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Mother's Day 2022 Message

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No one ever cared for me like Jesus. Aren't you thankful for that? Jesus provides everything you and I would ever need. All we need to do is put our faith and trust in him. If you're here this morning, you don't know Jesus as your lord and savior. If you don't know when your life is over, where you going to spend eternity? Or if you do know and it's not heaven, listen up. Cuz I will share with you how you get to heaven. Not by what I say, but what by what Jesus has done for you and for me today, we celebrate Mother's Day. We celebrate our mothers. And I know when I say that especially in today's society, I could probably get in trouble right? There is no genders anymore, right? So they say, but I know I had a mother. We've all had a mother. We've not all been mothers or will ever be but we've all had a mother. We're here. And regardless of what you might think about your mother in this various, and I know I talked with people that they're being raised up, wasn't a great thing. They didn't have a great mother or maybe they had a splendid mother. It is all across the board.

And we see that not getting better in society as we go forth. We see that going the opposite direction. I was reading something this week talking about the origin of Mother's Day and it took place back in the 1900s because of a lady by the name of Anna Jarvis, had campaigned for an official holiday. Honoring mothers in 1905. The year, her mother died. She wanted to honor her mother. So she begin this campaign to start. The honoring of mothers. in 1914, President Woodrow, Wilson, signed a proclamation that To make make Mother's Day official holiday to take place. A second Sunday of May. So here we are the second Sunday of May. Honoring moms. You hear me talk about this, small group, small church group, pastor's group that I'm an, and it's all that we shouldn't be honoring mom's. We should be.

What is the scripture tell us? Children honor.

Your mother and who will do that next month, just so, you know, right? It's I mean, that's a plethora of pastors from all different genres genres and is just how you get on it just to get my blood boiling and then have a few laughs sometimes. Brianna Jarvis help put Mother's Day on the calendar as a day to dedicate and express love and gratitude to mothers. A few years later. She tried to have it removed. Because she began to see the commercialization of Mother's Day and she didn't like that. She began to see how the card makers were commercializing on Mother's Day and how the flower people were commercializing on Mother's Day, and that began to upset her. So she trying to have Mother's Day revoked because that what she thought was to be an honour for her mother became a money-making proposition for many others. It's crazy. How the world works today, isn't it? We began something in week. We honor someone and then all of a sudden it doesn't quite go the way we think it ought to go. And, and also, we don't want to do it anymore.

If you hear this morning and your mother is still alive, make sure you let her know. How much you love her? We don't know my mother God does. You know how much God loves her. God loved her so much that he sent his only begotten son to die on a cross for her. For you and for me that whosoever believes in him. Yes, it should start here. But if we got to have that relationship and that's the problem in our society today. We don't have that relationship with God. The way we shouldn't in the reason we don't all have that relationship the way we should because we don't know how to have relationships with those closest to us this morning, Romans chapter 16. There's a group of people here in Romans chapter 16 that we're going to read about. He talks, he gives us 26 names and I'm probably going to mess up some of these names. If you can do better next week, you can come up and you can read this passage and get them, right? But it's just how it goes, right. Romans chapter 16 beginning and verse 1. Suppose I come in to you Phoebe. Our sister who is a servant of the church, in Centuria, that you may receive her in the Lord, in a manner, worthy of her sayings and assist her, in whatever business. She has need of you. For indeed. She has been a helper of many and myself also. Free Priscilla and Aquila my fellow workers in Christ. Jesus, who risk their own necks for my life to whom. Not only, I gave thanks, but also all the churches are the Gentiles. Likewise with the church that is in their home greet. My beloved and papa night is, who is the first fruits of Acacia to Christ greet, Mary, who labored much for us, greet andronicus in junior. My countrymen and my fellow prisoners who are of note among the apostles who also were in Christ before me. Create a playlist. My beloved in the Lord. We are buying has our fellow worker in Christ. Say he is my beloved green appeal, has approved in Christ. Read those who are of the household of aristobulus read her Odie and my countrymen greet, those who are of the household of Narcissus. Who are in the Lord retry Penny and try. Who have labored in the Lord greet. The Beloved purses who labored much in the Lord grant Rufus. Chosen in the Lord and his mother and mine. San Marcos. Phil, John hermaeus, petrobras, Hermes and the brother and who are with them, greet, felonious and Julia. Nearest in his sister Olympus and all the saints who are with them. Greet one. Another with a holy kiss. The Churches of Christ greet you.

