Genesis 1:1-13 | The God of Creation Forms and Fills, Part 1

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Our Lord God heavenly father and our soon-coming King. You alone are worthy to take the scroll for you alone. Have paid for the sins of everyone in the world. Those who confess you as their lord, and savior will find life and salvation, freedom, and forgiveness. You are the only one able You're the only pure spotless, undefiled lamb and we worship you.

We worship you this morning with an awareness. That our world is broken.

Even as a country, Ukraine is heavy on our hearts this morning. We pray. We pray for the preservation of life. And Ukraine. Lord, we lift up. Many in Ukraine. This morning. We lift up those who are your followers who are worshipping you. Endanger.

Worshipping you. In subway stations worshipping. You in locations different from where they would have gone on a normal. Worship morning.

Lord help us to realize that every Comfort we have in this place. Is a an undeserved privilege? Not because of who we are.

And maybe never take it for granted. May we never

determine our worship based on our Comforts, determine our well, there's so much in their lord. Help us to be mindful, help us to be. Those who live circumspectly? Always aware. That there are many around the world. In fear for their lives, even as they worship you today.

We pray for protection, we pray for. Justice, as you see, Justice.

We pray, Lord that you would help us.

Rest in you and your Sovereign ruling and raining around the world though. It seems like areas may be out of control and nothing is out of control from your Vantage Point. And you use all of these things in ways that just blow our minds. I wouldn't pretend To be able to explain that this morning. But all things you use for your Sovereign, good and Glory.

Help us to stand in all of you. Has the only one who understands. The only one with wisdom and knowledge. Because you are wisdom. So we leaned in to you we depend on you and with your help we trust you and walk in faith. In Jesus name we pray. Amen. Hey man, would you please take your seats? Open your Bible to page one? I'm going to wear that thing out cuz I don't get to say that very often. So for the next while, open your Bibles to page one and I will continue with no accident that God is the subjects of the opening pages of the Bible. Right after all the Bible, not only the Bible, but everything in creation is all about God. Often. We read the Bible with a pretty man-centered Focus. We can read the Bible about how I relate to what the Bible says and and it would not be wrong to say that there's an application there that I want to respond the way that God wants me to in the Bible. But it's important to remember that the Bible is not primarily about you and I know where is it primarily about our Salvation? Even though that's a part of God's Story. The Bible is about God on every page of the Bible. We are in folded into his store. As we are his creation and he is the creator. We're on this earth in every place to worship him to submit him, to honor him as the only Creator and rightful recipient of all majesty and feign, that is by very definition who he is, and in the creation account, we read a historical narrative. It's a story but we think story, we think fiction, this is not fictitious. This is a, a true story, a true recollection of God's ways of working in the world. Genesis. One is as historical as Genesis 50, as we begin to see the story in the lives of God's people unfolding as it is in the gospels and & Beyond. We read this historical retelling of God's working in the world. Right where our attention is drawn to God's God's true, Sovereign wise and personal nature. As we look at. Haitian for God, stands behind creation. We see that God is God, is the one who creates from nothing. And then forms and shapes and fills God's. Orderly, God is in control. God, God is the one from whom, everything flows, everything flows from the fullness of who God is, there's nothing random. In the universe. There. There's nothing have hazard. In the universe. God's orderly Sovereign intentional wise and perfectly good in every way with me. Genesis 11 through 13 in the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth. The Earth was without form and void and darkness was over the face of the deep. In the spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. And God said, let there be light and there was light. God saw that the light was good and God, separated light from Darkness. God called the light day and the Darkness he called night and there was evening and morning the first day. And God said, let there be an expanse in the midst of the waters and let it separate the waters. From the waters. God made the expanse and separated the waters that were under the expanse from the waters that were above the expanse in there. And it was so, And God called the expanse heaven. And there was evening and there was morning, the second day. And God said, let the waters under the heaven, be gathered together in one place and let dry land up here. And it was so God called the dry land Earth. And the waters were, that were gathered again and throwing the water that we gather together. He called seas. And God saw that, it was good. And God said let the Earth Sprout, vegetation plants, yielding seed, and fruit trees bearing fruit in which there and which is they're seeing each according to its kind on the earth, and it was so And the Earth brought forth, vegetation plants yielding seed, according to their kinds. And trees bearing fruit, and which is their seed each, according to its kind. And God saw that it was good and there was evening and there was morning. The third day, father, help us as we Unfold your word this morning. Is more than we can say in a few messages about your creation?

