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Jesus had been beaten, whipped, spat-on, and nailed to a cross.

After hours of constant, excruciating pain and suffocation, Jesus died right before the Passover and Sabbath.
He had been pierced by a Roman spear that opened his vital organs as proof of his death.
They took him down from the cross so as not to violate Sabbath cleanliness standards.

Jesus’ body was buried by Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus, learned and wealthy believers, in an unused tomb.

The Romans sealed the tomb and had soldiers watch it to prevent any possible grave robbery.

In the morning, on the first day of the week, before it was light, Mary went to the tomb.

But, the soldiers were gone, and the stone was rolled away.

Mary assumed that someone had taken his body.

Grave robberies were common.
She went back to where they were staying and told the disciples.

Peter and John ran to the tomb to see.

John, the younger, arrived first but didn’t go in.
Peter, the elder, went in first and saw that Jesus’ body was not there, and the linen wrappings were folder carefully where he was.
It couldn’t have been grave robbers; they wouldn’t have been so patient and tidy.

Both went away not realizing what they truly saw.

They may have felt defeated and fearful that they would be next.

When Mary returned, she saw that Jesus’ body was gone

She even questioned who she thought was the gardener, while openly weeping.
She just wanted to know where Jesus’ beloved body was.

Sometimes, we cannot believe what we hear or see, we want to reach out and touch something tangible.

Example: A Surprise Birthday Party or a Surprise Special Guest.
We may race to see what has been witnessed, but we might not fully understand what has happened.
In the shock of moment, we might not be able to grasp the full meaning of it.

It takes time and intentional openness before we can accept the new experience.

Mary was the closest female disciple of Jesus.

She consistently chose to be near Jesus and learn from him.
She outwardly demonstrated her love and appreciation for being delivered from the demonic.

Mary saw what the two disciples did not.

Two angels were in the tomb, and she conversed with them.

Though she did not recognize his changed face, when Jesus spoke her name, she knew it was him.

Mary could not believe with her own grieving eyes that Jesus was alive. She needed to hear her name being spoken by his voice.

Mary saw Jesus and conversed with him, when the other two disciples had not.

Matthew said that Mary touched his feet, like when she poured the perfume on them.
Jesus said that she must not hold onto him because he would soon ascend to his Father.

God chose Mary to witness of Jesus’ resurrection.

Mary went to tell the other disciples all that she witnessed.
Mary had cried tears of sadness but now she cried tears of joy.

Jesus was like the surprise guest at this party, and this surprise would change them.

The disciples had felt defeated, grieved, fearful, and doubtful.
Experiencing the risen Christ transformed them to victorious, joyful, confident, and faithful world changers.

We recognize our loved ones by how we have experienced them.

When they have changed since the last time we saw them, we must take time to integrate the new thing we know about them.
i.e., height, weight, hair color, even social bearing.

It was the same for the disciples when experiencing the Risen Christ.

The change in Jesus would radiate out from him to his disciples, and all of Creation.

As we come to recognize the Risen Christ, we are also changed.

Faith comes through hearing and seeing what God is doing, and one day, when he returns, we will be able to embrace our Lord and never need to let go of him again.
“Jesus indeed did rise from the dead and appear to his disciples. And we will join him when we die and share his resurrection.” - Osbourne

This change of Resurrected life flows from Jesus to us, and out to others as we come to love as Christ first loved us.

Because Christ is Risen, we rise into Godly Life.

Christ is Risen, He is Risen Indeed.
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