Now, I know I mess up some of those names. And I know to any mom who has a child with those names and I mess it up. You're going to be mad at me this morning. And if you don't have a child with those names, you trying to figure out a new name for your child. There you go. Pick one and run with it.

We're funny that way, aren't we something? That means something dear to us? If somebody messes it up their name, or their whatever?

We got mad at him.

Maybe you're here this morning and you're like me and your mom passed away many years ago. You don't have a whole lot of memories to hold onto of who mom was and what Mom did my mom passed away. I was 13. She was 42. When she past years of my life, yes, I got 13 years of life with her. But what does a teenage 13 year old boy and know about his mom much? When he's out not home watching television, not at that out and doing things out with a friend all day long everyday because you didn't hang around the house. You stay busy and You did stuff. Yes. I came home and Mom took care of things, you provided for the house, the food to close. Everything was there that I just expected to be there. We all, didn't we? We expected mom to take care of those things until the day. She was no longer there.

Paul is writing out a list of people 26, people, six of which were women. And that's I think that's interesting to Paul has. Frequently got in the bum rap for being a male chauvinist. I think it also shows a tremendous influence that women had in the early church. Paul could not describe the church in Rome without mentioning a significant role of of women. And I think if we're here this morning and our moms were Godly moms and took us to church. We understand that role that they had. We understand that significance in our lives that they had in. Maybe we set her aside because as we get older, we get to that point there. Well, that's the way Mom and Dad raised me. I'm going to do my own thing live, my own life and we go off and do our own thing. In verse 13, we see it's one of the women or one of the Bible scholars. Something some Bible scholars have struggle with his when he says he has chosen in the Lord and his mother and mine. So, what does that mean? We'll either.

Rufus. And Paul, we're related.

Had the same mother or else. Rufus mother. Misses Rufus. Mom Rufus if you will. Was very instrumental. And Paul's wife. Maybe you're here this morning and you're not had any children. This is the other thing we get in trouble for a while. You're leaving just like Valentines for those who who don't have a Valentine's on Valentine. We should have recognized that and because you're those who weren't with somebody's, I understand. I'm not here to be rude or to Discount, those who don't have but we don't discount those who do have Paula said, Hey listen. His mom and my mom is just like my mom. So maybe she had an instrumental part in Paul's Life along the way if she did. She's mentioned here somehow, and you're here this morning. Maybe you don't have children and

Your mom figure could be a mom figure to somebody. Think about that. Think about the direction that were all taken in our lives male or female this morning. That we're taking as God directions to be an influence for God in the lives of others. Paul rice with green roof has chosen Lord in his mother in mind. So, that statement, as I said could be taken two ways. It could mean that Paul had two women in mind, the mother of his in his own personal mother. Not really sure what's going on Bible, scholars, don't know. But nonetheless. He's mentioning them because their significant in this life.

He could be saying I slew Troopers in this, his mother who is like my mother. As I said. I believe that's probably what he meant. We don't hear much about Paul's mom.

When and where did Paul meet rufus's Mother? Did she nurse him through some serious illness? Did Paul Standard home during his missionary journey? How did this woman? And Paul form, such a close friendship, some questions that we just might want to ask when we read that. And how does he refer to her as white as he referred to her? So fondly as being his mother

the gospel of Mark tells us that Simon of Cyrene the man who carried Jesus cross had two sons. Mom's name is Alexander. Guess what? The others name was? Rufus. Connection. I don't know. I don't know. Could be, could be that connection because here's what this family has Don.

And known for this. No, maybe because of the law of in the care in the concern that a mother had.

If he is.

If she is his mother. His mother would be, Simon of Cyrene is his wife and we know that he Carry the Cross for Jesus. We don't know for sure, but it be remarkable story of a woman who served as a mother figure for Paul. Would it not? Especially knowing some of the early stage of his life and knowing the direction and education that he got in the direction that he was taking going away from the things of God until God called him. Got a hold of his heart and brought him to appoint as a lord. What would you have me to do?

Somewhere along the line that see got play the weather. It's from this mother figure, whether it was from those who were being persecuted in front of him and their faithfulness to God. Nonetheless, he looked upon her as an important person. What part, right? I think makes it very excellent. Mother's Day, sermon, then. That's why I want to share this with you this morning.

