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David helps us explore how Paul uses his story to share the gospel from Acts 21:37-22:22.

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Hi, my name is David David and I'm part of the team here and it's such a great privilege, to be sharing the word of God with you today.

I think I'm getting errors with my flight control.

Why Matt is fixing that. Maybe you would help me with the slides at my Okay, two months ago there was an outage in Nigeria.

Thank you very much in Nigeria where I come from a mother of a 21 year old. She was a 200 level, a Christian student at the college in soccer to Northern Nigeria up there. She was accused of insulting Islam on College web, WhatsApp group. And so a x, a Muslim classmates responded with violence. She was flogged put to death by stoning and a body set up list. Unfortunately, our case is not an isolated incident long before. Now allegations of blaspheming against Islam, normally result in more killing in Northern Nigeria and other parts of the world. And nothing has changed since her death, a similar Fate by this young Nigerian student, he was accused of teaching, against the Jewish tradition and for bringing foreign us into the holy place of the temple. And these charges are very serious. I think the second one certainly attract death penalty I'm a thief. Last week was ready to put a port to death. He was manhandling out of the inner Court of the temple and the gates of the Arctic art was slammed. Shut behind him so that the sanctuary will not be defiled with the killings that will follow. That would have been the end of Port before a Roman God, who supported the riot and reported it. The commander of the Roman soldiers with the troops came into the mob and rescued Paul. Portals arrested. One was arrested and put the chain on when the commander could not find out from the crowd, what his crime was. He ordered that he's be taken to to the battle so that conversation can be extracted from him. The crowd continued to demand that called put to death. The violence was so great that Paul had to be carried up to of the stairs leading to the barracks. The disappointed crowd apparently rope of its victim shouted. Get rid of him. Echoing, similar demands for Jesus, death in the same city of Jerusalem, 30 years before, The prospect of an interrogation by Roman soldiers would be Dreadful to anyone in Paul shoes. But I'm about this stage. I am probably many of you will be relieved to escape with the lights to the Bharat rather than spend any moment with the rioting mob. But Paul was always ready to take every opportunity and every circumstance to share the news of Jesus Christ. So in this circumstance, he used his personal story. This is my story to do that. I'm as followers of Jesus Christ, God commanded us to always be ready to share to everyone who access the reason for the hope that we believe in Christ. So we have a lot to learn from what Paul just ate. Southside invite to help has come and read from Acts chapter 21. I would encourage you to fold the story. Carefully to see how Paul she has his own story so that we can learn from him to also share hours. Acts 21, verse 37, and then it'll be on page 11 19. If you have this one of the church Bible,

Thanks. Thanks. David. Their page 119 acts 21 from the little number 37.

At the soldiers were about to take Poland to the barracks to come on. May I say something to you. Do you speak Greek your plaid and Terrace out into the Wilderness sometime ago? Put on. I am a G from Tarsus in cilicia, please let me speak to the people that commission posted on the steps and motions the ground. When they're all sudden, he starts them in our Meg brothers and fathers. Listen, now, to my defense When they heard him speak to them in our make it became very quiet. Deadpool said I'm a G, Borden's Hospice of cilicia the bra shop in this city. I studied all of our ancestors. I was just as that is to go to any of you all today. I passed both men and women

Item. Same lessons from them, their Associates in Damascus. I went there to bring these people as prisoners to be punished. About noon. As I came into my skin, suddenly a bright light from Heaven flashed around me. I fell to the ground in a voice. Had a voice say to me. Soul soul. Why do you persecute me? You are you Lord? I asked I am Jesus of Nazareth whom you are persecuting your Glide, my companions, so the light, but they did not understand the voice of him, who is speaking to me? What should I do? Lord, I OST. Get up and go outside and go in to Damascus. You will be told over that you having a sign today. My companions, let me by the hand and some into Damascus because the Brilliance, the light had Blinded Me. I'm on my. And I just came to see me. He was at the mouth of the Lord and Hardy Respect by all the Jews living there. He stood beside me and said, brothers or receive your sight. And at that very moment, I was able to see him then he said they're going to know his will and to see the righteous one and two here was from his mouth. You'll be his witness to all people of what you've seen and heard. I know. What's your way? What are you waiting for? Guess up be baptized and wash your sins away. Cody on his name. When I returned to Jerusalem and was praying in the temple, I fell into a trance and saw the Lord speaking to me. He said,

Lord, our flights. These people know that I went from one sending out to another to imprison and beat that you believe in you and when the blood of your martyr, Stephen the shed shed, I stood that giving my approval and guarding the plays evasiva Canyon. The middle of said to me, I will send you far away to the dental house. The crowd listens to pull until he set this, then they raised their voices and shouted with the of him. He's not fit to live.

