Beware of "Foot In Mouth" Disease

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Our tongues have great power to accomplish good and evil.

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Do when the 90 days is that we going to continue going. So that's the whole purpose of this 90 Day, prayer challenge. So you continue to to pray that prayer for yourself, and also for just call out the other members of our church and just pray it for our church. And we'll watch what God will do. When our hearts are turned toward those, the way that he looks at the laws and the way that he cares for the lost. Well, today we're going to talk about The tongue we going to talk about our words, just what we just saying about. And we're going to look at this. There's a lot of passages in scripture. Lot of passages in Proverbs will look at a few of them today. But I want to take you to a passage in James chapter 3 today and the title of this message is beware of foot-in-mouth disease. Wow. How many of, you know, someone that kind of stick their foot in their mouth quite often? Well, I would say I would say most of us do that ourselves and if not we we know people who do but we're going to look at How are tongues have great power to accomplish, good, or to accomplish evil. Now, here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to give you three points today, in j. But there's something that James doesn't do. He doesn't tell us. Well, how do you tame the tongue? He talks about the tongue and he give some beautiful word pictures, he gives metaphors and similes. I just love the Book of James because it gives us pictures to look at. He doesn't want for job, but he stopped short of saying. Okay, well, how do you tame a matter of fact, James says, no man can tame the tongue. Well if that's the case, does that mean that we're just going to shout out any and everything? No, it's not there. Something else you can tame that will tame the tongue, there's something else and that's what we're going to talk about. And so, what I want you to do is take your Bible, turn the James chapter 3. We're going to read the first 12 verses. Now, the main versus in our texts or verses 3 through 12, but I want to reverse she's wanting to and talk about that a little bit because it gives us the context. So I'm going to read, let's just read together, verses 1 through 12, then we'll come back and unpack it. So, James starts out and he says my brethren now, who is he talking about when he's talking to a church? And he says my brethren, he's talking about Christian people. Now, when once we get through these 12 vs, you going to think about he's talkin to the devil But some of the things he says, but he's talkin to Christian people, my brethren, let not many of you become teachers knowing that we shall receive a stricter judgement. For we all stumble in many things. Now watch what he says here. If anyone does not stumble in word he is a perfect man. Able also to Bridle the whole body. Now he's going to give us starting now with the word pictures of what are tongue is. Like not watch it in verse 3, indeed. We put beer in horses miles, and they may obey us and we turn their whole body. Look also at ships, although they are so large and are driven by Fierce winds. They are turned by a very small Rudder, wherever the pilot desires. Now watch even. So the tongue is a little member. And both great things. See how great a forest a little fire Kindles? I just hate this verse 6. This is just condemning right here. Look at this. And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity. The tongue is said among our members that it the file, the whole body and set on fire, the course of Nature and it is set on fire by hell. We're talking about the tongue and he's talkin about a o n a world of iniquity. And defile the whole body for 7 for every kind of Beast and bird and a reptile. And creature of the sea is tamed and has been tamed by mankind. But no man can tame the tongue. It is an unruly evil full of deadly poison.

With it, we bless our God and Father and with it, we curse men who have been made in the similitude or the likeness of God out of the same mouth proceed blessing and cursing. My brother, these things are not to be so Does a sprained send for fresh water and bitter from the same opening? Can a fig tree my brother bear all his or Grapevine bear figs. The snow Spring Mills, both saltwater. And fresh just listen how condemning this passage is about our tongue. He's talkin to brother, he's not talkin to pagans here and he is constantly reminding the Brethren here. Well, that they need to act like Brethren and he begins by telling the Brethren. The number one thing that you need to do is you need to control your tongue. Control your tongue, in an incredible. The kind of trouble that comes can create Tom's can start wars. Or in Wars. Tums can cause stress or you say the right words that can relieve stress and not right? It can relieve stress. Our tongues can express love Are Tom can express hate.

