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Have you ever considered the timing of events?
I do.
We know that their is no such thing as coincidence with God.
He ordains all things.
I look at situations like this parsonage project that we are going through, have you considered that God knew exactly what time this would happen, He knew that plywood would cost $50 a sheet rather than $5. Yet His timing is perfect, meaning that He has a plan behind the timing in which He allows all things to occur within.
Galatians 4:5 & 6 tell us that at the fulness of time.
At the perfect exact moment, God send his son.
For the purpose of redeeming man.
As we read through this next passage, I want us to consider the timing in which God works, how His timing is always perfect.
Luke 24:13-35
Here is a couple of fellows; they were probably either disciples of Jesus or ones who were invested in His ministry.
They are speaking of the crucifixion that has taken place, the things that were going on when they are joined by the living King himself, though veiled.
They reveal the glorious things that have taken place.
The tomb was empty, how some of the women said they saw visions of angels, how the women had brought news that Jesus is alive.
“They stood still, looking sad.”
“Some women amazed us.”
This doesn’t sound like people who believe what has taken place.
This sounds like people who are confused, desiring to believe in something that they deem to be a fairy tail.
But it’s to fantastic it must be a fairy tale.
They saw Jesus die.
They believed Jesus to be a great prophet.
They recognized Him as a great prophet.
This could also be eluding to the prophet that Moses said would come
Deuteronomy 18:15
I think Luke is using the wording here to tie Jesus to Moses.
Acts 7:22
They desired Him to be that prophet, and to redeem Israel.
For this was what the prophets had spoken of.
One who would be the redeemer of Israel.
Slow of Heart
How do you not understand.
How do you not understand what Jesus said, or see what God is doing?!
This isn’t a new accusation.
There were many times that Jesus told them things, and they just didn’t get it.
Beware of the leaven of the pharisee’s....who has bread?
I am going to prepare a way for you....
Thomas asks, “what is the way?
Show us and we will follow.”
......I am the way
Stop those kids, they’ll disturb Jesus....Let the little children come to me.
This is my body, broken for you.....Which of us is the greatest?
It sure is a good thing that we aren’t slow in heart, isn’t it.
Galatians 1:6-7
Who has made you believe a different teaching?
Who has made you wander from the grace of God.
They were following the teachings of the law.
Desiring to be like the Jews.
They were believing in a different gospel.
You might say, they were slow in heart.
What do people see the gospel as?
Social Justice
God making america great again
Being healthy, wealthy and happy.
The good news is Jesus came to save sinners.
We are saved by grace through faith.
That faith was a gift from God so no one could boast.
The father regenerated us, giving us a new heart that would desire to come to Him in faith.
That is the good news, that we are saved by Grace.
Don’t get sucked into a different gospel.
Don’t become slow of heart
Don’t overlook the eternal for the temporal.
This book is not a bunch of religious laws, standards and suggestions how to live.
Everything is centered around Christ.
We can believe who He is becasue how He has fulfilled all that was spoken of Him.
Believe the Prophets
When Jesus said that they were slow to heart, it was slow to believe the prophets.
Genesis 3:15
From Eve there will be one who will destroy sin and death.
Genesis 12:3
All the families shall be blessed through Jesus, the heir of Abraham.
Genesis 49:10
The scepter will not depart from Judah.
Numbers 21:9
All who looked to the serpent on a pole would live.
Jesus in John 3:14 eludes to this showing that this was pointing to Him on the cross.
2 Samuel 7:12-13
Solomon will build a house.
However, God here is speaking of a larger house.
The temple of God, the people of God.
His church who He built with Jesus.
It shall last forever.
Psalm 16:9-10
A statement where we know that He would not stay dead, He could not stay dead.
Isaiah 9:6-7
All that Jesus will accomplish.
Isaiah 50:6
The suffering servant would be treated shamefully.
Zechariah 12:10
The anointed one would be pierced.
Zechariah 13:7
The judgement of the Lord will be brought down on His shepherd.
Not one like the other shepherds, but one who is a fellow citizen.
Hebrew word al can also mean upon for provision.
This is just a small snip, the entire Old Testament points us to Christ.
Points to His divinity, points to Him being the perfect teacher, Points to Him suffering, and points to Him being the atonement, the payment for our sins.
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