"Eschatological look at Our Generation" 2022

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This study, is a look at at the book of Revelation concerning our time. The bible has more to say about the last days than the present or past days combined.
This study also needed to be broken down into a seven part series- starting from Creation of the world, some where around [ B.C. 4000+ ] to help us better understand our Savior Jesus Christ born in a manger in Bethlehem around [B.C.4], Mic 5:2 Mt 2:6 Jesus being very much a part of that creation event, which most have a real hard time believing or understanding how that could be possible!
Although, this in Fact, is most very important to understand, that Jesus Christ, in fact, is our Creator God, our Jesus, Was before the foundation of the making of the World, the Sky, Time it’s self. Jesus always was- eternal God- which one day, came into existence-as a man, called Jesus John 1:1-2, Gen 1:1 these are the kind of things that can explored our mind if we think too much on it!
This very Jesus we read about, in the pages of the Holy Scriptures, said on one occasion to the Apostle Peter, “and upon this rock I will build my Church..” Mt 16:18 the church then started to be built off the sweat and Blood of faithful men and women who believed in Jesus and by the help of the Holy Spirit in time Seven Churches where built that are brought to us by the Apostle John as he gets the Revelation of Jesus Christ banished to the Island of Patmos where he gets a vision from Jesus sent by an Angel given to John to send Seven letters to these Seven churches Revelation 2-3 these seven churches are to represent the churches throughout the following generations during which time each generation wondering is this the last days? Each church reading the same words we read today wondering, is the Tribulation and is it going to happen in our generation? Is the church going to be rapture in our life time? Is everything I read in the book of Revelation and the other prophetic books happening today? Or do I, like the rest of those before me die in the same usual way and these things are not yet?
Part One has to do with Jesus coming into this world for a specific purpose. Actually, creating the heavens and earth is very much apart of the master plan only to fast forward to the last days. So we will see how God deciding to create back in Genesis has everything to do with building the Church through the life and Blood of the Apostle Peter and the rest of the apostles right up to all of which carried the gospel message from town to town until they were Martyred for their faith in Christ Jesus which gets carried on through the generation by faithful before our generation possibly a conclusion?
In that gospel message we have a end date! This is known as the Last days or End Times, but in a doctrinal sense, its called, ‘Eschatology.’
Part Two has to do with the very Church we read about in part one will in fact be taken up into heaven in less then a blink of the eye 1 Cor 15:52 This is known as, ‘The Rapture’ that is those who have put their faith is Jesus Christ will experience being taken from this life into heaven where all the Saints have gone after death. This Rapture will happen so fast that if your asleep or awake- you will just vanish from this world, while those who have not put their faith in Jesus Christ will remain to then face the Seven Year Tribulation period spoken of by the prophet Daniel Dan 9:24-27 during which time will be great distress
Part Three has to do with at the end of the seven year period, Jesus Christ will return the earth with all those who have put their faith in Him, will come back to earth on a White Horse as King of Kings and lord of lords

Part one “Jesus & The Church”

Part Two “Rapture & Tribulation”

Part Three “Second Coming & Millennium”

Part Four “Satan Loosed & Lake of Fire”

Part Five “Book of Life & Final Judgement”

Part six “Heaven & Hell”

Part Seven “What’s next?

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