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Debate Roe V Wade supreme court ruling.
We are going to have one side debate for abortions and the other side is debating for life of the baby.
You will have 15 minutes to prepare your debate.
5 minutes to present.
Then we will argue back and forth for 2 minutes before I close.
My notes:
Has a baby in a womb ever come out of a woman as anything but a baby?
We didn’t debate when life begins, but I think when life begins is a very important argument here.
If you think life begins when a baby crosses a few inches and leaves his mom to join us in the world, then abortions may not be that hard for you to support because you don’t believe what’s in a woman is a baby.
IF that’s you, then I ask my original question. Has a baby every come out of a woman as not a baby - anything but a baby?
The answer is no. Billions of times women have had babies and when the baby comes out, it’s a baby.
Here’s my point. No matter what stage of pregnancy. From conception to coming out of the womb, the life growing inside a woman has only had the potential to be one thing… A baby.
What about Rape and incest?
This accounts for less than one percent of abortions.
With all gentleness, I can’t imagine being a woman and experiencing such a horrible sin against you and then having to carry a baby.
But here is my question here… In our culture, when do we criminalize children for the sins of their fathers?
Ryan, if your dad killed a man tomorrow. Would the police arrest you or your dad? Why wouldn’t they arrest you? Cause your dad did the crime!
By the same logic, why would we support killing children for the sins of their fathers?
I’m not saying a woman should have to keep the baby. There are adoption options when the baby is born.
If the woman never wants to see the baby, can we all not agree shes justified in that? But killing a life over the sin of the father? Do you support that? I don’t.
But what about my body my choice? Shouldn’t a woman have the right to choose?
Does a baby and a mother always have the same blood type?
In fact I believe only one of my 2 sons shares the same blood type as Allison. My other 2 share my blood type, A+
At the simplest foundation of this argument, your body cannot exist with the wrong blood. If you are A+ blood and you have B- blood enter your body, your body will treat it as an infection and fight off the b- blood cells and kill it.
THis can and has happened in moms before where the baby is attacked by the mom’s body for having a different blood type.
But y’all… You can’t have 2 different blood types co-exist in your body… But you can have another human growing inside of you ladies!
Which brings me to my final point. As a culture, we have gotten to a point where we think this is somehow beneath a woman to have children.
That its far more prominent and important to have a high paying job and prestige in that job.
Let me just say this, if you’re a man or a woman, when you grow up if you leave a job, get fired from a job, or anything in between, your job will replace you in a week. In just a few days, you will be replaced.
If you walk away from your family of 5, if Allison and I got divorced and I walked away from my boys… My boys will feel the repercussions of that for their entire lives…
There is nothing more important in life and nothing more aspiring than being a parent.
Here’s my final challenge to you… Don’t buy the lie that family isn’t the greatest honor of your life.
Guys… Get off the video games and go get married and be dads afterward as soon as you can after you graduate high school.
Ladies… same to you! Don’t marry a loser guy. There are plenty of them out there.
Marry young, Have lots of kids, and come back and talk to me and tell me in 10-15 years that this isn’t the best phase of life you’ve ever been in.
A woman is the only one who can carry that child in her womb.
The only person…
What an honor and a priviliege.
Every single one of us in this room and every single person outside of this room who argues for abortion is literally here arguing for it because their mom chose not to have one!
We are all here because our moms did the hardest job in the universe, carried, protected, and birthed you.
What superheros moms are!
Guys, we can’t do anything that cool…
But we can be sure we give our wives and moms of our children the support they need to be successful and feel confidence in this monumental task.
Marry young. Have kids.
If you want to be a rebel in today’s culture. Do that!
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