Evangelizing Our Enemies

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Have you noticed how the world is changing around us?
There are philosophies being taught in the schools that say if you are white, you are evil. Even though you might not no it, you are a racist.
We believe the bible, that all people are created special and with value in the eyes of God.
They are saying that if you support the life of an unborn child, you are against women’s rights.
The bible says that all people are made in the image of God and have inherent value. Even the life of an unborn baby.
They say that there isn’t male and female, multiple options, and that gender is fluid, or can change.
The bible says that God created two genders, male and female. That your gender is established in the womb and God creates you unique, special.
I say this so you understand what we as believers are beginning and will continue to face; and so that we can be gracious to those who hold those views.
Loving and gracious doesn’t mean accepting.
Those who hold the twisted worldview that the culture is promoting will view you as an enemy.
There is a chance that this might even include the state.
I say this becasue we must realize that this is the world that we have been called to reach with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Sometimes the people we evangelize to might hate us, despise us.
Sometimes they are the people that other people in the community might want nothing to do with, the outcasts, the hated.
Sometimes the people we are called to evangelize might be those who have hurt us.
To keep a proper view of how we are called to evangelize, we must remember who we are, where would we be without God.

The Rebellion of Israel

Here the Levites are retelling what God had done for the people.
Nehemiah 9:9-20
God heard them
God heard their cries from Egypt.
God delivered them through the Red Sea.
What God did made Him great among the nations. The knowledge that Yahweh was the God who could do great things.
God led them
God led them through the wilderness, by a pillar of cloud and fire.
They saw the leadership of God almighty among them.
Exodus 13:21
This tells us it was God that was leading them.
Exodus 14:19
This tells us that it was the pre-incarnate Christ.
The second member of the triune Godhead that led them.
God instructed them
Through His laws, His commandments.
God provided for them
He gave them food from heaven
They refused to obey.
They didn’t pay attention to what God had done.
They in fact appointed leadership, believing that the political spheres could lead them better than God.
Desiring to go back into slavery instead of the freedom of following a all providing loving God.
Even though they fought against God, He still was faithful.
God continued to be merciful, and gracious towards them.
Continuing to with:
The cloud and pillar still remained.
Continued instructing
God still have them His spirit to understand.
Physical provision:
The manna and the water continued to flow.
How Awesome and loving is our God!!
2 Timothy 2:13
2 Timothy 2:13 ESV
13 if we are faithless, he remains faithful— for he cannot deny himself.
God remains faithful, even when we are faithless.
We are no different
God lead us through the Holy Spirit
Tells us how He desires us to live.
How often do we obey?
God instructs us
Through his word, how often do we read it?
When we do, how often do we apply it to our lives?
God provides for us
Are we thankful?
What happens when we have hard circumstances in our lives? We freak out!!
That’s called faithlessness
Before we can love our enemies, we must understand the depth of love that we have been shown.
We were the enemies

We were the enemies

When we realize this,
People who have been shown grace, should be gracious
People who have been forgiven, should be forgiving people.
People who have been shown love, should be loving people.
Romans 5:6-8
God’s pursuit of man, is an extraordinary thing!
While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.
While we were enemies.
Make no mistake about it, it isn’t that we were basically good, and Christ was the last little piece of the puzzle of salvation that was needed.
Were were against Him, and He:
Loved us
Ransomed us.
He leads us
Instructs us
Provides for us
In His leading, He calls us to do the unthinkable....love our enemies.

Love Your Enemy

Matthew 5:44-45a
Matthew 5:44–45a (ESV)
44 But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven.
Jesus tells us, love those who hate us.
Love is not a feeling, it is doing what is best for the other person.
Like pointing them to Jesus.
Even those who we don’t like. Who hate us.
Richard Wurmbrand
Prayed for an opportunity to witness to the communists.
He was imprisoned, tortured.
Guard, “your wife is imprissoned, your children orphened, what else could you possibly have to pray for?”
Richard answered, “I was praying for you.”

What Does Love Look Like?

Richard and the guard from the concentration camp.
2 Kings 5:1-3
Here we see a little girl.
The lowest position in the house.
Her home, ravaged by war, parents possibly killed.
She desires to tell her masters wife, that he could be cured of leprosy.
What is being said:
There is a living God!
This living God has power beyond all the false gods that are in Syria.
They can do nothing!
In Israel, there is one who speaks for God, and God speaks to.
If you want real healing, you must go to the real God.
Are we willing to go to those, who have harmed us, done so much wrong to us, and do what is best for them. Love them.
John 13:1-5
Just before the passover, the last meal He would eat with His disciples.
The sacred meal we still remember today in communion.
Jesus washes the disciples feet.
A job for the lowest servant in the house.
A job of true humility.
An act of love.
Jesus knew Judas would betray Him.
He washes Judas’ feet as well.
He shows love to Judas, who was about to have Him killed.
Are we willing to forgive our enemies, and love them enough to tell them how to know the living God?
We are commanded to.
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