HCC Sunday Service - September 25, 2022

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Today we’re gonna
continue our series
in Colossians.
Let’s turn together
in our Bibles
to Colossians 2.
& we’re gonna
read verses 1-4.
Colossians 2:1-4.
& when you
find Colossians 2:1-4
in Your Bible
Pls stand
for the reading
of God’s Word.
The title of
today’s teaching is:
Fight for One Another
in Prayer
In Colossians 2:1-4
the Scriptures say:
Colossians 2:1–4 (NIV)
I want you to know how hard I am contending for you and for those at Laodicea, and for all who have not met me personally.
My goal is that they may be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that they may have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely, Christ,
in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.
I tell you this so that no one may deceive you by fine-sounding arguments.
You may be seated.
I’m gonna say some words
& I want you
to notice
the 1st thought
that comes to your mind.
Working Hard.
Prayer is probably
not the 1st thing
you thought of
when I said those words.
I often hear ppl
describe prayer as a
constant conversation
btwn us & God.
& there is some
truth in that.
We can have
a constant conversation
w/ God
as we go abt
our daily lives.
But Scriptural prayer
is much more
than having
a conversation w/ God.
Prayer is warfare.
When we pray
we enter into
a spiritual battle
for our souls
& the souls
of others.
In today’s passage
Paul talks abt
how he struggled
& went to war
in prayer
for God’s ppl.
& that’s
just the type
of prayer life
God calls
every one of
His ppl
to be engaged in.
So, today
we’ll talk abt
a few things
we shld focus on
in prayer
as we learn to
Fight for One Another
in Prayer
Let’s pray.
it’s such
a privilege
to have Your
precious Words.
Open our understanding
so we may fully
the truths You want
to teach us.
Bring our understanding
in line w/ the Faith
You once for all
entrusted to the saints.
& help us live out
that Faith
thru Your grace.
In Jesus name.
The saints in Colossae
Had heard
the true gospel.
They learned it
frm Epaphras
Who was a faithful
minister of Jesus
on Paul’s behalf.
The saints at Colossae
had truly understood
God’s grace.
They had embraced
the true faith.
They were living out
that faith.
& they were bearing
the fruits
of the faith
as they obeyed
the commands
of the Lord Jesus.
& then
the test came.
Their faithfulness
to the Apostolic Faith
they had been taught
was being tested
by false teachers.
They needed
to fight
for the faith
that was once for all
entrusted to the saints.
& although Paul
had never met
Most of the ppl
in Colossae
Paul wants them to know
they’re not alone
in this fight.
Paul has
already been
fighting for them
Since the very 1st day
He heard abt
their faith in Christ.
& Paul tells us
how he was fighting
In Colossians 1:9.
He says:
Colossians 1:9 (NIV)
...since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you.
The weapon of warfare
Paul wielded
in this fight for God’s ppl
was the mighty weapon
of prayer.
Paul continually
asked God
to fill God’s ppl
w/ a complete comprehension
of God’s will
thru the wisdom
& understanding
the HS gives us.
Paul’s not praying:
For the HS
to reveal something new
to God’s ppl.
Everything Paul
says in this letter
& all of Paul’s prayers
were focused on
helping God’s ppl
cling to
fully understand
& fight for
what they’d already
been taught—
which was
the Apostolic Faith.
& Notice in
Colossians 2:1
Paul tells them
how intense
His fight for them was.
He says:
Colossians 2:1 (NIV)
I want you to know how hard I am contending for you and for those at Laodicea, and for all who have not met me personally.
& in Colossians 1:29.
Paul says:
Colossians 1:29 (NIV)
...I strenuously contend with all the energy Christ so powerfully works in me.
I said last week
those words describe
& agonizing
in sustained
the divine energy of Christ
working powerfully in him
Paul was
& continuously
fighting very hard
in focused
intense prayer
for God’s ppl
to stand firm in the faith.
& this is the same
prayer life—
the same fight—
God calls all
His saints to engage in.
God expects
all of us to
Fight for One Another.
I did not say:
God expects us
to fight with
one Another.
