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God’s Comfort—2 Cor. 1:1-5   Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting   4/22/09

  Trouble is an inescapable consequence of living in this world. Today, we hear everywhere of people doing horrible things to themselves and others. Job 14:1-

  Sometimes is this trouble God seems afar off- Job 13:24- this was certainly the human side of Job coming out. Psa. 10:1- Psa. 13:1- even David asked this same question.

  Why does God allow these things to happen to us?

   1-To prove the validity of their faith

      Prov. 17:3-

      2 Chron. 32:31-

      Deut 8:2-

      1 Peter 1:6-7-

      These tests aren’t for God they are for us so we can look at our faith.

     Thou Job was tested above all measure he remained faithful- Job 13:15. Many times we certainly don’t understand what’s going to but we can know that at the top level is God.

    2- God allows bad things to happen so we won’t get all tied up with this world

      Rom. 5:3-5- those who have their eyes on Heaven will not despair in this life.

      2 Cor. 4:17-18-

      Rom. 8:18-

    3- God may allow it to teach us obedience

      Psa. 119:67-71

      Heb. 12:5-11-

    4- God may allow bad things so he can reveal compassion

      Psa. 63:3-

      Isa. 49:13-

    5- God allows bad things to strengthen us for greater service

      James 1:2-4-

    6- God allows bad things so we can learn comfort so we will comfort others when they are in their trials

     Luke 22:31-32-

     2 Cor. 1:4-

       God comforts us because he is a merciful God but also because He has promised to comfort us

          Isa. 41:10-

          2 Cor 7:6-

          Deut 31:6-

          Heb. 13:5-

          Affliction- pressure.  Throughout  all his trials in life Paul was comforted by the Lord. 2 Cor. 4:7-11- Suffering believers receive God’s comfort so they can comfort others that are suffering. We need to be a vessel that God can use to bring comfort to those who are hurting. We need to get involved in other people’s lives. 2 Thess 2:16- God is the source of all comfort but we can be used of Him. 2 Tim. 3:12-


Psa. 37:1-7

   Fret- literally get mad – Trust- have confidence in --- Delight- to take pleasure in discovering more about God and his will for your life—Commit- allow Him to shape your thoughts, goals and lifestyle (roll your life over onto Him) Rest- rely on Him to work out our circumstances. Taling matters in our wom hands is not helping Him out.

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