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No one ever cared for me like Jesus.
Aren't you thankful for that?
Jesus provides everything you and I would ever need.
All we need to do is put our faith and trust in him.
If you're here this morning, you don't know Jesus as your lord and savior.
If you don't know when your life is over, where you going to spend eternity?
Or if you do know and it's not heaven, listen up.
Cuz I will share with you how you get to heaven.
Not by what I say, but what by what Jesus has done for you and for me today, we celebrate Mother's Day.
We celebrate our mothers.
And I know when I say that especially in today's society, I could probably get in trouble right?
There is no genders anymore, right?
So they say, but I know I had a mother.
We've all had a mother.
We've not all been mothers or will ever be but we've all had a mother.
We're here.
And regardless of what you might think about your mother in this various, and I know I talked with people that they're being raised up, wasn't a great thing.
They didn't have a great mother or maybe they had a splendid mother.
It is all across the board.
And we see that not getting better in society as we go forth.
We see that going the opposite direction.
I was reading something this week talking about the origin of Mother's Day and it took place back in the 1900s because of a lady by the name of Anna Jarvis, had campaigned for an official holiday.
Honoring mothers in 1905.
The year, her mother died.
She wanted to honor her mother.
So she begin this campaign to start.
The honoring of mothers. in 1914, President Woodrow, Wilson, signed a proclamation that To make make Mother's Day official holiday to take place.
A second Sunday of May.
So here we are the second Sunday of May.
Honoring moms.
You hear me talk about this, small group, small church group, pastor's group that I'm an, and it's all that we shouldn't be honoring mom's.
We should be.
What is the scripture tell us?
Children honor.
Your mother and who will do that next month, just so, you know, right?
It's I mean, that's a plethora of pastors from all different genres genres and is just how you get on it just to get my blood boiling and then have a few laughs sometimes.
Brianna Jarvis help put Mother's Day on the calendar as a day to dedicate and express love and gratitude to mothers.
A few years later.
She tried to have it removed.
Because she began to see the commercialization of Mother's Day and she didn't like that.
She began to see how the card makers were commercializing on Mother's Day and how the flower people were commercializing on Mother's Day, and that began to upset her.
So she trying to have Mother's Day revoked because that what she thought was to be an honour for her mother became a money-making proposition for many others.
It's crazy.
How the world works today, isn't it?
We began something in week.
We honor someone and then all of a sudden it doesn't quite go the way we think it ought to go.
And, and also, we don't want to do it anymore.
If you hear this morning and your mother is still alive, make sure you let her know.
How much you love her?
We don't know my mother God does.
You know how much God loves her.
God loved her so much that he sent his only begotten son to die on a cross for her.
For you and for me that whosoever believes in him.
Yes, it should start here.
But if we got to have that relationship and that's the problem in our society today.
We don't have that relationship with God.
The way we shouldn't in the reason we don't all have that relationship the way we should because we don't know how to have relationships with those closest to us this morning, Romans chapter 16.
There's a group of people here in Romans chapter 16 that we're going to read about.
He talks, he gives us 26 names and I'm probably going to mess up some of these names.
If you can do better next week, you can come up and you can read this passage and get them, right?
But it's just how it goes, right.
Romans chapter 16 beginning and verse 1. Suppose I come in to you Phoebe.
Our sister who is a servant of the church, in Centuria, that you may receive her in the Lord, in a manner, worthy of her sayings and assist her, in whatever business.
She has need of you.
For indeed.
She has been a helper of many and myself also.
Free Priscilla and Aquila my fellow workers in Christ.
Jesus, who risk their own necks for my life to whom.
Not only, I gave thanks, but also all the churches are the Gentiles.
Likewise with the church that is in their home greet.
My beloved and papa night is, who is the first fruits of Acacia to Christ greet, Mary, who labored much for us, greet andronicus in junior.
My countrymen and my fellow prisoners who are of note among the apostles who also were in Christ before me.
Create a playlist.
My beloved in the Lord.
We are buying has our fellow worker in Christ.
Say he is my beloved green appeal, has approved in Christ.
Read those who are of the household of aristobulus read her Odie and my countrymen greet, those who are of the household of Narcissus.
Who are in the Lord retry Penny and try.
Who have labored in the Lord greet.
The Beloved purses who labored much in the Lord grant Rufus.
Chosen in the Lord and his mother and mine.
San Marcos.
Phil, John hermaeus, petrobras, Hermes and the brother and who are with them, greet, felonious and Julia.
Nearest in his sister Olympus and all the saints who are with them.
Greet one.
Another with a holy kiss.
The Churches of Christ greet you.
Now, I know I mess up some of those names.
And I know to any mom who has a child with those names and I mess it up.
You're going to be mad at me this morning.
And if you don't have a child with those names, you trying to figure out a new name for your child.
There you go.
Pick one and run with it.
We're funny that way, aren't we something?
That means something dear to us?
If somebody messes it up their name, or their whatever?
We got mad at him.
Maybe you're here this morning and you're like me and your mom passed away many years ago.
You don't have a whole lot of memories to hold onto of who mom was and what Mom did my mom passed away.
I was 13.
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