center of our confession of faith
That Jesus is Our Lord and Savior
The High Priest that is now higher than Moses and higher than angels
Jesus atoned for or paid for all our sin
That Jesus sits at the right hand of God the Father with EVERYTHING subject to Him alone
Now I want to look at Hebrews 3:2
Moses was held in extremely high regard by the Jews
Moses was known as being a faithful man
Moses was obedient to God and Moses remained faithful
The word we read as “faithful” was [pistos] in the original Greek
πιστός (pistos).
trustworthy, faithful; trusting, believing.
Describes a person or thing as characterized by trustworthiness or belief.
It certainly seems to me that “faithful” does not describe the culture today
It would be easier to cite examples of lack of faithfulness
Friends who turn on each other
Relationships destroyed by infidelity
Friends who don’t have your best interest at heart
Employers who take advantage of employees
Even employees who change jobs for the slightest raise
Or change churches because they don’t like something or other
A “Faithful” person is a trustworthy person
Someone who remains committed to the cause
Someone who perseveres, even at great personal expense
1. Be Together
2. Be Faithful
As we look at the first two takeaways
That we should be together and be faithful
I realize that so far we are describing our dog
Always wanting to be with us
Always ready to serve us by accepting and giving unconditional love
These descriptors are also very true of Moses and more so of Jesus
If you look at the story of Moses, when God spoke to him through the burning bush in Exodus 3, you would see
God calling Moses to lead His people out of Egypt
to remove them from their slavery
There was no promise it would be easy
Moses felt like he was not qualified, he did stutter
Who am I?
Kids, and really all of us
Have you ever felt like you SHOULD do something, but you just didn’t think YOU could do it?
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