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Jesus and Self-Leadership
Game/Icebreaker - no talking birthday organize boy/girl
Human KNOT - GO
Game observations
Everyone was voiceless,
Somebody had to take charge
Everyone needed to advocate for themselves
Without self leadership, this would not work.
Jesus calls everyone to be a leader
Jesus says to all “Go and make disciples”
Jesus tells everyone to announce with authority
What type of leader? - Servant Leader
Jesus calls all non-leaders and powerful leaders to be changed into a servant leader.
What is Servant leadership? - belief that the most effective leaders strive to serve others, rather than accrue power or take control.
Jesus is our example for leadership.
“I am not a leader” now you may be sitting here and thinking leadership is a gift and that is not my gift.
Redefine leader
Can we redefine what a true leader is to just JESUS
By that we can all be leaders
Who here has the ability to help someone
Who here has the ability to wrap your arm around a friend who is crying
Who here is able to seee a problem call it our and offer a solution
Who here is able to work on a team
To learn, to UNLEARN
If you ever feel to small of inefficient to be powerful or chaing, MISQUOTE
I cant lead many but STARFISH.
I have a proposition for y'all, you ready?
Jesus call you to be leaders, so seek out your gifts, and lead in that manner.
This is the job for Christians
This is done primarily through self-leadership
Focus on Self-leadership
Self-leadership is a practicing what you preach
Self-leadership is defining who you are/want to be and working towards that
Essential, self-leadership is being who jesus wants you to be, and letting your identity in jesus do all the work.
“The true test of a person’s character is what he does when no one is watching” - John Wooden
How did Jesus lead:
Service - washing feet story
Humility - riding on a donkey, hanging out with women
Non-anxious - no yelling, no harsh quick fire word, no bullhorn,
writes in dirt story, he did not fight nor flight, he choose third way
Empathetic - he listened he sought to understand, he got down on our level.
What is the difference between sympathy and empathy
Erin and I desire is to empower you all in your gifts to help you better lead
At times we have failed and I am sorry for that
Call it out!
There are lots of whats to lead in your community and
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