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We should expand and grow in every aspect of our lives in the Lord, but what's not allowing such growth or expansion in our lives?

This whole month we have talked about Shift.
Move or cause to move from one place to another. Change the emphasis, direction, or focus of.
We have the potential as the Church of God on earth to be World Shifters.
In light of that truth though, we ought not let the world shape us but allow God’s Word to renew us! We need to Detox our Minds! So we can discern what is God’s pleasing, good, and perfect will!
We are in times where lawlessness is increasing and God’s patience is evident because as a Father, He is waiting that we (humanity) return to Him.
We need to shift! Tell your neighbor: SHIFT!
Today, we end this sermon series.
I will be speaking under the topic:
I wonder, is there any desire in you to expand? To grow? To increase?
Expand your influence (modeling of Christ)? Grow in knowledge and understanding (of who God is through His Word)? Increase your peace, joy, and love (living under the power of the Holy Spirit)?
We can’t expect to see expansion, increase or growth if we aren’t willing to: STAY PUT.
This may sound counterintuitive, but look at the context of the story of Isaac.
Despite what was taking place around Isaac God told him to “…stay in this land as an alien, and I will be with you and bless you…” (Gen. 26:3)
We need to graduate from thinking that trials mean that God isn’t with us or we aren’t doing something right.
God allows things to happen in and around our lives that at the times may not make sense, but when we learn that our God will never leave us or forsake us…won’t allow us to be destroyed, nor tempted beyond what we can handle…it’s when we learn He is a God of purpose.
He who started a good work in us will carry it on to completion (Phil. 1:6)…but, we need to hold on to this truth even much more in the process.
Philippians 1:6 CSB
I am sure of this, that he who started a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.
So in times of struggles: Stay Put!
It’s in our human nature to fight or flight!
We can react in ways that later on we can regret.
We tend to move when we should be still.
We tend to follow the herd (where everyone else goes) when we should go the opposite direction.
We need to trust God when He tells us to do something that seems contrary to what is logical or reasonable.
Isaac was confronted with a famine that attacked the land, but the Lord told Him to stay in the land.
Famine meant there was a lack of essential resources.
Have you ever went through a time in your life where experienced a famine, a lack of, in your life where it put you in a very hard position?
But it is in these situations that position us to see God reveal Himself in ways we never expected.
“The LORD appeared to him and said…”
In this chapter we see how God blessed Isaac immensely.
Genesis 26:12 CSB
Isaac sowed seed in that land, and in that year he reaped a hundred times what was sown. The Lord blessed him,
God protected Isaac. Provided for Isaac. Expanded Isaac’s goods.
As it is written, “The Lord blessed him,”
We can’t expect to see expansion, increase or growth if we aren’t willing to let go.
We can’t expect to see expansion, increase or growth if we aren’t willing to
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