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Most of us view ourselves very differently than our reality.
We may feel that we are thinner or fatter than we really are.
Many young have, what has been termed body dismorphia, or when they look in the mirror they see something very different than what is there.
Body builders feel as though they are too skinny
anorexic’s feel they are too fat.
Other people believe they are smarter than they really are.
This self-deception is true in the spiritual realm as well.
Even though Psalm 51:5 says
We still want to believe we are born innocent.
a recent pole found that 71% of American adults believe we are born innocent.
Truth is we want to believe that we are good by nature, because that gives us hope if we are to earn heaven.
These verses we are looking at tonight tell us to take a good hard look at ourselves!
We are nothing more than sinners in the eyes of the Lord
Paul has just told his readers that the immoral as well as the moral person are condemned before God.
Then he tells them that the moral as well as the immoral jew is guilty and condemned as well.
Now he is telling them that every man, no matter who he is is a sinner in the sight of God.
Understanding this is the first step toward salvation!
I pray that everyone hearing my voice today will take a good look at themselves according to scripture and see who we truly are!
We who have accepted God’s plan of salvation know that we have nothing to boast, because we are all just sinners before God!
First of all tonight I want us to see that ...
I. Sin is a Universal Problem
vs. 9-10
He asks are we better than they?
Are we better than the Jews?
Are the Jews better than us in this way?
No the sin problem is a universal problem!
A. It Touches Every Race
v. 9
This sin problem affects everyone no matte what race you are.
No matter the color of your skin, you are still equally a sinner before God.
No on e is exempt from the stain of sin.
Red, and Yellow Black and white, yes they are all precious in God’s sight, but we are also all sinners.
B. It Touches Every Religion
Both Jew and non-Jew are all sinners.
You can be completely dedicated to your religion, but you are still a sinner.
All men are sinners.
Some believe if you believe strong enough, if you work hard enough, if you pray enough words that will take away your sins.
Some believe sincerity is the key to having your sins removed.
The truth is you cannot be saved by works, or sincerity.
It touches every Race, and every religion and ...
C. It Tarnishes All Righteousness
v. 10
It is written…there is none righteous!
We are not able to produce righteousness!
In fact the Bible tells us that the best we can produce in the flesh is filthy rags int eh sight of God.
The best we can do will never be good enough!
If we trust our own righteousness we are trusting in filth to get us into a perfect heaven.
It is impossible fro us to obtain the standard of holiness required to enter heaven.
Everything we touch is tainted by our sin.
We look at others through tainted goggles.
“I’m not as bad as he is!”
Who cares!
Your still too bad to go to heaven on your own!
Imagine for a moment that some people in Hawaii decide to come to the mainland.
However, they are going to try a pretty unconventional method of getting here.
Instead of taking boats or planes, they decide to see if they can jump across the ocean.
Some of them a in great shape!
They run and jump with all their might and some might make it 25 feet or so.
Others who aren't as good a shape might be able to jump 10 or 15 feet.
Still others who are in very bad shape might have difficulty jumping even 5 feet.
Now, those who jumped the farthest might look down on those who jumped the least and feel superior… but the fact is, none of them were able to go the distance.
That is a pretty silly illustration, but that is exactly what some people are trying to do!
They are trying to jump into Heaven on the basis of their being in better "spiritual shape" than someone else.
People can try anything they please, but the fact remains that there is only one way to cure the sin problem and make it into Heaven and that is through faith in the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ!
If we trust ourselves to get to heaven, we will fail every time!
The only cure is Jesus Christ!
I. Sin is a Universal Problem
Sin Is an Ugly Problem
vs. 11-18
The sinful nature of man will always rear it’s ugly head.
We cannot do anything about our salvation because we cannot even understand the problem in the first place.
Notice what sin does the sinner:
A. Sin Has Tarnished Our Spirit
v. 1
Sin is the problem.
And sin separates us from God.
We are damaged goods.
Our spirit is dead, unless God quickens it.
We are dead - even if it looks good on the outside we are still dead from the inside-out!
Sin has tarnished our spirit
B. Sin Has Tarnished Our Senses
v. 11
This verse teaches the terrible truth that sin has dulled our minds to the truth of God.
We cannot understand Him and there is not a single person in the world who will seek God if left to themselves.
No one just decides to seek after God.
Unless God’s Spirit begins to draw them.
Until the Lord leads us to Him, and until the Lord quickens the heart of the man can there be any hope of salvation.
We are spiritually brain damaged!
Sin has tarnished our Spirits and our Senses
C. Sin Has Tarnished Our Souls
v. 12
Our soul is our mind, will and emotions.
All sinners are wayward and become unprofitable to the Lord.
We are unusable by God unless we are quickened by Him.
Once again he states the truth…there is none that doeth good, no, not one.
This is hard for us to understand.
After all, surely there is a difference between Mother Theresa who spend many years working among the Untouchables of India….
and a Adolph Hitler who is responsible for untold misery and suffering.
Or, there must be a difference between the doctor who uses his education and talent to heal… and one who uses his talent to perform abortions.
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