I get.

Deposit. You just read it. Consists of two parts, from 7 to 40 of 21 talks about 42 quest to address the crowd and the, from the best one to 22 or 2:22 talks. About post defense. My message today is focused on defense but I like few things from his conversation with the Roman Commander Appliance Parts arrest, the commander was undoubtedly a clear that Paul was a criminal, he asked, and because he did not get answers from the more about this crime, he ordered that I be taking two box winter Edition. The services that pull out. If I grab the attention of the commander, when it request to address them and he made a request in Greek to the commander was very surprised that poor fluent Greek which of the language of educated Nation world. So he asked Ann to the Egyptian who started the revolt and let 4030 out into the Wilderness. Sometimes I go, I'm posted. No, I handed you from Tarsus in cilicia, a citizen of No Ordinary, a city and sounds like mistaking. A problem spa treatment for an Englishman. I never say no, I'm Scottish. I'm from Adam Brock. The best city in the world. But the commander was quite impressed with Paul and allowed him to agree that he addressed the crowd and allowed to address the crowd. He may gain insight into what caused the riot. Suppose the station to address the crowd in Aramaic was be disappointing in this regard.

We need, thankfully think that is highly unlikely that we'll be in post position in such a position of being stoned to death, and we about to be cute. But nonetheless, the church history, an event. Like, what happened in Nigeria reminds of that being a Christian is a dangerous business and sharing the gospel Alyssa, Rouses hostile response. What is important in our lesson today is to see how in this situation, addresses the crowd using his testimony, and how we can do that as well. He described what is about to say in 22:1 as my defense and the word translated defense is apologia which describes a viable explanation and justification for one's beliefs and action. And this was the same word that opposed to Peter uses in 1st Peter 3:15. When he was saying always be prepared to give an answer to give an answer to everyone who asked you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect each of us. If we are Christians, should be willing and able to defend what we believe to give an answer for what we believe. And we can learn that from what Paul said to the crowd in Jerusalem. What what to say to them was personal to him as a story such as a title. This is my story suggest nonetheless that are important lessons we can learn from Paul on how to share our own story. A divided history into three parts to learn what he said there. The first part of his story is his life before Christ and that is from West 325 in chapter 22. So he Begin by addressing them as brothers and Father, which is what's a traditional Arabic written in which he identifies with them. He identifies with the audience and by addressing them in their own language, he got the attention. I'm needless to say, the phone was at home with three major languages and cultures of that time the Greek and Latin. And each time he made the best use of this knowledge are in different situation, for a good cause when he was addressing the note, breathe, or speak of the Jews, a common experience in Nigeria, we have about five hundred languages in Nigeria and lifetime be easier to navigate in different parts of Nigerian different culture. If you understand how to speak this different languages in different regions of Nigeria, And it is the same with the gospel. The gospel will always attract attention. If people hear it in their own tongue and sadly like many other Nigerian languages, my own language group alloy is here to have a complete Bible translation work is underway and I'm happy to discuss that with anyone who is interested to know a bit more. From here. When Paul introduces himself, he then goes on, to assure the crowd of his Jewish background, is best is upbringing and training in Vestry, he was taught by a respected Jewish teacher, and he was Silas in religion, Jewish religion. Even is how he posed to death and prison best for 15. Unless I invest 19 and 20. He reminded them about his role in the education of Stephen. Who was the first person that I'm? His jewishness cannot be disputed and even the high priest and the council members of the council can testify dancer. He was a Zillow to God and the law, like his accusers claims in first Galatians a Chapter 13.

