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God is dealing with me on some key things. This will honestly be more about the remaining months of the year, than 2023.
This will no doubt turn into at least another meeting before 2023, maybe a series of meetings...
Some time ago, God began to ask me about everything that I am involved in. How committed I am to these things… Make some demands on me about those things…
I began to reevaluate my effectiveness, how others seemed to view me as we worked together.
Those conversations I had with myself and God has caused me to ask the same questions of those that I serve with.
I have asked about this on the District board, MCM team, NAM team and now I am asking them of you.
Each of you are here because you have influence in the church. I want to ask you and you to ask yourself over the next few weeks;
How effective are you?
How committed are you to the church and what you are doing in the church?
How do you think others see you?
does what you are doing bring you fulfillment?
My goal is, in the next four months, to get this team so that the answers to these questions are the answers of a leader excited about what they are doing in the church!
US church problems
10 yrs ago new church works being planted outpaced church closing
May 25, 2021 Christianity Today wrote an article entitled: “More Churches Closed than Opened in 2019. Then Came the Pandemic.”.
At a minimum church statisticians agree that there will be 7,000-9,000 church closings a year for the next 5-7 years.
Others are saying that in the next 5 years church closings with double each year. 2023 = 7,000/2024 = 14,000/2025 = 28,000/2026 = 56,000/2027 = 112,000
100,000 churches will close in the next five years
Church denominations are dying - Southern Baptist, United Methodist, Catholic, Lutheran
The Methodist denomination has a dissolution committee tasked with the merging of dying congregations and selling of remaining buildings.
Bishop Bernard, Bro. Graham, Bro. Sistrunk and Bro. Hobsen met with the Methodist organization to discuss having first options on all buildings for sale in the whole of the US THIS WEEK!
Thom Rainer (1-3)
Digital - refusing to enter the digital/electronic world
Denomination and tradition - people are no longer committed to the idea of church that most of us grew up in.
People get there news and information from 30 seconds instagram vids!
“Most of our churches are equipped to handle a world that no longer exists?”. - Ken Gurly
Death of Evangelism - churches no longer evangelize
The Great Commission has become the Great Omission!
Dissolution of Truth (my addition) - the values of the world are the same as the church.
Most satanic message the church has ever preached? God loves everyone!
So don’t judge me… Yet if you wont be judged in this life you WILL be judged int he next one!
So the church believes nothing, stands for nothing, has only a feel good message to make you feel good in your sin. I can go to church on Sunday and get that message or the bar on Saturday and get that message…
How can you convert to something that is the same as what I already have!
I WILL NOT go the way of the modern church!
So what do we do?
We have to know who we are and why we exist!
Leadership Core Values: (this team)
Committed to your relationship with God.
Committed to your purpose and placement in the church.
Committed to the doctrine, holiness and personal and church growth.
Four months to 2023: hear is the mission (if you choose to accept it)
End of Year Mission: Completely kill and resurrect The Life Church of Lincoln.
End of the Year Core Value: No person, position or procedure is holy.
End of the Year Vision: Build a revival church by making sure that each leader is in the correct positions and establishing systems to facilitate growth.
Here is why we have to fulfil this mission in the next four months.
We have an incredible amount of seed in the ground and if we don’t have the systems, people and structure in place the harvest will rot on the vine!
From this lesson, what do we need to do to kill and resurrect the church in four months?
What are we doing that is affective?
What caN we do to make more affective?
What are we doing that is not affective?
Kill or resurrect?
Mission: Disciples Making Disciples
Need Vision
Need Core Values
CONCLUSION: Do you understand what I am asking of you?
Each ministry will take 5-7 minutes in the am and talk about your ministry vision in the context of kill and resurrect and 2023.
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