Our tongues can build up friendships or in a matter of seconds, it can tear down, friendships, we can praise and worship god with our tongues or we can curse God and deny his existence in the next breath. I just think about that. I think Proverbs 18:21 says it best and I want you to see this verse. Look at this death and life. Are in the power of the tongue, death and life. We can kill someone. We can Slaughter someone, or we can build someone up with this little thing that we call the tongue. Well, is easy for us to blame everything that goes wrong on the tongue but it's really not. The tongue problem is our inability to control the tongue. That is the problem. If you look all through the Old Testament, especially you'll see men who had a problem with their tongue, Moses, Isaiah Jobe Jeremiah all up. David had a problem with their speech. And as we read the Bible, we understand that we are not too awful much different from from them. We have to be careful with what we say and how we use this beautiful gift, that God has given us, the gift of speech. And James reminds us here that it will be difficult to manage our tongues by the fact. He says, it's the most difficult thing that you ever do. So, let's unpack this. And let's look at the little of the contacts that look at Birth one again. What James is saying here, in verse one, is that our tongues have the ability to influence. A lot of people that look at it in verse 1. My brother, let not many of you become teachers, why don't he want me to become teachers? Because he says, because knowing that we shall receive a stricter judge. But do you know for someone to stand up and teach the word of God or to preach? They will be under a stricter judgment than those who listen. Because you got to make sure you going to teach and preach the right thing. So James begins at the top of the what I would call the Jewish hierarchy, his first words are the teachers because teachers can influence don't you know teachers in your life that influence your life I bet you can remember your Elementary School teachers maybe or high school that influence you are like teachers influence people. And so there's a lot of preachers on TV this influence and people today and its influence on in the wrong way. So he warned that there's a stricter judgement for those who teach because they have the power to influence so many. So this is not something that you just volunteered to do to be a preacher or a teacher. That's something that you have to be called to do. So the power of the tongue to influence people, that's that's kind of inverse one, as we set this up and then look what he says in verse 2. For we all stumble in many things. If anyone is not stumbling word, he is a perfect man. Able also to Bridle his old body. He says all of us, stumble in many things, can I get a witness to? Don't we all stumble in many things. And one of the things that we Stumble Inn Is our words, all of us maybe in some more than others but we all stumble at one time or another. In the words that we say in James says, if we do not stumble in the use of our tongue, But we have the ability to Bridle the whole body. So he says if you can control your tongue, you can control your entire body, you won't have any trouble controlling the rest of yourself. If you can control the tongue that he even uses the word, I want to make sure you see this. He says, anyone that does not stumble in word and in other words, the person who can control their tongue is a perfect man that we're perfect means but not without seeing it means he's a mature Christian, no one's perfect. But Jesus so that word perfect mean, mature maturity in, controlling the let me tell you what a mature Christian is like someone who's can control their tongue. The mature Christian is a person who doesn't have to look back at regret. He has said something because of what he has said. It's a person that never has to look back and regret. I said that. Oh, I wish I'd never said that. And you look back before and you can think of instances and you said yourself, I shouldn't have said that. We all can. We all can't James says that this is the hardest thing in the world to do. So, let's jump in. Point number one, and this is what I want you to say, and we see it in verses 3 through 5, the tongue is a small member, He he wants to stress this that it's a small member that look at it in verse 3, through 5, indeed. We put B in horse's mouth, that they may a bath and we turn their whole body look. Also it ships there, so, large driven by fears win yet. They're turned by very small Rudder, wherever the pilot desires even. So the tongue is a little member and Bows, great things. The first thing he takes us to is the b in the horse's mouth? How many of you have ever ridden a horse? You liked it. A lot of you ridden, the horse that when you rode that horse, that they have a bridal. Do they have a bid in that horse's mouth? Course they did. And so what did you do? Well, you just lay the reins over here and they'll turn that way. You lay it. Will this side Hill turn, that way. You pull back a little bit. He'll stop in extract. What does that do that controls? The horse. Like this horse is huge, went with Mark, and I went on our honeymoon to Bermuda. We rode horses on the beach. One morning, I get up at 6 or 6:30 and get out there and of course, I had ridden, the horse slime, but I wouldn't have big what? You got a horse rider and, of course, they put me on the tallest. Horse a bee. Look like I needed a ladder to get on it. Just a biggest horse. But I mean, he was so gentle, and I was just about fell asleep, riding on him, just riding down the beach, and I'll just lay the reins over. And he in turn, he did exactly what I wanted him to do. Big old horse control box. What a little bitty bit in his mouth. What's James saying big old body. Control by this little tongue in your mouth is what he is saying. So, when you place the bid in the horse's mouth, it becomes discipline and directed, and it becomes useful for our purposes. But an unbridled tongue. Can serve no purpose for God. It stumbles in many things and someone that said almost every sin we commit is in some way related to the abuse of the tongue. I just think about that. So when the tongue is brought under control of God, then we will be brought under control as well and Jane says that the tongue has its power. It's like the little bit that guides the huge horse but not only did he paints a picture of a bit and horse. He also paints a picture of a ship and Rudder look at it. And verse for he says look also it ships. although they're so large and are driven by Fierce winds, they are turned by very small rudder, I mean he's ever been on a cruise. All right, we got some in here. The house. All right, I remember. I went on cruise once cuz on the Carnival Cruise Lines. I went to.

