Revealing Revelation Chapter 1 - Introducing you to the Revelation of Jesus Christ [CG]

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Chapter 1 - An overview of Revelation 1-3, but also the entire book of Revelation.

We are looking to break down Rev 1:1-8 today.

Rev 1:1 - It’s the Revelation of Jesus Christ to John and to us through John. ++Written in the mid 90’s AD. ++The is the 1st word, but it should be a “A” showing that the rest of the bible is a revelation of Jesus Christ also. ++It’s the last book & the last revelation of God to the world, thus His Word is complete. ++Shortly = when things begin to happen they will happen very rapidly from start to finish. It’s not a from now till the end time frame. ++The gospels are introducing Jesus to the world as the savior regarding the forgiveness of sin & how God became a man. Revelation is the revelation of Jesus as God and how He will be for eternity. This is Jesus after the ascension in Acts. ++This book is at the end for a reason - it assumes you have read the rest of the book. This book references all the other books like no other book. It’s kinda like Jesus [Cliff] notes for the bible - it will bring the entire bible into focus and remembrance. ++The book of Revelation makes more references to the OT than any other NT book.

++God lives in the eternal now - Isa 46:9-10

Mt 24:7 - famines in the Greek is POLITICALLY caused. ++It’s due to a few people and how they rule that cause people to starve. ++Pestilences - world wide event, not localized.

Mt 24:5 - “many will come in My name” = people won’t claim to be Jesus or the Christ, but will claim to have a different way to God. [Cults]

The message of the book is not about the future, it’s all about Jesus. The events are like a coming storm, we can see it building.

Rev 2:1 - Jesus will speak at times but most of the book is a guided tour for John by an angel, not Jesus

Rev 1:3 - Blessed = happy ++refers to a gathering ie let some read and some listen. ++Happiness is 1 of the 7 fruits of the Spirit ++near = ἐγγύςb: a point of time subsequent to another point of time, but relatively close. ++Again speaking to not right then, but when you see this train start to roll, it’s going to pick up speed and hit these stops faster & faster.

Rev 1:4 - Grace = a favorable attitude toward someone or something—‘favor, good will’. ++who is & who was & who is to come.

Rev 1:5 - 1.) Faithful witness - of God, Creator of all, sinless/perfect. [Who Was] ++2)Firstborn from the dead - conquer of death, our salvation. [Who Is] ++3.) Jesus ruler over the kings of the earth - They are in His hand, also the 2nd coming. [Who Is To Come].

Rev 1:6 - Made us kings & priests - this is what we will be - but notice the the tense. We have our position now.

Rev 1:7 - Behold = Open your eyes, it’s a willful call. Speaking of the 2nd coming not the rapture as explained by Amir. ++even they who pierced him = the very soldiers who pierced him. ++tribes = every ethnic group, color, and every level of society. ++mourn = they mourn because they are against Him, they have been caught.

Rev 1:8 - Alpha & Omega = Alpha is not the letter for Alpha, but the word Alpha. ++Thus showing that Jesus was there at the beginning as the Word of God. ++Omega is the letter NOT the word. Meaning Jesus / the Word of God is eternal, open ended, never ending. ++the Beginning and the End is a reference to Jesus as the governor of time. ++Almighty = the 1 and only one who is omnipotent, holy.

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