Nationalism Advanced Beyond many of his contemporaries. I say simvastatin of that delicious, how intensely, I prosecuted the Church of God and try to destroy. I was advancing in Judaism Beyond many of my own age among my people and was estranys zillow's for the traditions of my father's. But notice here that import a share about his experience bought before Christ. It is not only intend to identify with his audience, but he also won them and desired them to see the need for a savior. He knew that they were more interested in protecting protecting their own religious tradition rather than the, where in submitting to God's revelation. So he used his personal example of how he was before Christ to demonstrate their need for Christ. You didn't want to call you open that are open. Now, who expose their openers, he expressed his desire for his fellow Jews in first in Romans chapter 10 verse 13, it says, brothers and sisters, my heart's desire and prayer to God for the Israelite is that they may be safe. So I can testify about them. Daddy Daddy loves her door. But yeah, still is not based on knowledge since they did not know. The righteousness of God and sought to establish their own. They did not submit to God's righteousness. So new that they were in the same position. He was when he was before he met cracks and he wanted them to see their need for Christ. Just like he had a need for Christ. You wanted to see. Having a form of religious and an order of form of Mora background. Can sometimes blind people of their personal need for Christ, just like people who don't have any spiritual background at all.

And then from here in the story from West 6216 for now explains. Why? And how he turned from being a prosecutor to the follower of Jesus Christ.

Hippos tells them that it was pricing served that changed him. He described his encounter with price on the road to Damascus. It was not something that he planned it, because how on his way to Damascus, he was blinded by light. When Christ Jesus of Nazareth. Confronted him, it was Jesus that turned him around spiritually and that alone explains his new understanding of God's righteousness. And he also explains how Christ directed ananias to provide for the instructions for his new life and Mission. And it says that from verse 14, it says, then ananias eat the god of our ancestors has chosen you to know his will and to see the righteous one and to hear word from his mouth, you would be is witness to all people of what you have seen and heard and not what are you waiting for? Get up. Be baptized and wash your sins away calling on his name. So ananias Then the response to God's message, says, what are you waiting for? And the correct response to God's message is OBD has a demonstrated that will be there by confessing Jesus as Lord, when speaking to him for surrender, to Jesus by asking what shall I do? Lord from his baptism to accept the commission to be a witness of Christ Resort from its submission to Jesus as Lord. and if you are not a follower of Jesus Christ today, I'm glad that you're here and I hope you can follow the story of poor and follow. So is example, as you reasons over the facts presented to him by Christ willing to change his mind when he found out who Jesus is and the question is, whether you are willing to do the same. He had a different view of Jesus. I like it, accuses he was dealers forgot. But his deal was not based on the truth of the gospel. And after his Encounter With Jesus, he turned around from being a positive Teeter to a disciple. He provide a very good example of how we should respond to the gospel message. I just have food to stay up here that it's purses, Johnny to Jesus is different and unique. You don't need a dramatic Damascus, Road experience to know Jesus to believe in him. Everyone has a story of how he came to Jesus, and he has a little bit of my own story. I was fortunate to come from a Christian family, good memories of church every Sunday morning. I like, you guys know, it's Christmas time was always the best time of the year. But at the age of 10, my view of God was impacted by the circumstances, surrounding the death of my little sister.

After that. I became more conscious of death, I was afraid of judgement. And I became resentful towards God for what happened to my family. Later. I became a Christian follow in teachings of the Bible stories from Sunday school, and at home. I've been I've begun to learn a little bit more personally. I'm God. I understood that accepting Jesus as my savior. Miss me a child of God. That's why I Believe In Christ. And I knew that haven't done. That heaven is my home and I don't need to be afraid of of a coming judgment but the real deal of my fist and conviction when I was about 13 and 14, I wanted to please my mom for an offense that I committed. I just wanted her to be happy. So I asked her if she knew she would teach me a Bible verse.