Some people think Mother's Day is Central Middle foolishness. We must admit that there is something that to this day, but what is wrong with that? A little bit of sentiment is healthy. Is it not? Especially the Day's age. Today's society. We need some sentiment. Do we not? We we need to just sort of remember? Some of the things that God has done for us. There are some women in the Bible who resent, poor examples of motherhood, we can go through those, but that's not what I want to do today. I want to show the positive side of women to children and people.

There are those women who abandon those women, who abused, those women, who corrupt their children, who create a poor model, but those are the exceptions. I think not to rule. I see Mom's here. I know your love York. Are you concerned for your children? And in really in really we none of us really raised our kids. The same way, we had some similarities, but we have our own quirks of how we do things.

And most mothers do the right thing. They dirt deserve. Some recognition. So today we will do that. We will recognize our moms. We have a carnation, we've done this every year to give to. All the ladies, not just the moms, but all the lazy cuz I think your mother figure somewhere to someone somewhere. And if you're not, you should be. Reaching out to those around. But my first one I want to share with you this morning as this mother should be saluted. For their persistent law.

I knew without a doubt. My mother love me. I knew without a doubt, she cared for me. I knew without a doubt that she, she would provide for my, every need, do the best that she could with the means that she had. We may not have had what others around us had. We may not be eating the same Foods on at the table that others around us reading. We may not be wearing the same clothes or or the new clothes and others around us were wearing. But we had food. We were clothes. We were taking care of, we were provided and loved upon. As a family.

I've noticed something cents.

We've been. In hospital, I spent a couple hours in the hospital at the ER at the Saratoga, the other night because of my knee. My wife was nervous about a blood clot. So I said, you know, I'll go get it, checked out. So I did.

When Anna got a checked out couple hours later. I'm back home. How is your knee? It's swollen. What they do. Will they put ice on it? They wrap it charge me a few thousand dollars and sent me home.

But there's some peace of mind in that a man. No blood clots. Just swollen. Get bruises ugly looking. But I noticed something about sitting in a waiting room, if you been in one lately. I came out of there, thinking boy. If I don't get code from this, it'll be a miracle. Guy over here hacking and coughing. I mean not just quietly. I mean, it's loud person over here. Got the puke bag and I'm okay don't want to go over there, don't want

Don't want to sit, don't want it. I just want to want to levitate, don't want to breed.

That was Tuesday in so far. So,

We let we hate waiting, don't we? People are getting upset. We want things done, when we want it done. But as we waiting, waiting room waiting rooms, we're out. Father is a whole lot quicker than they wear out my mother's. I've noticed that too because I saw my mother over here with her child, who was sick, taking care of that child and doting on that child is doing everything. And I saw the husband of this wife, we getting up and walking out when, when the wife picks up the puke bucket, our bag and get ready to do her, that he walks out.

But he didn't know that he left.

Fathers become impatient, they go in and out, mother's stick it out. They're there. They want to be with their baby. They want to take care of those things. A Mother's Love. Simply cannot be denied. Can it? That's what I want to let you know that a mother is saluted for her persistent love. You know, the illustration I've given on teaching your kids to ride the bike, right to teach your kids are running behind them for a two-time dad's and after a the time you're done running behind cuz you're out of breath. And you let him go in there go in and they crash when it crashed and they get hurt. They don't come running to you. Normally. They usually go to Mom. Cuz you're going to get some laws, are going to get some Tender Mercies placed upon them. The dad's going to pick him up. All right, like that off and let's go again.

My mom cares, it's not that dad's. Don't we do tube? It's a different kind of love that are moms. Give us. We read a story in the Bible about rizpah rizpah. Risbo was not a very nice woman. She had two illegitimate songs one by both, my kingsoft later, when David ascended to the throne. He had those two sons. Put the death. He had him killed. They had participated in a conspiracy. So in that conspiracy, it resulted in the death of many people, David ordered their bodies. To be hung on the Gallows. And then left there. To be seen by those around, we seen that picture many times. Mom was concerned that the animals were going to come and partake of her children show. She pleaded to have the children taken that she. She went to David and ask David to. Take those children down. She didn't one of the Scavengers getting their bodies.

When David heard about the mother did, he was moved with compassion? He went to give Ian and had the bodies given a decent burial.

