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It would be easy to come to today’s passage and consider dates, events, and timing of the things stated in this passage.
We could allow ourselves to get wrapped up in the foolishness of man and the foolish things stated by mankind generation to generation.
Today however, I want us to Consider God, Especially in light or contrast of man’s “wise” teachings or mockery of this amazing God we serve. 2 Peter 3:1-9
What's 96 Percent of the Universe Made Of?
All the stars, planets and galaxies that can be seen today make up just 4 percent of the universe.
The other 96 percent is made of stuff astronomers can't see, detect or even comprehend.
"The overwhelming majority of the universe is: who knows?" explains science writer Richard Panek, ..."It's unknown for now, and possibly forever."
YET… look at how Isaiah describes God:
Isaiah 40:12 (NASB95)
Who has measured the waters in the hollow of His hand, And marked off the heavens by the span, And calculated the dust of the earth by the measure, And weighed the mountains in a balance And the hills in a pair of scales?
How much of the ocean have we explored?
By the way… same waters God scoops in His hands to measure!!!
NOAA National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
To date, we have explored approximately five percent of the ocean.
Much remains to be learned from exploring the mysteries of the deep.
The ocean is the lifeblood of Earth, covering more than 70 percent of the planet's surface, driving weather, regulating temperature, and ultimately supporting all living organisms.... Yet for all of our reliance on the ocean, about 95 percent of this realm remains unexplored, unseen by human eyes.
How much do we know about the brain?
This question is my favorite!
(One Professor writes) … “I think the problem with that is: we don’t know enough about the brain to know how much we know about the brain.
You know, how can we say we know 10% about the brain if we have no idea what 100% even looks like?
Sure, if we knew there were a million things to know about the brain, and if we could say that we knew ten thousand of them, we could say that we knew 1% about the brain.
But … we don’t even know how much there is to know about the brain, nor can we count the number of things we know about the brain.
Yes, the brain is that complex.”
ALL THIS… and we think we have a grasp on God!
The author and creator of these things we have to admit we just don’t know!
I want us to Contemplate God for just a few moments this morning...
God has Communicated
God is Coming
God is Creator
God has Control
God is Caring
First off you and I need to understand and grasp the concept that God has communicated with us!
God Has Communicated
Let that sink in for just a moment… God creator, sustainer, author of our salvation… desires to communicate with us! (verses 1-2)
This is important for us to remember...
This book… the Bible,
Words spoken beforehand / Prophets… OT
Words spoken by Christ Himself… Gospels
Words given by the apostles… NT
WORDS… communicating with us in written form to have, keep, hold onto, pass down.
Know this Book, Remember what is stated!
you cannot remember what you have not heard, read, or known!
Peter states this to remind them of what God has communicated to mankind… a promise!
God Is Coming!
You look at God and we see a faithful God.
True to His Word.
The OT is full of examples:
Consequence of Sin
The Flood
Abraham having a kid
Messiah to come!
Each time God did exactly as He said He would… NEVER has He NOT kept His Word!
Yet, we listen to man over God.
They mock us and GOD! (verses 3-4)
They speak things they do not understand!
Satan loves to cast doubt!
“did God really say?”
and we wait, and wait, and wait (verse 9) “One less day to go!”
So often this verse is taken out of context… filtered into peoples false theology about creation...
1 Day = 1000 years AND 1000 years = 1 Day
They counter one another!
God is stating He is outside of time!
He is NOT restricted by time as we are
He is not slow about His promise… in fact He is right on schedule!
BUT when men mock like this and try to discredit God… something escapes their notice or attention...
God is Creator
Look at verse 5… By the very words (communication/creation) of God… He created!
Lui Giglio coined the phrase well… “God is the star breather!!!”
The heavens 4% we know God Breathed
The ocean depths listened to His voice as the world was formed from the waters!
And you and I THINK we can grasp GOD with our little 3 LB Brain (that we don’t fully understand either) and we can even question God!
DON’T let this concept escape your understanding… don’t forget!
Not only did He, with the power of His Word bring life and all creation…He sustains with His Word!
God Has Control
Creation listens to its creator… mankind should take notice and follow suite!
By His Word He destroyed the earth with the same water He created...
Look at verse 7… God controls when and how the earth will bring judgement!
His creation listen, He has control...
Moses and the crossing of the Red Sea
Jesus calming the storm
God stopping the rain for Elijah
The fire not harming Shadrack, Meshack, and Abendnigio
The lions not harming Daniel
Even Balaam’s stubborn donkey
The sun standing still as Joshua fought
The light & darkness at the death of God’s one and only Son Jesus Christ
He is God and He controls with the Power of His Word!
This is a formidable, awesome in power, Holy God we are talking about here!
Mockers mocking… where does man get off doing that?
(every knee will bow one day!)
Man takes the very Words of God and twist them for their own lust and sinful desires
If there is awe and trembling right now in your heart as you consider this great God… GOOD!
Consider well what Moses states to Israel in Deuteronomy 6:4-9
Deuteronomy 6:4–9 (NASB95)
“Hear, O Israel!
The Lord is our God, the Lord is one!
“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might.
“These words, which I am commanding you today, shall be on your heart.
“You shall teach them diligently to your sons and shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up.
“You shall bind them as a sign on your hand and they shall be as frontals on your forehead.
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