Like the West light West Indies and the Bahamas. And I remember me and the guy I work with it, Nortel flew down to Miami. And we were sitting there looking at the ship that we were going to board. It was 933 ft long. Now, if you want to know how many yards that is that's 311 yards. It was three football fields long. I had never seen anything that big in my life and I remember the first thing I said to you, I went with his name is Steve. How are they going to turn this thing around and get it out in the ocean? How are they going to do that? I mean, I was looking, I said, how do you maneuver such a big vessel like that. And I remember we had thunderstorms at night, just violent thunderstorm and you can walk on that s*** and you couldn't even feel the boat. You, you thought you was on when you couldn't feel anything. Now, just think about this Heath, what was it that control that Mammoth colossal boat a little rudder? Just a little Rudder is what it in. This is what Paul is saying here. Now these readers that he was listening not the fall but the James these readers, They would understand what he was talking about because they would see all the large cargo ships because Israel was boarded on the Mediterranean Sea matter fact and ask you can read for a Paul was Shipwrecked and he says they would 258. Passengers on that boat. I had to be a decent sized Boat Boat for that many people to be on there. But although they're huge, although they're powerful. Although the win can direct that boat and make it difficult to control. But they were controlled by tiny Rudder, just, as a runner control, the ship James says, our tongues can control us. Just a little thing. So here's what I want you to understand. The tongue is a small member but it can do Great Mighty thing. Number two. The only is the tongue of small member. The tongue is a Savage monster. I want you to look at how he sees this and says, this in verses 6 through 8. And the tongue is a fire look about using the metaphor. He didn't say a tongue, is like a fire. He says that the tongue is a fire. A world of iniquity. The tongue is so sad among our members that it defiles the whole body and sets on fire, the course of Nature. And it is set on fire by hell. For every kind of Beast and bird reptile creature and see if paint has been Pain by man, but no man can tame the tongue. It is an unruly evil full of deadly poison. And notice what he says at the end of verse 5 he said see how great a forest a little fire Kindle. So what does he compare? The tongue to comparison to a fire in verse. Look at it in verse 6 just as a giant horse is controlled by a bit. Just as a giant ship is governed by little rudder. A gigantic fire can start how with a little bitty Spark. All you have to do is go out somewhere if it hadn't rained in a long time and throw you a match down, And it can burn hundreds of thousands of acres. And what James is saying here, the tongue may not be very big just like a spark, but don't let his size underestimate its potential. The tongue has great potential. This is what one Rider said, the fair that we start with our tongues. Has been barred from hell? It's what he say is not listen to this and it is going to lead us and others there. What a warning are words can not only burn like fire, they can lead us and those around us to the place of Eternal fire. That's what the tongue can do is just like a little fart that can create a huge forest fire, but then he goes on Outlook what he says in verse 7, he starts talking about the Beast, and the animal, and the animal trainers for every kind of Beast and bird of reptile. And creature of the sea is tamed and has been tamed by mankind. Now, the backdrop of what he's talking about and I don't you see how subtle he is here? Remember last week when we looked at our passage in Hebrews, we said that Paul takes us back all the way back to creation and he he put creation and redemption in the same basket. James is taking us back to Creation. Here in verse 7, every kind of Beast and Bird & reptile and creature of the sea is tamed and has been pain. What did God say in Genesis 1:26? He says, I want you to rule. You have dominion over the birds, the files, the creeping things, everything that moves man has Dominion. See how James is taking us all the way back to Creation but when man fell into sin, he lost the ability to not only govern animals, but he lost his ability to govern his self. But he says in nature. Today, he says, in verse 7 Every reptile and creatures, eat is tamed and has been tamed by mankind, ever been to the circus. See dancing bears over have them. They got bears. That can dance, they got lines that would eat you up and they'll jump through these fiery hoops. I'm a, how did they paying them to do that? You have snakes that are charm you ever been down at Disney World, where where they got the dolphins jumping through old? They'll just go out there and just a call back and they can't do anything. Jump backwards, jump forward just like in people ride on and everything. While they're doing that you can tame almost anyting dogs. Jumping through hoops, great big elephants at the service. They're having marching in line with one another just right there in line you contain anyting but this little bit of muscle four or five inches long in our mouths. We cannot take my think about that. That's just what has changed is saying. He says this is crazy, we can't do it. Well, what else does he say? It's like a fire Beast. Interstate poison. I look at this. No man can tame the tongue, that's true. It is an unruly evil full. A deadly poison. Tell me what gives off deadly, poison if it bites you most of the time of snake snake Now, don't miss this. Where is James taking us to? He says your tongue has deadly poison like a serpent. Where does that take us to back the creation? The serpent, Adam and Eve deceived by just this Blackness. Oh God would never did God, really say that? Is that what he really meant? You see how he deceived Eve? That's what a poisonous tongue duck. And this is what James. He takes us back here to creation. Now, what I want to do and and also I want to, I want to show you hear this, Greek word. Fort Sask tongue but no man can tame the tongue. Well, this Greek word right here. Speaking of it is a it is a full of deadly poison. The Greek word for poison, you wanted means Arrow.

