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Any complimentary now?
I'm sharing this with when you hear.
The word egalitarian, the face of equal.
Somebody that wants.
Everything to be equal and fair.
I know in my family, growing up.
We sell them.
Got a box of cereal with the prices.
But if we did it was whose everbowl it landed in.
You got the prize.
And intense family, they couldn't deal with that.
So if they bought cereal with a prize, they bought 4 boxes.
And each kid.
All four kids were guaranteed that prize be deleterious is concerned with being fair and equal.
A lot of things you can do that.
Then neither one of them is
Nor do I expect that a biological woman will a father, a child.
It just doesn't work that.
Now the other word concur with terrier is both says that men and women are equal but have different roles, different guilty.
Different abilities and tend to balance each other and complementary to each other.
Here's the family.
One, parent often have a family, that's out of balance.
You know, you didn't have too much discipline and not enough.
Love from the one Baron, you much love and
There's this guy Eric metaxas.
He has the show Socrates in.
Good nacho, and you must have started off just on the radio and now they videotape, a lot of his interview.
Eric went to to Oxford, England to interview, some English people.
And I happened upon one of his interviews with this guy named Canon J. John and soak almonds.
His first name.
He's an Englishman with Greek Heritage pastors, a theologian and apologists.
How do you have to say?
It was?
So for a while?
I spent my lunch hours watching the video, the YouTube videos with camera and it one of those videos.
What happened in his church?
You see the pastor's, the leaders in the church were having an argument between the egalitarian, the ones that wanted everything there and the complementarian.
Ordained should be able to be the senior pastor of churches.
And as the ebb and flow of of opinion, ghost.
Things move to where the egalitarian and so they were going to start ordaining the women.
A a and a opening up the role as senior pastor to them.
And so they set a date, they were going to to celebrate that, they're going to have it commissioning an ordination service one evening.
And they invited phone in, the egalitarian is one of the scriptures cuz everybody has scriptures for their point.
Play wood sign.
Galatians 3:28, there is neither Jew, nor Gentile, neither slave, nor free nor is there male or female for you are all one in Christ.
And so I guess either they invited for that evening service.
Was that a nun?
A very accomplished well-respected nun from the Catholic Church, of course, and she came in.
That night to speak and can a summary of what she said.
When I took away from that has she said this is wonderful and you're going to have at the head of the church is both men and women at representing the image of God before people.
Are different.
I don't know what's going running.
The guy is the one to have the women have exactly the same thing as the men were saying.
He comes.
We are all the same and the lady that comes with a different, we are different.
And the other differences.
We'll get into that.
And so what she said, she'd be looking back to Genesis 1:27.
God created man in His image image of God.
He created them male and female he created them.
If we see God, by the way.
And the guy with a Justice, the guy with rashed, whoever warped, picture of God, won't we?
Nice loving kind person that would never send anyone to hell or allow them to fall in the light themselves.
In the hell.
That's also a war picture of God's it today.
I need a little more towards the complementarian idea that in general.
In general men and women to reach best in Summit area.
A wide berth and and not so good at other.
We're going to look at honoring the role of mothering and motherhood and we're going to honor the women and sometimes that have been in that mothering roll.
Some good Christian families are very egalitarian splitting up.
All the work, the cooking with closed the child care.
What are you doing, son?
Other good Christian homes are very much complementarity.
I like some aspects of both.
And I
Yeah, that's right in some areas and I arrived in others.
Does the electronic banking in the movie around the funds and every month?
I do in our family who repairs the carpet when it's not too technical.
Build a built-in.
Bam does most of the cooking in fact often if we have kind of a work day at home you or we gone out and done a big hike or something we get home.
What do I do?
I go straight to the couch.
After half an hour to start working on, but all I want to do when we get home and sit down while now.
Almost never does that she's right in the kitchen working away and making noise, and I'm marmol.
There are Saturday, you know, whether I started this early before Saturday or not.
I really kind of need to get the service done and there are Saturday, but if I had to cook the meals that day.
Or burnt.
I think it's 100% complete.
Gifty and what are strengths or weaknesses and what we love and likewise 100% complete?
What does our idea of gender roles?
Play Get Up by balabal men and women like my friend pastorale.
I don't know if he still likes to cook but when he was here, he loved to cook and he took dinners for the seniors for lunches for the seniors once a month and stuff.
But I used to think he was in school.
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