A Life That Turns

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Darkness is very interesting.

Interesting in the fact we don’t really like it nor do we understand it.

There are many causes for darkness.

Psalm 119 and our Scriptures in general let us know there are many reasons why darkness exists and its causes.

We will all experience dark times.

This is truth. I do not like. I do not want it to be true, but I cannot hide from it. I do not know when yours may come, or how dark it will be. Some are experiencing right now.

We need different tools at “night”.

For instance, we cannot use a flashlight during the day very effectively. We also without some light dig with a shovel. I do not need sunglasses at night but do during the day.

Darkness may be caused by sin.

Throughout our passage this morning we see that sin causes darkness not just for the person who commits it but also for others around them. Your sin is never “innocent” nor without consequences. See verse 136.

Darkness comes from suffering.

I see this in verse 107 this morning. The suffering of our author has caused despair.

Darkness comes from “ignorance”.

In the most famous verse of Psalm 119 we read how God’s word is a light and a lamp. This is why over and over again the author wants to learn so that their own “ignorance” and the darkness it causes does not have the final word. How many times I have stumbled and caused pain because I didn’t know.

Darkness is caused by divided commitments.

Double mindedness, arrogance, taking my life into my own hands, wickedness, etc. All these words indicate a divided loyalty. Jesus said you cannot serve two masters, one will always win over the other.

Darkness can be redeemed.

Our passage does not leave us in the darkness of life. Regardless of the cause darkness does not have to have the last word.

The Bible sheds light on our path.

We cannot hope to know the next steps we should take when our Bibles are shut. The more we read, study, meditate, and grow in the Word the more we will have the light we need for when darkness comes.

Willingness to worship reveals light.

Our Psalmist never forgets to worship. He states in verse 108 about how he will willingly worship/praise God and that God should accept this.

God acts to redeem His people.

The hope of the Psalmist rests in the Exodus event and story. Our final verses this morning are dripping with allusion and inferences of the major Exodus event. Interesting enough, to me at least, God was not always the pillar of fire, only at night. During the day he was a pillar of smoke/cloud (Exodus 40.34-38) is our reference.

Faithful obedience is “rewarded”.

This is not so we manipulate God into giving us what we want. However, as we are faithful to God He will notice and He will reward. Paul makes this clear but so does the OT stories. Faithful obedience does not mean we “always get 100%”. Far from it but it means we do not habitually and continually allow our commitment to Christ be divided. We continue to be in the Word of God so we too may gain greater light into how to live. Joshua and Caleb were rewarded for their faithfulness by going into the Promise Land. May that be us as well.

Darkness does not win.

This is a great hope but it is also a warning. Verse 120 is a great reminder of how this truth is not just our hope but a reminder that we must remember who our Lord is. In the book of Revelation we get a picture of Christ who sees all, knows all, and will judge all according to His knowledge. The darkness and the things of the dark I try to hide are no match to Him. My response is a healthy fear now and a desire to obey Him now.
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