Suffice it to say, we don't understand at all. And that leads us to stand in all. Well, you are. Allowing creation to point us to you our creator. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

We're going to see that the almighty God who creates and forms that sustains everything by his powerful word is alone. He's the only one who is worthy of our delight and worship and obedience friends. Our primary goal is not to understand everything that there is to understand about God. Our primary goal is to understand primarily what he has given us. And to respond in worship field, obedience, and sometimes that worship is about standing in awe of God. Stepping back and saying I don't understand you God. Did you know that? That's that can be worshipful. Other than the different ways we can say that. But we say God, I, I don't understand you. I can't comprehend you, you are far beyond my mind's capacity and our minds doctors and scientists will tell us our incredible. Thinks the amount of information that our minds can process our incredible. But together with our Incredible Minds being put together. We cannot understand God fully.

So as we read as we learn about God, we respond to him and worship. God, you're amazing. That's worship.

Your ear alone. The Creator and maker of everything, good. That's worship.

Lord with the 10 Things I create or, or remake from what you've given us. Let me do it in such a way that it brings you praise and glory, that's worship. That's Worship in the first verse of the Bible. We see right out of the gate. The father is the source of all things. We see, the spirit of God has the Energizer of all things. Hover overing that would God, the father created, Jesus assignments. The word is a revealer of all things. And here in verse 3. We see the first record of God speaking in the Bible. God said let there be lights. Word brings light. God spoken word, brings light, and God's revealed word in the scriptures. Also bring light. We remember that. The word God here is Elohim. It means that that there's a plural Majestic recalling or identifying of who God is. Until we begin to see here. Even already right out of the gate, implications of the Triune God, that we be a logical to call Trinity, even though the word Trinity is not in the Bible to description of theological true that we see reviews, but right here in the beginning of Genesis. So we don't have the full picture of a Triune. God, we see right out of the gates.

That. The Triune God exists. Commentator, Alan Ross draws out. Just a really wonderful wordplay here on the Hebrews. Eat more in the Hebrew than we doing in English and he he says I am Which is as God revealed himself to Moses, you remember. Remember God said, what should I tell them is sending me and God said, I am. In other words, I am I have always been or there's no creation point for God. He is always existed. Tell them, I am has sent you an allen Ross, draws out this point here. This play on words. I am says Let There Be and there was I am said, let there be and there was God, saw God divided the end called, he divided. What do you created? And he called he assigns to everything. It's value. He decides to everything its place and he sides to everything its meaning. Why? Because he's God. He's got an A polytheistic pluralistic society, the one who creates identifies and calls or names is The Sovereign one. And that is God. God is Sovereign. God doesn't explain himself. He reveals himself. God doesn't apologize for what he's done, what he's done. He doesn't explain it always even to our Hill and satisfaction a little Ode to the people of God. He is God. He is always good and right. He declares any names. God separated the light from Darkness. He named the light day and the Darkness he called night.

So naming something in ancient times, very specifically more specifically than we might think of it today. Naming, something was a declaration or description to God's people. Israel member who who are receiving this Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers and Deuteronomy the pentateuch as they're preparing to go and take the land that God had told them. So as they're receiving this they're receiving its in with a view in mind that God has created all of these things. God has identified name, things separated things and this is the God we serve. So when God says go into the land, We're not worshipping any guy. We're supposed to creator. So we go where God tells us because he's God and I'm not.