God expects us
to fight
for one another.
& not w/
wordily weapons.
Not w/
guns & grenades.
Not w/
flamethrowers or fists.
God calls us
to fight for
One Another
w/the weapon of prayer.
Paul was
very serious
abt prayer?
& especially prayer
for God’s ppl.
Paul knew
the power
of prayer.
Paul knew
that when
God’s ppl pray
we’re not just
speaking words
into the air
that no one hears.
The prayers
of God’s ppl
are powerful & effective.
The prayers
of God’s ppl
can move mountains.
The prayers
of God’s ppl
can change outcomes.
The fervent prayers
of God’s ppl
Rise up
to the throne
of the Almighty God
who has promised
to answer us
when we pray
according to His will.
One of my
Bible verses:
is Hebrews 4:16.
There we find
this incredible invitation
for every child of God.
Hebrews 4:16 (NIV)
Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.
When we pray
We come close
to the glorious throne
of Almighty God.
& the Glorious God
who dwells in
unapproachable light
bends His ear
to hear the prayers
of His ppl.
At God’s throne
we drink deeply frm
the fountain
of God’s marvelous mercy
& abundant grace.
At God’s throne
We find
a gracious Heavenly Father
who cares for us
& will meet our needs
& the needs
of those for whom
we pray.
Paul knew this.
Paul believed this.
Paul prayed
constantly & confidently
as he fought
for God’s ppl.
& in Colossians 2:2 & 3
Paul tells us
exactly why
he was fighting
for God’s ppl
thru prayer.
He says:
Colossians 2:2–3 (NIV)
My goal is that they may be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that they may have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely, Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.
The Colossian Church
had been taught
the true Faith.
They had accepted
the true Faith.
& they were living out
the true Faith.
The true Faith is
the teachings & practices
that Christ gave
to His Apostles—
who then handed
those teaching & practices
dwn to the saints
in the Church.
This is what we call
the Apostolic Faith.
But some ppl
frm among the Colossians
started to say:
the truths
the Apostles taught
is not enough.
There’s something more
We need.
There’s this
wisdom & knowledge
God did not reveal
to the Apostles.
According to these
false teachers
God was now
revealing something new
to a select few
in the Church.
& they claimed
God’s ppl now
had to add
these additional things
to the Apostolic Faith
to be right w/ God.
& as you can imagine
that kind of teaching
cld discourage
some ppl
& lead them away
frm the True Faith.
Paul constantly
and agonizingly prayed
that God’s ppl may be
encouraged in heart
& united in love—
a love for the truth—
so they can have
the full riches
of complete understanding.
So they can have
the full assurance
ing the Faith
they’d been taught
they had the fulness
of wisdom & knowledge.
The completed revelation.
As Paul says
in Colossians 1:25-26
Colossians 1:25–26 (NIV)
I have become [the Church’s] servant by the commission God gave me to present to you the word of God in its fullness
the mystery that has been kept hidden for ages and generations, but is now disclosed to the Lord’s people.
In the Word of God—
in the message
the Apostles preached—
we find God’s full
& completed
The Gospel reveals
that all the treasures
of wisdom & knowledge
are to be found
in Christ.
The truths taught
by the Apostles
are the true Faith—
& the completed Faith
that was handed dwn
once for all
to the the saints
in the Church.
Nothing needs
to be added to
or taken away frm
the Apostolic Faith.
It’s thru that Faith
that we come to
a complete knowledge
of God’s will
& learn to live lives
that please Him
in every way.
to combat
the false teachers
who said we need
additional revelation
frm God
Paul prayed
that God wld encourage
the hearts of His ppl
& unite them
in love for the truth
of the revelation
they’d already received.
As Paul says
Colossians 1:9–10 (NIV)
For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you. We continually ask God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives,
so that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and please him in every way...
The Word behind
the word ‘knowledge’ is
It means
to come to understand
and be assured
that something is true
& valid.
So Paul constantly prayed
that thru the HS
God’s ppl
wld come to completely
& be assured
that all the wisdom
& knowledge they need
abt God
& how to live for Him
is found in the Apostolic Faith.
