Worship: "A Heart Condition”

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Introduction: Welcome to Southside this morning! New groups beginning August 14!! (SS and small groups)! Reception for next week to celebrate her faithfulness to the Lord and this church for serving as our treasurer.
Opening Illustration: Have you ever used words like these to describe another person? “Committed?” “Devoted?” “All in?” “Disciplined?”
Most always when we use these words we are describing a person’s level of commitment to athletics, their career, or to their hobbies, but seldom are these words used to describe a person’s commitment to the Lord or His church, or our own worship!
Transitional Statement: Malachi gives us a behind the scenes look into the state of worship during this time. What is worship? Music? Singing? Praying? Hands raised and eyes closed? Worship literally means to proclaim someone’s or something’s worth! That is why we are gathered here this morning… to declare that God is worthy of our worship: glory, honor, and praise!
However, the people during Malachi’s time had resolved worship to something that had become mundane and apathetic. Something else that they did out of duty or obligation… something that they had to do… instead something that they got to do! Even worse they were not giving God their best in any area of their lives and their worship had become “worthless."
Proposition: As we unpack our passage this morning, I want us to examine the current state of our own worship so that we can determining if it is worthy or worthless.
Text: Malachi 6:6a & Pray!
Transitional Statement: God is worthy of our worship because of who He is… Almighty God! But also because of what He has done for us!

Do not despise the Lord with our actions! Vs 6a

Throughout the Bible we have seen God described as a loving father.
He redeems, loves unconditionally, and disciplines His people for disobedience. 10 commandments (Exodus 20:12) Do you think that God as a Spiritual Father expects obedience?
We can see from this passage that Israel had not obeyed as a child obeys his father. They did not honor or fear God.
Honor = glory and reverence Fear = appropriate respect or reverential honor. Despise is a heavy word that means an ongoing disrespect or to say someone or something is insignificant or worthless.
Application: They had lost their “awe” for God! He had become insignificant to them. They had considered Him to be without worth and this had seriously affected the way they worshipped Him! God is saying, “You are not honoring me with your life!”

Do not defile the Lord with our offerings! Vs 6b-8

The value of a gift is determined by the one who is giving it. (Sentimental value.) Are we giving God’s the leftovers? Or is He getting our best? Illustration: Building a big house… spending all the time and resources on all the furnishings. Then serving the guest of honor leftovers. Illustration: Faith Missionary church… nursery carpet.

Before God accepts our offerings, he inspects our heart!

Vs 9 … God is saying, “You overlook Me in every area of your life, but now you want me to help you?”
We still do this today don’t we? We overlook Him in most areas of our lives. We fail to meet with Him in His Word, we don’t pray, we don’t share the Gospel, and we don’t give sacrificially, but we expect Him to bless us daily and when he doesn’t, we act just like a spoiled little kid.
Transitional Statement: You might say to me, Chris this is the Old Testament and this is talking about the priests and their conduct and attitude, so how does this apply to me today?
You would be right. God is dealing with the priest of Malachi’s time.
One of the main responsibilities of the priests in Malachi’s day were to offer sacrifices to God.
Did you know that while we are not levitical priests, that Bible shows us that everyone that has placed their faith and trust in Jesus as Lord and Savior is a modern day priest? 1 Peter 2:9, Romans 12:1, 1 Peter 2:5

Where are you spending your time, talents, and treasures?

Are we giving God our best or is He getting what is left?

Would you consider your worship worthy or worthless?

What are you offering up to God in Worship?

Are you giving God your best?

Where can you raise your level of commitment to the Lord this year?

Salvation? Baptist? Serving? Giving? Praying? Bible Reading? Sharing Jesus with others?
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