In God's name in day and night. He, he distinguishes between you might say nighttime and like time when he would do his work, right? He doesn't abolished night, but he creates a difference of separation and throughout the word. We see a clear kind of demarcation between that which is light the day, which is always referred to as good when God does his work as you walk in the daytime or not. Walking as those who who need to be walking hiding. Something is those who would sneak around in the night time. Now, it's not fully explained here yet, but we begin to see this pattern fold and God sent the pattern distinguishing between what would be deemed as holy. And that would, which would be deemed as Unholy. We see it in. Leviticus, in the wall. God calls things. Holy and he calls things Unholy. Why? Because he's God and he is clearly communicating to his people that I am. Holy. And there is to be demarcation a division or difference between those who are holy and those who are not wholly. There is a difference there. And God says, even Leviticus. 25, you shall therefore, separate the clean bees from the unclean. The unclean bird from the clean. You shall not make yourselves detestable. Buy these for my bird or anything else. What's the Lord? I'm sorry with with which the ground crawls for. I have set you apart to hold on clean. So God creates. He sees he separates he names and in doing so he gives purpose as he sees fit. We might read portions of the Bible. Say why did God decided had to be that way? You know, what is the Bible explains it? Wonderful. What a gift. If it doesn't, we take it as the word of God and we obey. Why do I need to live my life? This way? God doesn't have to explain it to, you. Remember? He's the Creator. He creates he divides, he names, he calls. What is good good, and he says, people my children follow me. Obey me why I'm the good solvent Creator. I'm the ruling lord of the universe. There is no other God and so here in creation on, on, on this day. They want to hear God creates a lasting time-bound rhythm in the world, right? It's it's the regular and there was evening and there was morning the first day. We see it throughout the pattern of God's six little day creation. And the word day, we can use the word day in different ways, right? We can say what did you do yesterday? We're not necessarily saying, what did you do in the last exact? 24 hours were saying, what did you do yesterday? When is Day time, we typically referred to that the time. Right? Unless you work, another shift frequently referring to the time. That we would call daytime, but it's still within a 24-hour time. There during the day. Right? Some would say this refers to a. Of time is stretched out to mean something that when we read this and we understand it to me and quite plainly, quite simply what it says. We read it and we understand it to be a 24 hour time. A day. There was evening or this morning, the first day there was evening and there was morning the second day. Genesis 24 uses the word a little differently writing so we don't understand how language works. Not be afraid of it. But Genesis 24 refers to these are the generations of the heavens and the earth. When they were created in the day in the period, in the time, that the Lord God made the heavens and the Earth. There's a use of the word day. You're on the same word. That's not used as a literal 24 hour time. But days, one through six and seven of creation are a literal 24 hour time. This is just normal language. Some more refer to 2nd, Peter 3:8, which is a different word cuz it's a different language to be clear. But but Peter uses a simile here he says but do not overlook this one. Fact beloved that with the Lord one day or a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day. You'll remember this from school like or as is a simile. It's a comparison. It's not a literal explanation of the word day and the comparison here has nothing to do with creation. It has everything to do with God's patience in other words.

God can be patient. God is patient because one of our 24-hour days. When is like a thousand years to the Lord, because he can accomplish so much in such a short. Of time and he's not bound by time. That's what Peter saying 2nd. Peter does not bound by time. To be as patient. As God chooses to be, he is outside of time and space. We are bound within time. Do for us. What seems like a day. Can accomplish so much and like a thousand years. In our capacity of understanding. These are uses of, as I said, normal language, as we talked about. Creation and life and we see it. We use the same kinds of weird and different ways, right? That's a both in creation. And in the hearts of men when God speaks, whatever, God speaks happens. Just as he determines, I would tell you that will give you great Freedom as you live, this life of Faith, as you strive to follow the lord, in your own life, but that also as we fix our eyes on ministering to other people,

It's very calming and reassuring and confidence giving to recognize. The Sovereign control of the Lord.

Sometimes we think Ministry happens cuz of how I orchestrate things, how I organize things, my leadership skill in, does the Lord use those things? Surely the Lord uses those things. But if I'm speaking out of minister, to somebody, or how to praying for somebody or what's happening in somebody else's life. What I recognize is that individual man woman boy, or girl is not outside the light bringing scope of God's word. In other words, what God is working in their life right now. Don't make no sense to me.

Might take a week, 3 weeks a month a year. Several years. I don't have to worry about it because God is really raining on his throne. How do I know this? Because when God said, let there be light, there was light. And God saw that. It was good. Some people might ask a question. Will how's your light without the sun? Let's just remember what we're reading here. We're reading creation out of nothing. So, that'll be light. No problem is light. We don't need the Sun for light. In fact, God is light in heaven. There will be no need for a son because all of our light emanates from the one from whom everything flows. God. Almighty God. The God said, let there be light. There's light. I want the sun to come in a couple days. So it'll come in a couple days.

John Calvin gives us really good guidance, because we often try to take that which is beyond our understanding. And which is focused on the Lord. And we tend to as a set of the beginning, make it man-centered and John Calvin says therefore the Lord, by the very order of creation, Bears, witness pet. He holds in his hand light which he is able to impart to us without the sun without the Moon. Because he's God.