This is the same thing
Paul said to the Church
in Thessalonica.
In 1 Thessalonians 1:4-5.
Paul says:
1 Thessalonians 1:4–5 (NLT)
We know, dear brothers and sisters, that God loves you and has chosen you to be his own people.
For when we brought you the Good News, it was not only with words but also with power, for the Holy Spirit gave you full assurance that what we said was true.
The HS
Did & still does
what Jesus said
He wld do.
He led the
Apostles into all truth.
& HS leads us
into all truth
by giving us
the assurance
that the Message—
The Gospel of Christ
preached by the Apostles
the Apostolic Faith—
is the truth.
This is what
Paul is praying for
in Colossians 2:2.
He kept praying
that God wld
the hearts of His ppl
Thru the HS.
their hearts
thru the HS
to have a love for
& to keep believing
the only truth
that can save them.
To stand firm
in God’s will;
By continuing
in the faith
the were taught
& not be led astray
by harmful heresies.
& in our fight
for one another
in prayer.
We need to pray
the same thing.
only one faith.
There’s only
one way
to the Father.
We must go
thru Jesus.
Jesus is the way
the truth
& the Life
& nobody comes
to the Father
except thru Him.
But how
do we get to the Father
thru Jesus?
We go thru Jesus
by believing
& living out
The One faith
that was gvn to Jesus
by the Father.
The Faith
Jesus then gave
to His Apostles.
The Faith
the Apostles handed
dwn to the Saints
in the Church.
Like Paul
Let’s keep praying
that God’s ppl
May be encouraged
in our hearts
to love the truth
& keep believing
the true Faith.
Let’s keep praying
That God’s ppl
wld be
united in love
of the truth.
Bcs when God’s ppl
are encouraged in heart
& united in love
of the truth
Notice what:
Paul expected...
God’s ppl to experience...
As a result of...
these prayers.
In Colossians 2:2...
Paul says they will...
Colossians 2:2–3 (NIV)
My goal is that they may be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that they may have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely, Christ,
in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.
The false
teachers in Colossae
had a fascination
w/ finding mysteries
only they cld see
in God’s Word.
They were very big on
hidden wisdom
& hidden knowledge.
They went on & on
abt things they cld see
but others
cld not see.
As Paul says in
Colossians 2:18 (NIV)
Do not let anyone who delights in false humility and the worship of angels disqualify you. Such a person also goes into great detail about what they have seen; they are puffed up with idle notions by their unspiritual mind.
To correct
thir errors
Paul uses
their own language
against them.
He reminds them abt
the only mystery
the only wisdom
& knowledge that matter.
Paul says...
God’s mystery
“is Christ.
God’s true wisdom
“& God’s true knowledge
“Are hidden in Christ
in the Church.”
So, it’s only thru
knowing Christ
thru the Church
that we gain
all the treasures
of true wisdom
& true knowledge.
Paul says all of this:
To encourage
God’s ppl to
“Hang in there.
“You’re on
the right path.
“When you have Christ
“You have everything
“you need.
“Don’t fall for
the fine-sounding
of false teachers.”
“Just keep the faith.
“Just living in
“the truth.
“Keep holding on
“to Christ.”
Keep living w/ Him
as Your Lord.
“Bcs in Christ
“You have
all the treasures
“of true wisdom
“& true knowledge.”
Paul kept fighting
in prayer
pleading w/ God
To encourage the hearts
of God’s ppl;
& unite God’s ppl
in love for the truth
So, that we wld have
complete understanding
of everything
that’s ours
in Christ.
We don’t need
to look
We don’t need
to seek something
All we need to know
abt God
& how to live
to please Him
has been revealed
in the mystery
of Christ
& can be found
in the Church.
Paul agonized
in persistent prayer
for the saints
to recognize
those truths.
& we need to do the same.
Paul was not the only
person who prayed
in this way
for the saints.]
In Colossians 4:12-13
Paul tells us
how a man named Epaphras—
prayed for God’s ppl.
