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Thank you, car.
The sermon today, a mother is called blessed.
Anna M. Jarvis, 1864 to 1948 first, suggested the national observance of an annual day.
Honoring all mothers because she had loved her mother.
So dearly.
Better memorial service for her mother on May 10th 1908, Miss Jarvis, gave a carnation, her mother's favorite flower to each person who attended and within the next few years the idea of a day to honor, mothers, gained popularity, and Mother's Day, was observed in a number of large cities in the United States.
On May 9th 1914 by an act of Congress President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed.
The Second Sunday.
As in May is Mother's Day.
He established a day as a time for public expression for our love and reverence for the mothers of our country.
My vanity become customary to wear white carnations to honor departed, mothers and red to honor the living accustom that continues to this day.
Her children arise and call her blessed.
Her husband also and he Praises her many women, do noble things, but you surpass them all.
It wasn't, until my mother went from a homemaker to an employee teacher of record that I came to a really appreciate my mom.
She did this so that my father and her could send me to Texas Christian University.
Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to attend college there if she had not gone to work.
And yet I realize the stupidity of that last statement.
She never went from Homemaker to teacher.
She was still a homemaker.
She still cooked and did laundry and other household, chores and share.
That was shared with my father because she was tired at the end of the day.
I asked and about teaching, and how tired it makes you.
Don't ask her if she gets help.
It is sad that it took me so long to appreciate my mother's sacrifice.
I would call her blessed.
She is no longer alive, but I still remember her chicken cutlets and Texas.
Spaghetti chicken fried steak and many other dishes that she made some taken from her mother's recipe, but most important of all and something I dearly remember was her dedication to the church and her example that encouraged her children to attend.
She taught Sunday school served as a deacon served as president of Christian.
Women's Fellowship among other officers at the church.
She was an especially beloved Bible teacher.
I remember her preparing her lessons, Bible and commentary in hand.
She was a gifted teacher.
She loved the church.
She loved worship singing.
The hymns hearing the communion meditation, listening to the prayers and the sermons.
She had grown up with the best of preaching, and her love for the spoken word, continue through the remainder of her life.
But her example of consistent attendance in Sunday, school, and worship influence, my sisters, and I to prioritize.
And, for my interest in the ministry.
I remember when I was taking an Old Testament class and I wrote a paper on the character, biblical character of Joe, and she fashioned a whole set of lessons, based on that one research, paper.
Christmas was her favorite time of the year, and she took time to make individualized gifts for her friends.
One particular gift.
I remember was a picture of each of the families homes in the snow taken a year earlier and then framed and given out at the next Christmas.
I'm sure you have many reasons to call your mother blessed, whether she is alive or not.
I know you have similar and different memories that you cherish.
Hopefully son that surround the church attending church on a regular basis.
I believe is the ultimate compliment that you could give your mother.
I hope you can rise and call your mom blessed or whoever filled that role for you.
I'm going to skip some.
I heard it said from one Minister that Mother's Day was the fourth highest attendance in church behind Easter Christmas and Palm Sunday.
I suppose you have listened to a number of sermon concerning mothers in the entirety of your life.
We just can't seem to summarize our Encompass, everything that a mother does in the scriptures.
Jesus had a loving mother.
Her very life was endangered by being pregnant with Jesus, at such a young age and outside of wedlock.
Thank God.
She believed the angel that visited her and promised that she would give birth to the long-awaited Messiah.
What are burdened?
However, good was that news?
Can you imagine being the mother of Jesus?
Me and might not be able to relate to this but I am sure.
Mothers have thoughts on the subject Mary song.
I don't know if you are familiar with that.
In scripture has come down to the biblical ages and recounts.
A Mary sees herself as blessed and that God has chosen the common class to bring a savior into the world.
Mary must have been torn in many ways.
During the life of Jesus, there was a time when she and Joseph lost Jesus when he was among the chief priests in Jerusalem, and they were headed back to Nazareth and had to turn around and find Jesus, how a mother must feel when it when a child.
She raised is lost.
Then the ultimate pain and watching her son died on a cross seen as a common criminal, a son that you knew was the son of God.
Did Mary believe and understand that the cross was necessary to the Salvation of mankind and then that he would be raised on the third day.
Still the pain of losing a child.
It is said that there is no deeper pain than the death of a child parents were never meant to bury their children.
How she must have grieved to see her son misunderstood and treated poorly by the leaders of the church.
How proud she must have been to see her son.
Grow in Mind and Spirit following the footsteps.
God had planned for him.
What Pride she must have had when he when he when she saw that.
He did the Miracles possibly.
She knew him better than any others mothers are called Blast.
Oliver Wendell Holmes said, youth Fades, love droops, the leaves of friendship.
Hope outlives them all.
A mother's secret.
Hope, what do you suppose homes meant by that?
What would be her secret hope?
The health and well-being of a child, the hope of a bright future for a child.
The hope that her child would have good friends throughout her lie.
The hope that her child would have a good education, the hope that our child would have a long life.
The hope that our child would meet, someone special to marry the hope that our child would always remember her and beat her best friend.
The hope that our child would grow in faith in the knowledge of God, the hope that our child would one day, visit her when she was sick, the hope that our child and hurt, even if they disagreed, would return to each other in love.
The hope that our child would make a difference in the world in their small corner of Life.
The hope that our child would somehow be blessed by the things she did for them in her life.
Let us take some time today to remember or call our mothers or whoever played that role in our lives.
Maybe you didn't always get along with your mom.
Maybe you felt alienated from your mom.
Maybe you felt betrayed from your mom.
Hopefully, you love your mom or whoever played that role in your life.
Can we agree that in most instances?
They did the best they could with what they had been given.
I realize there are exceptions to this but I do hope they are rare.
May we rise and say today that we are better because of our mom or whoever played that role.
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