God's word brings light, nothing about the analogy here between creation and The Souls of men. Psalm 119 130, says, the unfolding of your word gives light. It imparts, understand to the simple quoting, Genesis 13 and 2nd Corinthians. 4:6 for says for God. Who said, let light shine out of Darkness has shown in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus, Christ's brothers and sisters. If the Lord wants somebody to understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they will understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Why? Because what God decrees comes to being. Now, I know that raises a whole lot of questions, we can't answer them today. We can't chase them all down today. Our confidence is not in understanding everything about God, but believing by faith who got is what he decrees. And that everything he decrees comes in to being the almighty. God, the uncreated light could speak into the darkness of this newly-created. And yet, none for The darkness and into the darkness of a child or an adult a peasant or a king, the poor or the rich and command. Like to be where previously, there was no light. There was no spiritual understanding. And God says, bring understanding green light and there will be lights and we don't need to bring our hands. As we think about how people are doing or the decisions in life, that people are making know, we do. We just need to recall the Sovereign goodness of God. And rest. Rest in him.

Pray, beseech him ask for his working of Miracles to bring light into the darkness of a human heart. Yes, absolutely, but from a position of resting.

Because he's God and the Beast. And I don't understand his decision or understand why it's not happening now or why it's not happen. According to the way that I think it ought to. I just recall. The Sovereign goodness of God. And I'm reminded that he owes me nothing. He owes me no explanation. He owes you. No explanation. And friend when you can rest in that so much of your life.

Well, it won't fall into place. But your understanding will be broadened and you'll learn to rest as you live life, for the glory of God and all things, and both scenarios creation and the human heart daughter. Places disorder. With order and beauty and light out. Shine, Darkness. Would you listen to Henry Morris describes this in his book, The Genesis record. It so long as well. Put it on the screen for you to see you, but he says beyond the visible light waves on the one hand or ultraviolet, light and other short wave short, length, radiation on the other hand, infrared light and the other Longway fan anema. Just just by God saying let there be light and there is light and then turn setting the electromatic electromagnetic forces into operation in effect. Completed the energizing of the physical Cosmos, all the types of force and energy, which interact in the universe involve, not only electromagnetic, gravitational and nuclear forces. You see why I'm bringing out a good quote here.

And all of these have now been activated on day. One there though, no doubt over simplified. This tremendous creative act of the godhead might be summarized by saying that the nuclear forces maintaining the Integrity of matter, activated by the father. When he created the elements of the space mass time, continue on the gravitational forces were activated by the spirit. When he brought form into motion to Yep, to the initially static and formless matter and the electromagnetic forces were activated by the word of God when he called light into existence out of Darkness. Of course God is one and all three persons of the guy that actually participated in all parts of creation and continue to function in the maintenance of the universe that God had. So created. All of this was accomplished on the first day of creation. The physical Universe had been created and energized and was ready for further shaping and Furnishing in preparation for men whose Dominion it would be


I don't understand most of that.

And there was evening and there was morning the first day.

God reigns over the heavens. God reigns over the heavens verses 6 through 8 Talent as a second day. Dawned. God said, let there be an expanse or our canopy in the midst of the waters to separate the waters from the waters. God, separated the waters below from the waters above and he called the expanse. This is naming Universal. Sovereign God names because he is the Lord of all creation. He calls he names the expanse heaven, right? It is this Hebrew word for the expanse of care. Is the idea of stepping something under foot. So as to read it out, imagine, Do God doesn't have a body, the mighty Footprints of God, over the world. That would stamp. And spread out. The waters in separate the Earth from the heavens.

This is that the open expanse of having that we would think of now is birds or are flying around. Its that's the Heavenly atmosphere. As we know it, we're god with later place, the lights God created lights, but he's going to place lights. the sun will say, Lights of this many millions of years to get from where it is and outer space. Now to where the fact that we can see right now, friends. We're going to see that God is creating things in there, fully grown form. He creates, man, not as an infant, he creates plants and trees as fully grown seed, producing plants, and trees and such. And if God says, I'm going to create a light and it's this far away. You better believe in crate, all of white in between it.

This is not a question of. Can God do this? And it's difficult because we're beyond the reality of what we would call observational science and I'm not going to speak into that too much because I'm a pastor and maybe see you Logan but not a science scientist. I came to the word, right?

what we need to understand as we approach the conversation though, is we don't have to understand every jot and Tittle of it in order to understand. When God creates light. That light will be wherever God, wanted to be. however, God wanted to be and we worship. We do not need to understand it on. That doesn't mean that doesn't mean we can learn from the scientific field. You know, there are scientists who are who are women who are young and who are old are scientists, who are Christians, there are scientists who buy their own admission are not Christians. Those are pretty good people that get off and then go to work and they do their craft and they try to improve in their craft and to the best of their understanding. They try to understand the world that God had made.