Hriste. Boze vigil. I think speaks to the persistent love. Of all mothers, regardless of what our children have gone. The love is still there. The picture of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, isn't it? Regardless of what you and I have done. God, still loves us. That's not a free pass to go out live our life. However, we want no because the actions of the children represent upon the mother and upon the parents and there's connections there.

Rich. Beem sure was not happy with what was going on in their children's life. Just like any mom would not be happy when their children are not doing the right things. It's going off in the wrong direction, and maybe try to correct and mold and send them in the right direction.

The part Kipling says this. If I were hanged on the highest hill I know whose love would follow me. Still mother of mine mother of mine. If I would come down to my mother of mine mother of mine. If I were Dan by body and soul, I know whose prayers would make me whole mother of mine mother of mine.

The understanding that love that Imam has. We don't always realize that doing. I'll be honest. I didn't realize I love them. My mom had at 13. I expected it. I expected mom to do all the things that moms do. Yes, we would say. I love you. Yes, we would sit down to dinner together and spend that time together the family time, but that was all expectations and has a child. It was a moment in time that after that dinner. We would do a little bible devotion, dad with L. An addend. In my friends are outside, knocking on the door cuz they went home for supper. Now, they're done Clyde. Can you come out to play in this like hurry up that? Don't need three points in a Pokemon. This one today.

Get out and play with your friends. What the provision for my life had always been there?

I cleaned out my office this week, maybe people nervous. Moved all my bookshelf, took all my books out, got rid of some books that I hadn't seen in 30 years. Got rid of some stuff that I hadn't touched in 30 years. Found what I've been looking for cuz Trinidad asked me the other day. I don't know that I've ever heard. Grandpa MacAskill. Priest. Could do you have any taste and I found them. and one of the tape cassette tape, All right. It was all from when he was here. Most of it was from when he was here, doing our, our church dedication and the original building. He had passed by the time, we have built this one. But there's a tape in there. That was my dad's testimony. Which he shared in his church on a Sunday night. So I listened to that testimony. I'd heard it before and bits and pieces, but I realize I've got my story all messed up. Someone not all messed up some of it, some of my dates and times are not quite correct. But the story was the same old when my father accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior and and went, when I was 20 days old, they loaded up. And he and my mom and my siblings. Five children, mom and dad went off. You went off. The Bible college. Should go to Bible College because God was calling him at 32 years of age into the ministry. Changing his whole life. He went from working in the oil fields and getting making good money and getting extra time. Overtime all that. He said 22 going and working in a in a feed mill in Springfield, Missouri, making a dollar, 14 an hour. Barely. Barely able to take care of his family. Not able to take care of the family and go to school. So we had to make a choice. He dropped out of school and took off with his family when he started the church. And all the while. My mother went along with him. All the while she was there taking care of the children. All the while. She was there taking care of me and I was a sickly child at 4 months old. I went into the hospital. I was in the hospital for 4 months. Had a tumor, got pictures. See you a picture of somebody posted that again this past week and they think it's lazy. It looks like Lacey and they said when did, when we get a picture of Lacey holding her cousin Ryan, they knew it wasn't, but that's one of the Ryan and I have no blood relationship, Lori's brother and sister-in-law their child. So none of my blood is in Ryan, but he got that same long face that I have I guess. Not so long when your smile is in.

But the relationship that lazy looks like that we record reflection or recognition of her looking like my mom. I see it. I didn't see it until I saw that picture of my mom and now I see it. And it's like, you know, what's a reminder? Takes you back a few years.

We pour our hearts and our souls mom's pour their hearts and their souls into their children. Sometimes they please just make us happy sometime. They displease us. But I guarantee to every one of your mom's here, this morning when your children do good, when your children do bad. You still love them. You might not like him at the moment. Am I right, but you love them. Got the same way with you and me. We can make mistakes. He's going to love us no matter what. He already has my sending his son to die in the cross. He loves us. No matter what. You might not like what we do all the time and we know that that's where we got to change. Don't do that.

