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428 I Need Thee Every Hour
Before the Throne of God Above
Word of God Hebrews 8:1-7 [liturgist] 1-13 for message
Message: “Jesus and Our New Relationship”
Last week we talked about how Jesus is our High Priest and He is “Perfect Forever”
Unlike any high before priest Him, Jesus lives forever as our High Priest
By being in Heaven, seated next to God the Father and Having sent the Holy Spirit to be with us (last week was Pentecost)
Because of all that we have the Holy Trinity
The Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Today we continue to look at what this means to us a Believers so many years after this gift of Jesus and the Holy Spirit
All under this message titled “Jesus and Our New Relationship”
Our core text today set the stage for our new, post Pentecost, relationship in Hebrews 8:1
For those of you who hated studying English in school, I hope you see the importance of that study in verse 1
Tense matters, “We HAVE such a high priest”
That’s present tense and absolute
There is no room for doubt or equivocation
Also, “one who IS SEATED..”
Again, present tense
Jesus was then and is currently seated in the place of honor immediately next to God the Father in Heaven
We know two things for certain just in Hebrews 8:1.
Jesus is STILL our high priest
and we know where Jesus is
Hebrews 8:2 also told us what Jesus is doing in Heaven
Jesus is a “minister” in the Holy Temple
The word we see as “minister” in our Bibles in the original language it was (leitourgos)
λειτουργός (leitourgos).
Especially a public servant
So, Jesus is a servant in the temple or dwelling place of God
Who does Jesus serve?
Jesus serves God by serving us
All the man-made temples, churches and the like are, at best, a poor replication of the “true” temple in Heaven
This is not a reflection of the grandeur of the building
Not the quality of the stained glass or gold
Not the comfort of the chairs
If any of us were able to sit on God’s throne in God’s temple,
we would still be us and the temple would be lessened
The “Throne of the Majesty in Heaven” is more than a building with big chair
This throne is a place of power
This throne is the physical place were our protector is always found
Revelation 7:15 describes it like this
You know I’m going to ask, “what is the ‘Therefore’ there for?”
This reference from Revelation 7 describes all Believers who are NOT a part of the 144,000 representing the sons of Israel
Tribes of Levi, Gad, Asher, etc.
So, the result of our relationship with Jesus proves very important starting in Revelation 7:9-12
I’m NOT going to do a full exposition of the Book of Revelation today
What I will say is that the Old Testament sets forth the OLD relationship
The relationship between all the Tribes of Israel and God
The requirement for adherence to the law as the only way to please God and receive God’s favor
Our hope and assurance of eternity in Heaven depends on us having faith in Jesus as the Son of God in the New covenant
We should define this word “Covenant”
A clear and solemn agreement or testament.
As in “Last will & Testament”.
Even when the Great Tribulation comes
There is hope for those who must live through that time
Revelation 7:13-14
We Believers who have truly accepted Jesus and turned our lives over to Jesus
We have already had our sin-stains washed away by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus
Even for those who endure the Great Tribulation,
Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross puts them in a position of protection.
There are many well-argued positions on what is called Pre-tribulation, mid-trib, post-tribulation
Basically those terms deal with whether Believers, the church are taken up to be with Jesus before during or after the Tribulation and when Jesus actually comes back
Will the church be taken up to meet Jesus in the air before, during or after the terrible destruction in the Great Tribulation
That’s another preaching series for another day
I do need us to understand Revelation 7 regardless of the timing of events
(Revelation 7:15-17
From beginning of time until the end of time there are a multitude of complex relationships we are a part of
While we attempt to build manmade temples pleasing to God
We need to realize that the temple we SHOULD be focusing on in the temple within us
It is in our very hearts that God is building the temple that will bring us closer to being the people God has called us to be
And we cannot be those people if we are overly focused on the OLD relationship of the Old Covenant
That’s why Hebrews 8:8-12 quotes Jeremiah 31:31-34
Jeremiah was envisioning a better covenant than what existed at THAT time
That’s what Jeremiah was talking about here (and what the author of Hebrews is referencing)
Jeremiah was right and we are the beneficiaries of this new covenant as stated in Hebrews 8:6
We certainly got the upgraded model, agreed?!
Jesus, in the present tense, is mediator for us
Jesus is the “go-between” to bridge the gap between our sinfulness and the righteousness that USED to be required for salvation
There is even more we need to notice here
In Hebrews 8:10, we read that God writes His laws directly into our hearts
We talk about following the 10-Commandments, and we need to do that
But we don’t have to go to the library or Google machine to find out what the Commandments are
God has written in our hearts what is right and wrong
We may not all obey what we know in our heart, but God’s law is there
Kids, you know you are supposed to honor your Mother and Father
and I doubt you ever climbed a mountain to read a stone tablet with that instruction
I also doubt that you have ALWAYS honored your parents
For all of us,
We must go to God’s Word to learn more so we don’t pervert God’s Word or poison it with our human desires
and we MUST never forget what God promises, as Hebrews 8:12 says, “God will be merciful toward our iniquities and ‘remember our sins no more’.”
God does not have a memory problem
Instead, this means that God will not hold our past mistakes against us
God does not have a three-strike rule
God has unending grace and is merciful
The final verse, Hebrews 8:13 makes it clear that things have changed
We cannot have the fullness of the relationship God wants with us if we try to hold on to the old
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