Right, nothing wrong with that. What we need to acknowledge though is faith comes into play for believers and non-believers. So we don't need to take the opinion of someone. You may say there to buy their own admission. They're not a believer in Jesus Christ and and they don't believe the Bible and say, well, they gave up they deposited something. They gave a description of something that sounds very plausible and we get all up in arms. And if I can believe what God says about creation brothers and sisters, this is Godfrey coming out. And our task is Christian's is primarily, Theology and understanding comes later, but always in the context of what affirms God's word. God's word. Is it wrong? There's no error in God's word. Not to be sure our task is to seek to understand it rightly. In its context and with the the main goal of the author which is why it's some point, you're going to see us kind of driving through some of this pretty quickly. I'll tell you, I'd love to spend months in Genesis chapters 1 2 and 3. Months, we could spend. I remember God's writing to his people of Israel who are getting ready to take cane and God is saying remember that I'm the maker of it all.

Giants in the land. I made the Giants.

I mean, what they're wearing. I made the ground, they stand on. I called the ground to come out of the waters, as I was separated the waters from the waters, in the heavens from the Earth. God, commanded their fulfillment and it came. God's word brings light and his works are seen beginning in the heavens and now moving down to the Earth where it seems. I got begins to to fix his focus in the whole universe of things that God has. And is creating. What is he doing? Zooms is focusing in Narrows it down to earth. Where God will continue to focus. Our attention and his plan for the world where man will soon be created and find his temporal home.

As God gives rain from the heavens.

God also. Communicate that he is the one who Reigns reins in the heavens. He's the only God Who brings rain? He's the only God. Who is we see here? A third point for today gives life. God alone gives life. Right until this point. The waters were like shoreless ocean. If it were a boat out on the Seas. It would have nowhere to land. Would have no where to find food. That would just be water upon water.

The Earth was there but covered by Waters. It was still uninhabitable and God speaks by the power of His words. He begins to gather the waters. I don't know what's happening in my life. I don't know what's going on in the situation. I don't know what to do. Remember that brothers and sisters, God gathers Waters.

God gathers Waters.

There's nothing that is impossible for him. He gathers the waters under the heavens together and he calls it seized and by his command dry land appears. Dry land comes out from these fees as the seas are gathering together. We still see the energizing a TSA agent is the word of God, is it commands? And it is. So I am says, Let There be and it was until God says, the boundaries for the Seas. He demonstrates his sovereignty over, where every drop of water goes.

One of the favorite favorite. One of the things that I think the Lord may bring the mind and conversations with people, but also in it re instilling confidence in my own heart is I look around and I see what's what's in a parking lot or or the trees or what's happening in the world and we're reminded if there is not one aspect of this universe, that is out of place, even as a result of Sin from where God decrees that it be today.

And in ways that Boggle, our minds God is using what Satan meant for evil. Where is Joseph? Would say what you meant for evil to his brothers? God meant for good?

Canaanites Allen, Ross points out. Worshipped prints Jama. Deification of the cosmic ocean.

See all throughout time since the very beginning man. Saw God's creation and man devised ways to try to understand the world, in which we live, which makes sense. We all do that at some level, but they Step Beyond what God revealed and the begin to name things, and call things according to its season, at God's over the seas and gods over the crops. They worship the fertility, God Vale and He would be active and present and then. After harvest no longer present until he came back again. I know it's a gross oversimplification of it, but

God is communicating to his people. In a polytheistic culture, multiple gods, many gods. I am the one true God. I created the Seas.

I created fertile ground.

I caused plants to spring up fully formed with regenerating life built within each. According to their kinds, some 1047 describes this idea, whether it's this idea or after the flood. So I'm 104/72 through nine at your rebuke. They fled at the sound of your thunder. They took two flights, meaning the waters, the Seas, the mountains, Rose, the valley, sing down to the place that you appointed for them.

Use that the boundary and they may not that they may not pass so that they might not cover the Earth again. So is that the Earth is taking shape? Just as God designed God, declares that the Earth will Sprout vegetation plants with seed each. According to its kind in this phrase becomes important as as many will tell us that that whether it's mankind or plants, or trees begin to evolve outside of their kind, the key is God is saying they're given seed, according to its kind and they reproduced according to their kinds.