God's love is precision. The mother's love is precision. Point number two. Mothers need to be saluted for the tremendous impact that they have had on the lives of each and everyone of us. Don't wait till it's too late. Don't think of a 13 year old guy. I got a whole lot of time before my mom dies, or let her know how much I really care right now. I just Mom. No, let him know. We don't know what the Day brings forth. There's a lot of impact that my mom has had in my life and things that she taught me and shared with me in the love of Jesus. And the way she provided. I'm convinced that the person who influenced Jesus the most s only To God, the father was his mother Mary. Joseph had a big part in there, too, but I think Mary was that and that's not to distract from Joseph side or his position or his role has think he was important to But we know that Mary loved her son. In fact, she had a lot of ideas for him, right? Remember when you shows up to Canaan to a wedding and an idea for her son song? Throw out a line at this wedding. What are you going to do about that? His answer was Mother. My time has not yet. Come. But then we see him turning the water into wine.

And I've said this before and I'm not saying it's just, so we can go out and drink a whole lot of wine. That's not the point. The abusive anything is not good, right? But he didn't do the cheap stuff. He did the good stuff. How do you know that? Because when they came out with the with the wine and water turned into wines and what are you doing? Bring out the good stuff, don't you know, that comes out the beginning of the wedding in the bad stuff comes out at the gym. Nobody Knows the difference, but you're bringing the best out. What else would Jesus do? What else would he give you and me, but the best. What else would a mom want for her child? But the best. Listen to home. John Begins the second chapter of his Gospel of John Chapter 2. Is it on the third day? There was that they were at a wedding in Canaan. The mother of Jesus was there and was always Mary was always there. Her love was their surrounding. Her son, her love was there. She wanted to say clothes? She knew. He was special. She was told from the very beginning. Remember that, Mary, you going to be with child, not just any child for the child that you are carrying is from the Holy Ghost. God, the Father. How can that be? I've never been with a man.

But With God, all things are possible.

Mark 3:32 to the mall to was sitting around him and they said to him, look your mother and your brothers are outside looking for you.

With the sending, all the world around us. We see what's going on. The scent of all the world on his shoulders. One of the last thoughts he had on the cross. What's 4 as a mother? John 19:26, reverse 27, when Jesus therefore saw his mother and disciples whom he loved standing by, he said to his mother. Woman. Don't try that kids and behold your son. A 27 said, then he said to the disciples behold. Your mother. From that hour. The disciple took her home. To his home. Jesus wasn't in his pain. In his heart, wasn't about him. It wasn't always me. He was concerned about who? Those out there.

When we are less concerned about those out there than we are about ourselves. There's an issue. There's a problem. Not to say, we shouldn't take care of ourselves because we don't take care of ourselves. We can't take care of those out there, but we need to have the eyes of Jesus, as a mom, has for her own children.

Woman. Behold your son. I'm up here hanging out if she saw that, she knew that look up here. Look at me. I'm in pain. I'm in sorrow on the suffering. You didn't say that out loud, but that's what was going on. The sins of the world are upon my shoulders because you know, why? There, any Easter jokes? Is that what he said? Sons of the world are upon my shoulders because I love them and I'm giving my life for them.

How many moms have given their lives for their children? To come into this world. And yes, we're in a whole different realm of situation in the world today, where

It's a mess. Not God's plan. We are not doing God's plan. some of us are striving to What are world on a overall scale? More worried about themselves and they are about fathers. Today, we honor the mothers who not just care about themselves. Only, as I said, we have to the caregiver, has it provide and take care of themselves so they can give care to others. If you don't take care of yourself. I share that with somebody this week, who's losing a loved one there. They're on their deathbed and they're there 24/7. I just looked at him. I said, listen, you got to take care of yourself. You got to take care of yourself because you don't take care of yourself. You won't be able to take care of your loved one. And if you can't take care of your loved one, they're down in your. Then. Somebody else all, I can't leave but you need to just step aside and trust God. Step aside and trust God. Yes, don't have something to eat. Yes. Take that time. But I've been on many death-beds work. All the patient was waiting for as a Hospice. Chaplain. All the patient was waiting for was for the family to go off and get something to eat. So they could pass in. Peace. I didn't know that bad where the family wanted everybody there to show up so they can see him one last time before they passed in. Peace.

It's on both ends. We got to take care of ourselves before we can take care of those around us. And if we're not taking care of ourselves properly. We can't really take care of those around us properly. Point number three.

