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Corrupt leadership over the people leads to governing and ruling in injustice.
In our country and in our government we see corruption and we cry out at the injustice around us.
Our culture and way of life is permeated through and through with injustice.
Evil seems to prevail and justice is hidden or impotent.
Whats worse is that this injustice has permeated even the sanctuary
Our current situation and climate of injustice and evil is not unique to us and our time.
The culture and sins of our time were prevalent in Micah’s day as well.
The same sins and the same cultural thinking from back then is alive today.
Micah’s hope was to point forward to the promised rule and reign of justice in the coming Kingdom of the Lord.
Evil and injustice was prevalent and is still still prevalent - what is God going to do about it?
Its painfully obvious by now hopefully that the answer is not found in another ruler or another form of human government.
Who is Like Our God to take us from Unjust rulers and ruling to ruling in justice Himself.
Lets go through Micah 3-5 and see how God is going to do that.
End of Injustice
Leaders Judged
Listen leaders of Jacob and rulers of the house of Israel, you are supposed to know what is just.
Yet instead of acting and ruling justly you instead pervert justice.
You hate good and love evil.
You have no love of the LORD and neither do you fear Him.
Instead of practicing justice they acted in opposite and perverse standards.
Instead of leading the people they were like wild beasts tearing skin and stripping flesh of the people they are supposed to lead and serve.
They eat the flesh of God’s people and then prepare them for meat for the cooking pot.
Literally to chew them up and spit them out.
It is because of this injustice and perverse treatment that when they call out for help to the LORD He will not answer them, instead He will hide His face from them.
Israel will go into captivity despite the leaders thinking their prosperity would continue and thinking the Lord was pleased because they were blessed.
When the captivity comes then they would finally see that God was indeed punishing them.
There comes a time when in rebellion when consequences must be endured for the choices and actions.
God certainly listens to the prayers of His people but this does not mean that He will relieve them immediately from the consequences of their sinful actions.
False Prophets Judged
Micah also speaks a word from the LORD concerning the prophets.
They lead His people astray, prophets were supposed to proclaim the word to bring people back to the LORD and back into His covenant but they were also acting contrary to their place of position and calling.
They proclaimed peace when they were bribed with food.
The one who provided them nothing however received the word of no peace.
Concerned not for the purity of God’s people and not concerned for the truth of God’s word the prophets only cared for their own self and their own desires.
Beware the prophet who’s goal and desire is not God’s truth proclaimed but his own wants and needs met.
Materialism is their master not God.
Therefore because of their contrary way and contrary word God declared it will be night for them.
It would be dark.
No vision and no divination the sun will set on these prophets.
The seers will be ashamed and the diviners disappointed.
They will cover their mouth because there will be no answer from God.
As for me - Micah - I am filled with power by the Holy Spirit of the LORD with justice and courage to proclaim to Jacob his rebellion and Israel his sin.
A message people want to hear is easy to proclaim, but to proclaim the message they need to hear takes - the power of the Holy Spirit, justice and courage.
The true prophet desires to see people change their ways and turn back to God in response to the message of their sin.
Zion Destroyed
Listen to this leaders and rulers.
You abhor justice and pervert what is right.
You build Zion with bloodshed and Jerusalem with injustice.
Rulings are issued for bribes and religious leaders teach for a payment and prophets prophesy for silver.
They all lean on the LORD and presume the LORD is among them and among all the people.
In this presumption they also presume that they are not in danger and disaster is not coming.
Just like most who rule and reign in injustice they think that because they prosper they will just continue.
They see the prospering as a sign that God is ok with it and is even blessing it.
Micah gives the devastating judgment from God, because of the leaders - governmental and religious - Zion will be plowed like a field and Jerusalem will become ruins.
The temple mountain will be a high thicket.
The land will be cleared, the slate will be cleaned.
I am wiping out the injustice.
Zion Restored
The Lord Will Rule
Micah’s prophecy now turns from the coming destruction and plowing of the land to looking forward to the “last days”.
The “last days” is the End Times, the Day of the Lord, the Second Coming of Christ.
These first eight verses of Micah’s prophecy are specifically speaking of the future promised Millennial Reign of the Messiah, of Christ.
The mountain of the LORD’s house is speaking of the kingdom and rule of the LORD’s house being established.
This kingdom will be established at the top of the mountains and raised above the hills - it will be supreme, sovereign and known.
Peoples will stream to it - all nations, all ethnos will stream to it to come desiring to go to the house of the LORD and the house of the God of Jacob.
God’s plans and promises are not nullified because of sin - they are established because of His Word.
Israel will be prominent above all the other nations in all the earth.
The temple site will be the center of the Millennial government, the place where Christ will rule from.
A stark and striking contrast to the desolate condition of Jerusalem when it is plowed .
The religious and political systems will be closely related (no separation of church and state).
Moses’s day saw Israel’s government completely intertwined with the religious system.
The king anointed by God to govern and the priest anointed to lead in worship.
In the Millennium the King will also be the High Priest.
He will teach us His ways, that we would walk in His paths.
From Zion instruction will go out and the Word of God from Jerusalem.
He will settle disputes among many peoples and provide arbitration for strong nations far away.
They will turn to piece and will no longer take up arms - nor need them.
They will no longer train for war.
Peace will reign with justice and fear will be unknown.
Also on that day - that day of the Lord, that day when the Messiah comes, when the King comes to rule and reign the people will be gathered together again.
The lame, the scattered, those injured - they will be a remnant and a strong nation.
The LORD himself will rule over them from that day forever - sovereignty will come to Jerusalem in the Millennial reign.
The Lord Will Rescue
Returning now from the future hope and promise back to their present troubles and judgment.
Micah proclaims their coming judgment will involve a great amount of distress like a woman in labor.
They will be delivered to Babylon - but they will also be redeemed from their.
Many nations have come up against them - Assyria.
They seek to defile them but do not know the LORD’s intentions or plan.
These events must take place - the fact that they are taking place should give hope that what the LORD has promised in chapter 4 will also take place.
The Lord will rescue them He is not done with them and He will again rise them in prominence under the rule and reign of their Messiah the Coming King.
Justice Will Reign
Coming King
A ruler will come specifically the King.
The ruler to come is prophesied with some specific prophecies.
The ruler will comes from Bethlehem but not any Bethlehem it will be Bethlehem Ephrathah, the Bethlehem of David specifically six miles south of Jerusalem.
The coming King will be of the tribe of Judah (the kingly tribe).
The coming King is eternal - His origin is from antiquity and ancient times.
There was not a time when this coming King did not exist.
He will be deity.
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