Arrow Arrow. How many times has Satan shoot? His poisonous arrows at us? And connects and kills, that's what he does. Well what I want to do today Is I want to not only sometimes we shoot arrows at people as well with deadly results. This is not in your hand out. It's up here on the screen. I want to talk about two types of poison. Gossip and flattery. Now, let's first of all, talk about the poison of Gossip. It's been said that the Christians Favor. Indoor Sports is Gossip. That's what is pin. Say it. And we say, we're no, I'm not gossiping. I just want to put somebody on the prayer list Well, sometimes we want to do that, but sometimes we just want to talk about what that person is going through instead of really putting them on the prayer list. I want you to look at what Proverbs 16, 27 and 28 sales.

An ungodly man digs up evil.

And is on his lips like a burning fire. You see that poison and fire right here? Together then verse 28, a perverse man. So strife and what is a whisper, a gossiper, the backbiter, a backbiter separates the best of friends. This proverb is full of verses that talk about gossip and flattery. But before we leave this subject of Gossip, let me say this. Yes, it is. Bad to gossip. But it's also bad to listen to it. You say, what do you mean? I'm saying the person who listens to it is also responsible. Because if someone gossip and tells me a story about somebody, did you know that that story would stop with me, unless I go and tell somebody else. That's how gossip runs it goes from one to the other. So, someone gossip about some eye and said, something up, what we need to do, just let it die right there. Don't go and repeat it. It's like that's a deadly poison. That is like a fire set on fire from hell. So don't be a gossiper and don't listen to gossip Pho. Number one, number two is flattery. Now, this is the other side of the tongue is flattery and flattery is even more.

Insidious than gossip is. Do you know the difference between gossip and flattering? Here's your good little definition. I want you to look at this saying behind a person's back. What you would not say to his face? That's gossip. Slattery saying to a person's face. What you would not say behind his back.

Never had someone to tell you something to your face, but you knew that they didn't believe what they were saying. That's flattery people will flatter you but they would never say to other people. What they said your face. Not a fact they would talk Bob sit and look at gossip saying behind a person, a lot of things we say we would never go up to that person say to their face, but will tell other people about it. You see? That's the difference gossip and flattery say into a person's face or saying something behind their back. And so, that's the poison, I think that James is talk about. Let's go 2.3,

So we said the tongue is a small member. We know that. It can be a Savage monsters. Like a fire is like Beast. It's like a Serpent's poison. Thirdly, the tongue is a subtle mixture. Now, this is why so hard to understand about our tongues, right here. It is a subtle mixture, and I look at it in verse 9, through 12 Where are you at speaking? With our tongue? We bless our God and Father And with it, we curse me in. Who have been made in the likeness of God. Now, what does that mean? It means this.

That we all yell and scream at our children or our spouse.

and say things we shouldn't say, In 10 minutes later we're sitting in church, singing. It Is Well with My Soul.

That's what he's talking about. One minute you blessed God singing? How Great Thou Art. In the next minute you curse men. With the same tongue.