God. Created these these full grown plants trees with their seed in them vegetable life. Kelly describes with the capacity to reproduce itself through seed after its kind. So as to pass on its living characteristics in an orderly fashion for that future which God had in store for this natural order. And again, we see God assess. God saw that, it was good.

God created. Define names and observes, and he sees that it's good.

There is no sea god. There is no. God over the crops except one. His name is Elohim. Yahweh. Personal God, who is with his people and there was evening and there was morning the third day.

It seemed appropriate to ask if you have any superstitious beliefs that bring you false comfort.

Are there things that you look for in the world to sort of a line? In order to give you confidence for the steps, you might take rather than looking to the word of God, seeking to understand to pour yourself into understanding the word of God walking in the context, with with God's people, the way that God designed for us to live this life, to give you confidence and and insurance and and understand the Lord as he's revealed himself work, or do you have superstitions out there? Do you looked a certain page of the news of the newspaper? Do you believe that because your birthday is in a certain month, that it means that your personality is going to be such and such and you make your decisions based off these things rather than understanding. The grand purposes of The Sovereign God who works all things according to the counsel of his will and you can come to him in faith and you can bake your life on it.

Why don't understand why God tells us that we're supposed to set aside a day of the week for worship. It doesn't matter if you understand it.

I don't understand why we supposed to give a tenth of everything that we make right out of the gates to the church and then go from there. It doesn't matter if you understand it.

I don't understand why I can't just live life according to my ways and, and be a Christian and not ever go to church, and not connect with the body of Christ, because we just live in this individualistic Society. It doesn't matter if you, or I understand the commands of the lord, we under, we hear them. We read them. We see them, we worship Him and therefore, we obey him. Because he's God.

Not because it comes out of my mouth from this Pulpit. If I ever say anything that does not come and stem from the word of God. You don't have to follow it. When we whether it's a guy or Pastor Brian or one of the elders are another person that comes in Preachers from this Pulpit holding up the word of God and saying God said we stay then I better get in get on board. I better get in line.

Brother and sister. Take your You're superstitious beliefs. Cast them aside or we're trying to maybe understand what your heart is actually wanting in those and realize that you have a false confidence and something that is nothing.

Bring it under submission to the word of God. You can trust him. You can believe him. You can follow him. We are not swimming underwater drowning right now because God says so.

You can trust him. Do you believe that you can trust him and everything? Do you? I Proclaim. This is one who says, most of the time. I know he can be trusted, but I still come as a centurion did and said Lord. I believe help my unbelief. I haven't arrived so far to grow. I know that you said let there be light and there was light. I know that you separated the waters, and the waters were separated. You created the heavens, and you to find the Earth.

And out of that Earth you will soon take dust.


I can trust you. I can rest in you. And the Lord knows that we need these reminders. Right at the audit, the almighty God, that the beautifully Majestic Trinity forms and he sustains everything by the powerful, his powerful word. And he alone is worthy of our Delight, our worship and our obedience.

The first I read earlier forgot who commanded the light to shine out of Darkness, has shined in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God. In the face of Jesus Christ. John 11 calls, Jesus, The Living Word of God, which we now hold in written form, in our Bibles. Jesus, is the Living Word of God. He was the light of the world and in 1st John, he tells us in him. There is no Darkness at all. And this is why we need a reminder that Jesus came.

The one true God. Living a life with no darkness in him lift perfectly. And he willingly gave his life on the cross for you. And for me. And this is why Paul said or Jesus that they were to do this until Christ's return. We're to remember that the body and the bread. And then Will Worship the Lord in this way. We have two stations up front and we'll have two in the back and we would encourage you to come. I think we have gluten-free communion on this table and somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but if you need food and pick me and then we have some here as well. But if you're all so you want to remain in your seat and you want to pray and maybe have someone bring communion to you or if you're not able to get up and move around the room perfectly fine. Just let your hand in one of our servers will come and be glad to serve you. But we're reminded to do this because our memories are short and we need the reminder to one another. That this is the body of Christ which is broken for you. This is the blood of Christ shed for you and we're to do this as those who proclaim the name of Jesus as our only hope for salvation. Until Jesus returns. But continue to worship Him and faith in this way. Heavenly Father. We thank you for your fantastic. Love. We praise you. For your Omnipotent power, your power that has no end. Your wisdom that knows. Nothing, but perfect wisdom. And we confess. We struggle to believe.

Alright, I praise you that you don't cast us away because we struggle to believe.

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