Illiteracy took me to Proverbs 15:22. Justin it to parents who have children who disappeared at the point where this verse. And I began to read more and more from The Book of Proverbs. And other parts of the Bible, I develop personal interest in reading the Bible, the intake of God's word started to receive my view of God and death. Am I love of God? You are the age of 15. I was baptized. Today, when I see death coming, I will still run away. I have to just like everyone else, but I'm not afraid of what lies behind the cartons of this life because I know what Christ has done for me. But I'm fully convinced of God's unconditional love and daughter. Life struggles. I run to him for help. For I know that he deeply cares for me. So when I think about my life, I'm so thankful that I met an accepted Jesus as My Savior and Lord. And the question is

Whether you have had a personal experience, personal encounter with Christ at the point in which you confess that Jesus is Lord. And whether you have publicly testified to. I need you to baptism, flowing example,

Once you have a personal experience of Christ in Hope city is happy to baptize you. If you haven't There's no better place and time today now. And here, so be happy to talk to you and will be happy to arrange if you want to be baptized to be baptized.

So far, we have seen since we have learned two things from fostering, his life before Christ, and his encounter with Christ besides a final touch and we can learn from Pasta House, fish it out. One story and I was his life with Christ from best, 17222 Gods witness to all people was real friend in a vision you receive. As he was praying in the temple, the Jews rejected his message and God commanded him to leave Jerusalem. How do you say Sierra in the screen to me, go, I will send you far to the Gentiles The crowd, listen to Paul Auntie he said this than the rest, your voice and shouted read the art of him is not fit to leave to address the people. He sought to identify with them and not alienate them and when he returned that is commission area. In the speech, invest $15 says, he was a witness to all people instead of using the word gentiles

But now in answer to the original activation against him he missed to declare that Brits the foreigners are not excluded from God's presence has the dividing wall of the temple courts.

Jordan was a poor speech, the car listen with great attention, but now he explains that God asked him to leave Jerusalem and go far away to the Gentiles who had no relation to Judaism it is at this point that the Jewish Prague become enraged and that triggered a violent response, such that poor cannot continue to speak. The major reason for the opposition at to pour This is Gospel. Look that includes Gentiles into ghost. The dental plan on the same business as the Jews. I just did that a few people who are offended with the fact that the good news of Christ is not only for the Jews, but for all people. But today, there are many people who are offended by the claim that Jesus is the only way and not just a way to God. Jesus is the only way and when you said that people are still offended, So, we can see that in every generation and in every Culture, The Gospel arouse a hostile reaction, at some point. And if it doesn't is either, we're not preaching. The attempted gospel preaching, to people who are converted, they won't be offended if they hear that.

But if we are preaching to people that Jesus is the only way and not just a way many people will still be offended today. In Poe's story after his life, right? After giving his life to Christ. Is the heating office open up of Jewish nationalism in accepting his commission, to the Gentiles for showed, how good he'll is open up of Jewish nationalism, through the changes that cross brought into his life and he knows that it is only through Christ that his listeners can be huge to What is the fact of life that is in the life of every person's that are open? Thus their life struggles challenges in the life of every person and a fake. And a story we like for can give people Hope by sharing the healing and help you will receive in dealing with our own open us through our walk with Christ. He gives people hope to know that Christ can heal them. Christ can help them just the way he helped us without one open. So we should incorporate that into a story that was shared with the people. What should be landing in summary? From what point are shared about his life and the surrounding circumstances.

We can see the following price and sharing the gospel would provoke a hostile response. There are two one is that we need to take you the vice president. We must be prepared to suffer for what he believed just like a people in the early church and people in other parts of the world and I'm sure you also have to have your own personal experience. But if what we have seen and heard and experienced in Christ is true. If a person is. It's true that we must also be prepared to give an answer to share a story in defense of what we believe the story.

But it is unique and can be used by God to reach People Like Us people that think like other people dance around the circumstances. Like us, can we reach to a personal story, through a story of a journey to Christ? And I walk with him, and what family member, what individual in a crowd with switch side, like Paul and then we use parsley for his glory and honor.


Thank you, dear father for showing us your love to Christ. Please help us to share the hope that we have in Christ to those around us through our personal stories. I mean, I'm by the van.

They can have it.

Close encounter with Jesus changed and completely change. 3 was for a thought was important and how he would spend the rest of his life. And if you're a Christian, somebody knows Jesus as their savior, then me and him will A Change. Is what David saying? Maybe not quite as dramatically, but just as fundamentally, I'm going to sing a song that reminds us Christians of that meeting. Different for each one of us, but the same savior who bled and died for us is an OVI, but it is a good thing. So, I Stand Together, unless seeing if you knew Jesus, then sing with joy, when your hungry is love.

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