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The Lighthouse Keeper
Do you know what a lighthouse is?
Where do you see them?
what is there Job, or what used to be their job back when men manned the lighthouses
To Keep the light operating all night and during other darkness
There is a story told about this one lighthouse keeper who was very friendly.
He was so friendly that if a ship came by,
low on fuel, to get to the port they wanted, he would give them fuel
from his tanks.
Then one night lightning hit the light house and put out the light.
The lighthouse operator quickly engaged the generator and fired it up,
so there would be a light warning people about the rocks there.
The engine started up and ran fine
for about 20 minutes, and then it stopped.
It was out of fuel.
The lighthouse keeper searched for more fuel but he
had given all the rest of it away, without restocking.
So the rest of the night, the storm raged on, with no lighthouse to guide or warn the ships.
Because the light was out, a ship crashed into the rocks
and many lives were lost.
There was a trial.
The judge told the keeper, you are a nice guy, but you forgot your first duty
to make sure the light ran every night, all night and every day that was too dark.
Your negigence cost peoples lives.
The keeper got in big trouble that day.
Sometimes as grown up, we get so busy doing good things for people,
nice things for people, and we forget
the most important things we can do for others,
is to share with them about Christl
To share with them their need for salvation, the forgiveness of their sins
To share with them the solution to their need, repenting of their sins and
asking for Jesus forgiveness.
Let me pray for you and all of us.
kids dismissed
Gnostic Teaching
The gnostics believed that only spirit was good and matter, physical things were all evil.
So they could not believe that God created the world.
how could
“Why would a good god create something evil!”
That made no scense to them.
They said that Jesus was only spirit, that his birth from Mary was something like gas through a funnel.
One minute his spirit was apparently in her, the next it was outside, looking like a human baby.
The Gnostics taught that you needed more then just Jesus forgiveness to get into heaven
you needed their secrete knowledge
or you were just out of luck.
Since the Gnostics didn’t believe Christ was a flesh and blood person,
His death on the Christ was just a spiritual parlor trip and
the Gnostics will gladly explain how you really get saved.
or consider, People today think there are many ways to God,
and to be considered,
a tolerant person you better believe that too!
But that is not what Paul taught.
I want us to start this morning with a focus on verse 19
You know from Context that the Him referred to is Jesus Christ
Buy the way, something i meant to point out last week was that Paul's earlier letters make reference to “Jesus the Christ”, so
Jesus was his name and
The Christ was his roles.
But here and in his other later letters, I’m told he called our Lord
Jesus Christ
So thru common usage, Christ became a noun, part of his name, instead of a clarification of His role.
Back to the Fullness of Christ
What is the Fullness of Christ?
When I read again this passage in study, my mind said
what is the fullness of Christ?
The fullness of Christ is everything that Paul has just listed about Christ from verse 15 onward starting with
1 He has his Fathers looks
15 The Son is the image of the invisible God
Do you remember when Jesus was with his disciples the night of his betrayal and Philip says
Jesus reply tells us the same thing that He,
Jesus is the image of the invisible God
Here is his reply
2 Firstborn
the firstborn over all creation
Some will get stuck here because
when they read firstborn over all creation they concluded
Jesus was a created being, not God
but first can also mean first citizen.
When we say John is awarded first citizen this year,
we don’t mean, he was the first citizen,
we mean by his example his actions
we consider him the best, or one of the bests.
Vs 16 can help us understand that Christ is first, he is primary because He was involved in all of creation
New American Standard Bible: 1995 Update (Chapter 1)
16 For by Him all things were created, . . . . . .
So Jesus is more important than everything
everything created,
because He was there doing the creating.
3 What did he create
both in the heavens and on earth,
The Heavens, all the stary hosts
The Earth
Those are very material things, Christ created
visible and invisible,
so he created things we can see and things we can’t see at all or
can’t see without the help of tools and instruments.
What else did he create
whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities
That’s not material things
but not spiritual things either
It’s cultures, customs and laws, both tangible and social laws.
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