Third Wednesday of Easter

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Grace to you and peace, from God our Father, and from our risen and exalted Lord, Jesus Christ, the Lamb who was slain. Amen.
You and I live here on this planet, tucked away in a little corner of the globe, in a place called Chippewa Falls. It is a very nice place, with beautiful scenery. Well, most of the time. Yet, on this planet we are beset with a lot of problems. Sin has corrupted not only us, but this entire world. As a result, we fight and we suffer. The Christian church from its very beginnings 2,000 years ago, has called this place — The Church Militant.
This is the realm in which we live. The Church Militant.
There is, however, another realm in which the Church exists. It is called The Church Triumphant, which is so different than what we know here. Here in the realm in which we live right now we know suffering and sickness pain and sadness. The other realm knows nothing of these things because they do not exist.. It fact, God himself wipes every tear from our eyes.
This is the scene that the Apostle John’s vision—his glimpse into this other realm—is all about. Amid the trials, tribulations, and persecutions of this life, is there hope? John steps into the very Throne room of God and he sees things that he can barely describe. And yes, he realizes that there is hope for every Christian, because the Lamb is on His Throne.

He was Slain for Our Redemption

His blood alone could redeem us.
We cannot ransom ourselves, and yet blood had to be shed (Heb. 9:22)
He precious blood has power to redeem, for He Himself was innocent (Eph 1:7, 1 Peter 1:18-19, 1 John 1:7)
Through His redeeming blood we have come into His kingdom (Rev. 5:10)
His Kingdom is hidden now.
It will ultimately be revealed, and we will reign with Him.

He is the Supreme Lord

The symbol of His supremacy is the throne (Rev. 5:13). Jesus has been exalted (Phil 2:9)
His supremacy manifests itself (Rev. 5:12)
He has all power (Matt. 28:20)
He has all wealth (2 Cor. 8:9; Eph 3:8)
He has all wisdom (1 Cor. 1:24, 1 Cor. 1:30).
He has all might (John 10:18; the resurrection).
He is to be worshiped as the supreme Lord (Rev. 5:13).
Everything on earth, under the earth, and above it praises Him (Ps. 148).
There is satisfaction in acknowledge God in Jesus Christ for who and what He is. We do this well when we sing songs like, “Worthy is Christ the Lamb who was slain.”
Unfortunately much of what is labeled as Christian music focuses upon ourselves, and not upon Christ.
Worship today is often a human-centered experience directed toward our own well-being and improvement, to the point that we become concerned only with our personal returns in worship — what I’m getting out of it. This is a misplaced emphasis.
The heavenly host by their action is calling us to “Give Adoration to Jesus Christ and Him Alone, for He is the Lamb who was slain.”
When we focus upon ourselves in worship, the experience will never last.
When our focus is upon God, we will be helped. When we focus alone on Christ, we will be built up. So, let us not only wail our prayers and petitions to Him. Let us also learn the language and posture of worship and praise.
There is something mysterious, beautiful, and uplifting, when we, with the four living creatures say, AMEN. and fall down and worship Jesus Christ, the Lamb.
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