I know I look verse 10. Out of the same mouth proceed blessing and cursing. My brother. These things ought not to be so why? Why should it be? So, I asked myself that question this week. I said, why shouldn't a person be able to blaspheme? And then bless God. Why shouldn't our tongues do that? And here's the reason, because nothing else on this earth, does that I mean, if you have a guard, I mean, if you have tomato, plant, Okay. What do you get off those tomato plants? I made it. Every single time I have never had anyone. Say, look, I want to show you this beautiful bunch of bananas. I got off my tomato plant. That will never happen. Why? Because in nature tomato plants. Give What tomatoes every single time. I remember going down to the creek when I was a young boy, I used to like, to play in the woods and I'd find me a creek that was flowing and that water would be going off the Rocks like that. And I would drink water from that every that place. Why? Why Michael drinkwater where it's not moving? Where stale, you drink water, where the water's movement, and you know what, I, what I would drink, you know what, I thought? That's the best tasting water ever. I never want went down to that Creek and drink water and then all the sudden, spit it out and said, why is this tastes like salt, water know, it's always fresh water. All you will always get fresh water from the creek. You have a well at your house. People used to dip in there and bring that bucket up. I've never once seen anybody bring up a bucket of water and the next time I bring up a watermelon I've never seen that. Why? Because everything in nature is consistent. Except mankind. We have this little thing called a tongue. And we will bless God, 1 minute and will curse me in the next. That's why James says not to be like this. It, you wouldn't need to do this. And look what he says in verse 11. And 12 does a spring sand for fresh water and bitter. You cut on your cold, water at home. What you expect to get cold water? When I cut on the blue side, if not hot, I could on the red side, it gets hot always. Consistent. Always well can a fig tree my brother bear olives and I'll plant a fig tree. I want Biggs. I don't want all its Grapevine. Barefoot. And no, no Spring Hills, both saltwater and freshwater James uses a powerful conclusion here, in his sermon. You can't conceive of me and using their tongues to praise the Lord. One minute and destroying and tearing up somebody. The next minute, it just doesn't work, but that's how it is. Why because of sin? Because of the fall when that happened, it, messed up everything. Now, That concludes the sermon. You say what? I was good sermon and it was quick. Well, I got some bonus material for you this morning. Because here's what I want to do. We all know that our tongue is small, don't we? We all know that our tongues can be a Savage monster, don't want yes, we do. And we all know that our tongue is a fuddle mixture. We said good things to be something, the people up and we said, ugly things that are people down. Sometimes in a matter of moments, apart from each other. We know that is true. I haven't told you this morning. Anything that you don't know. Well, if it's hard to tame the tongue, the question becomes this. What's the remedy? James Dunn towels out of town. He just tells us what it's like we already know that. How do you tame the how do you avoid foot in mouth disease? How do you do that? That brings us to point for the tongue. Is a sign of the heart and in your hand out, it probably says the song, the tongue controls the heart, that's what I mean. But it is a sign of the heart. The tongue is You see?

What comes out our mouths, if what's in our hearts. If you're going to control the time, if you're going to tame the tongue, you're going to have to. First of all, tame the heart. When you tame the heart, the tongue will automatically follow in life. You say, what? What do you mean pain? The heart? Well, I'm not talkin about this little muscle in your chest about this big. I'm talkin about the heart as the Bible talks about the heart. You say, what, how is that? That is your Computing system that you have in your heart in your life that it's stiff. All the thoughts, all the desires, all of your wants in your life, and it in the heart, looks at that. And let me tell you about the heart. It is constantly evaluating. It is constantly interpreting life. Every time you're in a situation, you say to yourself, this is what I see. This is what I think this is what controls our speech. And as I said in here before, And I'm going to say it again. No one talks to you more than you talk to you. Even this morning as I've been up here, preaching, you have talk to yourself about this sermon. You've had thoughts that you thought about yourself, or maybe you didn't, maybe look up here instead. Well, the preacher, he just can't preach the lit. Well, that's a thought that you had you have thought to yourself. Now some of you may have looked up here 7 Dupree. My, he just looks like he's a little bit smaller. He looks like he has lost weight. I have thank you for noticing and thank you for talking to yourself about that, but I'm sure someone has probably said something no one talks to you more than you talk to you. And we're all interpreters of, like, every time something happens. Every time someone says something to it. The first thing we do. Why do you say that's what did you mean by that? And we start interpreting That's what we do, we start evaluating. So we have to see if everything that comes into our heart, by the word of God. You see friends, here's what people do. You ever known someone who just had a filthy mouth? I mean they were good people. They do you a favor but every other word they said was a cuss word, they just. And I've heard people say, will you need to wash out your mouth? Give him a bar soap and let him wash his mouth and listen. The problem is not that he has a filthy mouth. The problem is he has a filthy heart. That's his problem. When you attack the filthy speech, you are attacking the fruit of the problem. You need to attack the root. And the roof is the heart, do that weeds and you will guard. You don't go out there with the weed eater and put the pop up off. You pull them up by the roof if you want to get rid of them. So if you, if you have an untamed comp, if you are constantly putting your foot in your mouth, let me tell you the problem. It's not because you have a filthy mouth is not because you have a big mouth that you talk all the time on some of us do, but still, that's not the problem. The problem is you have a filthy heart, you say prove it, I'm glad you asked. Matthew chapter 12.