We Salute mother's, because Where they are? Is where home is? Where's home for you? Where's home for you? I grew up. You know my story. I'm not going to bore you with it. We moved every three years we moved. We moved we moved he asked me. Where where's Home 79? Pryor Road Easton, New York address home. It's where my family is my children grew up there. My wife is there. I live there. Thankfully. She lets me stay. This is home. But where mom is at home? Mom passed when I was thirteen years of age. We live in Alva, Oklahoma at that time. If you ask me where I would go back to live, if I had a chance to go back to live, that would be in. That would be yet what? That was home. That was home. Was that home? Perfect. No, it was not. Mom was having a few health issues towards the end of her life. We didn't know that we didn't realize that. We didn't know what was going on. As a child. I would sit outside my mom and dad's bedroom window and listen to them, having arguments. About getting divorced.

That's a heavy load for a 13 year old. They didn't know, I was there. I mean the window was above my head and I'm sitting here in tears are streaming down my face, dad's trying to Pastor a church and try to get it going and Mom's going through some issues and things are going on. And she said, well, I'm just going to leave it and go back. Go back to Kansas where she was from.

And with a broken voice, I could hear my dad. Say, okay. Well that that's what you wanted. This is a pastor and a pastor's wife. Okay. We have problems. Did you know that? Did you know I have problems middle? Just look around.

George behold, your problem problem. Behold your church. We all have problems. If that's what you want. I'll take you back to your mom's in, Kansas. They've been married. Twenty-some years, 25 years at that point in time. And tears are streaming down my face cuz I was like, what was that? That means we got to move again. That move never happened. Mama, go through should get better and she get where she get better to get one. Eventually. Took her.

My dad was not happy that day. That my mom died. Had that conversation. I heard my dad. Leave the bedroom. My dad never raised his voice. Never yelled. Never screamed at my mom walked over to the church, which is next door went in and I snuck in behind him. He didn't know I was there and he was laying on the altar of the church. Crying his eyes out before God. Lord help me. Help my marriage. Help my family. Be with my wife. You know why? Because Mom's. You touch people. Did you know that? Detached people. Now. That's a personal message. I don't like sharing. But I know it's touching lives. Cuz we all have problems. And you know who helps us through our problems. God.

But moms and dads a man. But Mom's today so you don't know my mom. Okay, you maybe I don't but I do know that God loves her. And so should we? Paul's writing this list, 26, people of two or six of which or women that he mentions. There's a reason for that in the Bible.

There's a reason for that, too. There's some good women in the Bible are some bad women in the Bible are some good men in the Bible are some bad men in the Bible, but do you know who's supposed to be the spiritual leader in the home? Not the mom. She usually is. God set up, man. To be the leader next month. We'll hear about. That guy's to be the spiritual leader.

It's our responsibility to be the spiritual leader. God took woman from our side. Not told so we could strangle her with a headlock.

Tucker from Riverside to walk side-by-side as we take care of those that we care about.

And yes, we live in a world where there's a lot of male chauvinist.

but we live in a world where there's a lot of female chauvinist to,

I said it.

We're going into the 21st century and the 21st century, I think. In men or look down upon more than ever before.

It's because men treated women that way in the past, doesn't mean that women treat men, that that's the way the devil wants it to go.

But listen to me woman woman, I'm going to get myself in big trouble. If you're here this morning, you're all by your lonesome. There's no husband. God bless you, his blessing upon you, shame on the husband for not being a part of the children's lives. Could you here this morning? And you're here, with your husband, encourage one another become one, you know, why? Because it's a whole lot easier to pull that wagon with two oxen, then with one. A man. And sometimes my wife can pull a whole lot harder than me. What I do understand and you guys mom can pull pretty hard to. On that ear sitting in church on Sundays. Straight up.

No place like home. When Mom's their moms. We love you. You have a special place in the hearts of your family.

Let that grow. Let the things of God working you to work in those around you and look for those who might need a mother figure. They're out there. We're too busy. We don't have the right kind of financial to be able. It doesn't really take money, but it does take time. Share the love of Jesus. This morning. If you don't know Jesus as your lord and savior just believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved. Well, if you knew how we Act. If you're watching for us to act while we're all going to let each other down. It's what Christ has done for me and whether I believe it and accept it or not. Amen. For that. We should be thankful. Father. We thank you for your goodness and mercy and you love. We thank you for our mom's. We ask your blessing upon each and everyone today, guide us and direct us. Help us to be what you want us to be as individuals, but bless her. Mom said they happen to have a fabulous day and we'll give you the praise in Jesus name. Amen.

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