Starting the New Year Right

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TEXT: Philippians 3:13‑14


A.    God is the giver of many wonderful things

1.        New birth by faith

a)    New nature, new heart, new life, new hope, and a new task

b)   Finally a new body in a new home called Heaven

B.     Now God is giving us a New Year

1.        This means a new start for some as they have not done will in the old one

a)    Not lived for God as they should

b)   Chance for a new start

c)    New hope

2.        Dreamed certain things would happen in the old year, but dreams can become reality in the New Year

3.        A new year means to some

a)    New job

b)   New family responsibilities

c)    New position to maintain

4.        To all it should mean a new life to live

a)    It is time for leaf and write clean page

C.    In the text Paul is looking two ways

1.    He looked backward and thought of all that he had suffered for Christ and that he had accomplished for Christ

a)    A look back at 2001

2.    Then he said I am looking forward

a)    Rededicate life to Christ

b)   Look at end and press toward

c)    Many look but don't press

D.    We should look toward the New Year in our hearts that with God's help we will make it a better year for Him

1.    The recipe for a Happy New Year is

a)    Repent, Resolve, Remember

I.          WE ARE TO REPENT

A.    Repentance is the first step to God

1.    Sin must be repented of before reaching God

2.    Put trust in Christ

B.     Because of sin, the relationship and sweet fellowship with God is lost

1.    Adam and Eve

a)    Where art thou? (Out of fellowship)

2.    David

a)    Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation

C.    Repentance brings a Happy New Year

1.    There are sins to be repented of

a)    You know when you commit them

b)   Think of Peter's denial of Christ

2.    There is neglect to be repented of

a)    You may not have indulged in open sin but you have neglected your Christian duties

b)   When you came to Christ, you vowed to be faithful

3.    There is a wrong spirit toward others to be repented of

a)    More Christians are guilty of this sin than any other

b)   Lives are pure morally but their hearts are filled with hatred, jealousy, malice and envy


A.    Daniel resolved that he would not defile himself

1.    Carried into captivity as boy

2.    Was required to eat pork and drink wine forbidden by the Lord

3.    We should resolve to live for the Lord

B.     Jacob resolved to bring his tithes unto the Lord

1.    In dream, “If you will go with me, I will live for you and surely give thee one tenth of all that I earn”

2.    He was poor when he made that vow, ten years later at same place he was wealthy

C.    David made a resolution

1.    Read Bible and adopt it as a standard of living

2.    Resolved to Pray Psalm 116:2   Because he hath inclined his ear unto me, therefore will I call upon him as long as I live.

3.    Things that count most in prayer

a)    Not arithmetic of prayer‑how many

b)   Not rhetoric‑how eloquent

c)    Not geometry‑how long

d)   Not music‑how sweet

e)    Not method‑how orderly

f)    Fervency is what counts

D.    Paul made a resolution to win souls

1.    My hearts desire and prayer is that Israel might be saved. Romans 10:1

2.    If everyone in our church won someone to Jesus in the coming year

a)    It would make the church over

b)   It would make you over

c)    It would make a new life for the person


A.    We must remember that we can never repay Christ for all that he has done

1.    What has he done

a)    He knew you sinned and the wrath of God would fall on you

b)   He went to the cross and took your place

c)    Saw you sinking in hell and reached down and lifted you up

2.    Remembering all He has done for you, won't you say, “In this New Year I will do my best for Christ??”

B.     We must remember that the greatest happiness and the richest rewards come to those who are faithful

1.    This cannot be a happy new year unless you are living for Christ

2.    Story of girl about car, “I do thank you for this offer, but you keep the car and I will keep my Christ

C.    We must remember this may be our last year

1.    Parable of the fig tree, one last chance

2.    Have you been faithful as promised


Story of two business men at revival, who were often in bitter competition

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