Jesus taken Bruno bike. Was it not wait to talk to somebody if you going to he's talking to the Pharisee brood of vipers. How can you being evil speak good thing for out of the abundance of? No don't say it says mouth done. No heart the mouth speaks what a good man out of the good Treasure of his heart, brings forth, good things. But an evil man out of the evil, treasure brings forth, evil things to watch. How is it that we can bring forth, good things, and evil things within minutes of each other? Cuz of our hearts with double-minded, you see that's what James was fresh water. The ocean get salt water. Always a good man out of the good treasure. Bring forth, good. Say okay when I say something good and build you up, I'm a good man. But look but an evil man brings forth, evil things because of the evil things. You said not to be that way but we all do that. Matthew 15 or 18. The next 115 1890. Listen to this. But those things which receipt out of my mouth, come from, what, how can it be any simpler than that? If you're going to control the tongue, what do you have to control the heart? Because that's where it for scenes from. And they defile a man for out of the heart. These are our faults are emotions, our desires or wants our perceived need watch for out of the Harper, say, table, False Murder. The spot with soup last message. Because that's how we think we interpret and it gets in our heart. The problem is not the tongue, you say, well I'm not, I'm not that sure about that. Well then let's look at Jeremiah. The tongue of the mountain of the heart is SWAT. Poison serpent, Garden of Eden. The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately want, Wicked. Now, whose heart is he talkin about here hours? Every? Once everyone's heart is deceitful above all things. Where does a filthy mouth come from? Where does lion gossip in flattery come from? The heart is in your heart? That's why it comes out your mouth. whatever is in your heart will come out your mouth, especially for those

Who have Dementia or Alzheimer's? You'll never find a more transfer transparent person than somebody with alzheimer's because what comes in their mouths, and their heart, it will come out their mouths, they don't care what they say. How many, how many of you have set? And said somebody that church and look sick. What she's got on the ugliest dress, why would she wear that. Don't go with her shade of color, of whatever that don't go with her skin tone? How many people have said that? I bet you wouldn't dare go up and say that to their face. What? No, I wouldn't I keep it to myself. That's right, because you can't control what you say when you have Alzheimer's or dementia that you can't control, it just comes out and what comes out. It's what's in your heart? That's what it does. So We guard our thoughts. We look at we filter everything that comes in our life watching TV, listening to ready, whatever we feel Tritt, and we make sure that our hearts are pure and I will give you one more verse proverbs. Proverbs chapter 4 23, look at this, above all else, do white guard, your heart above all it. Why do I need to guard my heart? Because it determines the course of your life.

You do what you do. Because of your heart. That's what determines. What you say. Decisions you make it is in your heart. That is what it is. So, friends. Let me say this.

if you want to tame your tongue this morning and if you want to avoid foot in mouth disease,

Guard your heart. Guard your heart and you will do it. Some people say, well, what I do every morning, I just tell the Lord to put a lock or put a watch on my lips. That's fine. If you do that every morning. Every one of them out, get up every morning. Play this Lord, put a watch, put a lock on my lips. But you put a hedge around my heart. Because what we say comes from our heart, amen? Was pray. Father, we thank you and praise you. Love you today. Lord for your word, how plain James has made it today. Lower the tongue is such a little member. Lord is so small, but it can control our entire body. or we know that it's like at times it can be like a monster set on fire like a wild animal and Lord, the poison that comes from our tongue sometime or we know, we're not like anything else in nature because of scent. We give off goodness. We give we give cursing. We bless you and we curse men who are made in your likeness, Lord it out, not to be that way. Lord help us this morning to understand. That what comes out. It's what we allow in. And I asked this morning Lord that you would set a watch over our lives. But most of all, That you would set a hedge over our heart in Christ's name. I pray. Amen.

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