Paul says:
Colossians 4:12–13 (NIV)
Epaphras, who is one of you and a servant of Christ Jesus...is always wrestling in prayer for you, that you may stand firm in all the will of God, mature and fully assured.
I vouch for him that he is working hard for you and for those at Laodicea and Hierapolis.
Notice those word:
Always wrestling
in prayer for you.
Working hard
for you in prayer.
Just like Paul
Epaphras fought
for God’s ppl
as he agonized
in prayer.
& just like Paul:
Epaphras was praying
that the saints
may stand firm
in all the will of God
mature & fully assured
that the Faith
they’d been taught
was the only Faith
they needed
to know
& do God’s will.
Epaphras fought hard
as he constantly prayed
for God’s ppl
to stand firm
in the One truth;
To continue
in the One faith
they were taught;
& to grow
& bcm fully mature
& fully assured
in the faith.
That’s the kind of prayer
Both Paul & Epaphras
were constantly
engaged in.
& that’s
the kind of prayer
We all
need to be engaged in
as we fight
for one another.
As we close:
I want us to think
Several questions
Today’s passage
shld prompt us
to ask ourselves.
Are we concerned abt
God’s ppl
being fully assured that
the Apostolic Faith
is all we need
to know
& do God’s will?
Are we concerned abt
God’s ppl
becoming mature
in Christ?
If so
Then are we
concerned enough
to fight for one another
in prayer?
Are we willing
to follow the example
of Paul & Epaphras
& continually contend
for God’s ppl in prayer?
Both Paul & Epaphras:
were leaders
in the church.
& praying for God’s ppl
is built into
our job description.
The leaders of the church
are to devote ourselves fully
to prayer & ministry
of the Word.
But the call
to pray for God’s ppl
is not just the work
of church leaders.
It’s a work
we’re all called to.
Leaders are
merely examples
to the flock.
& this is why
in Colossians 4:2-3
Paul encourages
all the saints to
Colossians 4:2–3 (NIV)
Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.
And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ, for which I am in chains.
Prayer is the work
of all God’s ppl.
We’re a kingdom
of priests.
Priest’s pray
for God’s ppl
to love the truth
& do God’s will.
If we’re not praying
we’re not fulfilling
our obligations
as God’s called
& beloved children.
& we’re not fulfilling
our responsibilities
as a royal priesthood.
So, what shld we do?
Let’s make up
our minds
Right now
That thru grace of God
thru God’s
divine energy
at work in us
we’re gonna fight
for one another
in prayer.
Right where you’re sitting
Ask God to give you
the will
the ability
& the discipline...
To devote yourself
to fighting in prayer
for God’s ppl
to stand firm
in the Faith
[LONG PAUSE.............]
& then
Don’t make it complicated
Just go
& do it.
If you’re a child of God:
You’re a priest
of the most-High God.
& God calls
His priests
to fight
for His ppl
in prayer.
Answer that call.
& know that God
never calls us
to anything
that we cannot do
thru His power.
So, let’s all
make up our minds
That we’re gonna
Devote ourselves
to prayer.
Let’s start
w/ the prayers
of Paul & Epaphras.
Let’ pray
that God’s ppl
May be encouraged
in heart;
Let’s pray
that God’s ppl
May be united
in Love for the Truth
revealed by the Apostles.
& let’s pray
that God’s ppl
May be fully assured
& stand firm
in all God’s will;
& bcm fully mature
in Christ
by living out
the Faith of the Apostles.
& every day
for the rest
of our lives.
Fight for One Another
In Prayer.
Let’s all stand for prayer.
Father, we thank you....
For our brothers & sisters in Christ.
We thank You....
for the privilege we have...
To pray for Your ppl.
Lord, help us to see...
The seriousness of this calling....
You’ve placed on all your ppl.
Thru your grace...
Give us the will to pray.
Give us the ability to pray.
&Give us the discipline to pray.
Encourage the hearts of your ppl;
Unite us all in love;
Help us to stand firm....
In Your Will.
& bcm fully mature in Christ.
Thru the power
of Your HS.
In Jesus name.
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